We strive to engender an appreciation for the Arts that will enrich our student’s lives for years beyond the classroom. The Drama Department enjoy an enviable reputation for their highly professional and entertaining productions. We provide a wide range of mediums for exploration, social criticism and celebration that enable students to define and shape their own identity. They participate in aesthetic learning in which the senses and emotions are engaged cognitively and effectively. By blending intellectual and emotional experiences, students are offered a unique means of inquiry that contributes to their own confidence, creativity, imagination and communication skills.

Active participation within the Arts is strongly encouraged and supported at the College. The collaborative nature of Drama allows students with opportunities to learn to manage interpersonal skills while fostering commitment, initiative, teamwork and cooperation. Students have access to both performance and stagecraft skills as part of the co-curricular program. Each student’s creative ability is stimulated and nurtured by activities that can include acting, direction, dramaturgy, stage management, set design, costume, lighting, properties, make-up and sound.

Staff Members
Head of DramaMs Gillian Shannon
Teacher In Charge of ProductionsMr Goran Banyai