Per Student

Music Lessons Year 4
Individual Lessons$1,578
Shared Lessons$1,038
Instrument Hire$270
Music Lessons Years 5 and 6
Individual Lessons$1,578
Individual Short Lessons$1,038
Shared Lessons$1,038
Instrument Hire$270
Music Lessons Years 7 - 12
Individual Lessons$1,868
Instrument Hire$400
Instrumental Music Levy
Year 3 - Compulsory$290
Year 5 - Compulsory for new students$290

The Instrumental Music Levy provides an introduction to the instrumental music program offered by the College.

Glendalough students undertake this compulsory program for one year in Year 3 or Year 5. Students new to the College in Year 7 have the option of participating in this program.

Swimming and Diving


Per Student

Development Swimming$1,400
State Swimming$1,500
National Swimming$1,600
DivingPer Student


VCE students are able to enrol in a variety of VET courses being offered by the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster.

In addition to a subsidy from the CECV, the cost of the courses are approximately $400 - $1,800.

Please Note: All credit card payments will incur a surcharge. Visa, Mastercard and American Express will be 1%.