The Outdoor Education Program is an important component of life at St Kevin’s. The College takes pride in curating rich and purposeful outdoor learning experiences that facilitate our holistic approach to education.

Throughout the academic year, students between Year 3 – 11 engage in immersive experiences in a range of natural settings. These sequenced programs aim to cultivate connections between their peers and the natural world, whilst also providing opportunities for reflection on their journey towards environmental stewardship.

Our programs take place in a range of locations across Australia and beyond. These include locally-based residential camps in the Yarra Ranges, through to remote wilderness areas in Victoria’s National Parks. In the senior years, students will have an opportunity to elect certain programs based on their interests.

The jewel-in-the-crown experience at the College is the Year 9 RICE program, which sees our students venture interstate for a 9-day expedition to one of 11 locations. Some of these programs include sea kayaking the Whitsundays, trekking the Larapinta Trail along the West MacDonnell Ranges as well as sailing a two-masted wooden brigantine in Tasmania.

A rich opportunity at the College is the OAP Leadership Program that sees senior students become highly regarded mentors and role models for younger peers. Participants undertake a rigorous leadership course over a 6-month period, which includes a student-lead expedition on Mt Kosciuszko in NSW.

Since 2011, the College continues to offer a 16-day service-based program in Nepal for interested Year 11 students. Participants have the unique chance to trek through the world-famous Annapurna region, whilst also offering a valuable hands-on service to a local community.

These programs extend beyond thrill-seeking adventures and are designed to build essential life skills such as resilience, teamwork, leadership, and adaptability. By the completion of Year 12, our students are equipped with an environment awareness and practical skillset to lead a mindful, meaningful and adventurous life.