Glendalough, St Kevin’s College Junior School takes its name from the monastic community established by St Kevin in the sixth century in the beautiful Wicklow mountains in County Wicklow Ireland. With its stunning natural beauty and contemplative environment, Glendalough, (the valley of the two lakes), provided the perfect setting for this Christian community to flourish. St Kevin himself was an inspiring leader. He had an abiding respect for the natural world and for all of God’s creation. His hunger for intellectual learning and for spiritual fulfilment, combined with his commitment to humanity make him the perfect patron for a contemporary learning community such as St Kevin’s College. Our work with the primary aged students entrusted to our care is inspired by the work and person of St Kevin and his community at Glendalough.

At Glendalough, we aim to educate the whole child; academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. This is achieved by a comprehensive educational program filled with endless opportunities for students to explore; to learn and grow; to accept challenges; and to discover themselves and their place in the world. Glendalough offers a diverse and enriching educational experience that nurtures each and every child’s potential. We believe in providing a comprehensive educational journey that encompasses not only academic excellence but also a deep focus on music, art, wellbeing, physical education, outdoor adventures, and the love of literature.

Homeroom teachers are responsible for planning and delivering lessons in numeracy, English, Inquiry Studies, and Religious Education. A sacramental program is conducted for Reconciliation (Year 3) and Eucharist (Year 4). In line with Archdiocesan policy, students must prepare for and receive Confirmation within their parish of residency.

Social-emotional learning is a priority within our educational provision. Weekly classes facilitated by a specialist teacher are conducted in conjunction with the homeroom teacher with the aim for consistent values, language, and actions across the school.

Active participation in the arts is compulsory. Music is a hallmark of College culture, with opportunities for students in bands, orchestras, choirs, and small ensembles. All students partake in weekly music and singing lessons conducted by specialist staff. An extensive instrumental program is offered and conducted in the Victor McMahon Music Centre which is located on the Glendalough campus. This is compulsory for Year 3 students and for all students new to the College in Year 5.

St Kevin’s has an extensive sporting program. As a member of the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS), boys in Years 5 and 6 participate in competition on a weekly basis. This program provides a wide range of sports at different levels of achievement. Intra-school House sports carnivals are held each term. Specialist teachers conducted weekly Physical Education classes for all students.

Outdoor education is a vital component of life at the College, with students from Years 3 to 11 participating in a series of camps that are organised by the College Outdoor Education Department and facilitated by OED staff and Glendalough homeroom teachers. Students in Year 6 have the opportunity to further develop their STEM knowledge during the annual Canberra experience where numerous encounters enriched, enlivened, and engaged the boys. These collaborations develop student relationships as a cohort, enhance their confidence, and provide a welcome break from digital and social media.

Our staff play a crucial role in the development of our students. Their dedication, hard work, and expertise help our students to reach their full potential and prepare for the future. They nurture and support our students, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. The passion for teaching and learning is ever present at Glendalough and this inspires our students to be the best they can be. Collaborative planning is an expectation and is provided for in the overall structure and weekly timetabling. A strategic and fulsome professional learning program operates for staff. The current staffing at Glendalough is 103 (42 teaching; 30 non-teaching; 31 instrumental music staff)

The Glendalough campus is situated on 1.8hectares (4.4acres) in Lansell Road, Toorak in what is predominantly a residential neighbourhood. It is located a few hundred metres from the Heyington Campus (Years 7,8,10,11 & 12) Glendalough students often walk this short distance to use facilities such as the Wilding Sports Centre, science labs, Chapel, and ovals. The proximity to Heyington railway station ensures easy access to the Tooronga Sports Fields and to the Waterford Campus (Yr9) and St Ignatius parish church. St Kevin's at St Peter’s Early Learning Centre is one kilometre away on Toorak Rd. Relationship connection between campuses is facilitated by buddy/mentor programs such as the ELC and Yr. 5 buddies program, the OAP leaders and Yr. 12 Prefects & Officers program. These cross-campus connections provide avenues for students to feel connected and known across the whole college during their journey.

The College’s proximity to Heyington Station is also significant in that it enables students to access St Kevin’s wherever they might live throughout metropolitan Melbourne. Four hundred and twenty-nine families from seventy-nine postcodes currently have sons attending Glendalough and this demographic is both unique for a primary school and significant in shaping the culture and diversity of the Glendalough community.