• An official St Kevin's College uniform is to be worn in its entirety as per Uniform Details Prep-Year 12:
    • Each College day from the time the student leaves home for College until he returns home.
    • To and from venues of official sporting fixtures by members of the 1sts Representative APS Teams.
    • When attending College functions and while on tour with College groups.
  • Coats may be removed on College property. Coats and ties must be worn by students in uniform (where applicable) off College property. Coats are not to be worn without a tie (where applicable). Coats need not be worn when the temperature exceeds 30ºC.
  • Badges, rings, earrings, and insignia of outside organisations, etc, are not to be worn with the College uniform.
  • Students may be sent away from College, sporting venues and organised training sessions if they present themselves without the correct uniform.
  • Extremes of hairstyle are not permitted. This relates to cut, colouring and length. Hair must be cut cleanly off the collar, face and ears.
  • Shirts are to be fully buttoned when worn with a tie. The College tie is to be adjusted to cover the top button and is to be arranged in the conventional fashion in which ties are worn.
  • All articles of College uniform are to be clearly marked with the owner's full name. The use of name tags sewn on to clothing is highly recommended. The College will endeavour to return marked articles, which are found, to their owners; it will disclaim any responsibility for unmarked articles.
  • The fact that a student travels by private transport does not exclude him from any of these regulations.
  • The College bag is required.
  • St Kevin's Uniform List

The official suppliers of the College uniform, including the SKC Sports Uniform are:

Co-curricular Sports Uniforms

Co-Curricular Sports Uniform

Second-hand Uniform Shop

A second-hand clothing stall is run by the Mothers' Associations. It is run several times throughout the year.