Senior School Newsletter

  20 July 2017, Volume 68 No. 19

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to Term III. I trust the holidays provided the family and you some respite from the hustle and bustle of term time. Even though the winter vacation offers most staff and students time away from College life, there is never really down time for all members of the community in any of our gazetted holiday periods. The College extends its thanks to Messrs Mark Langan and Julius Wong, who attended, and presented at, the International Boys’ School Coalition Conference in Baltimore. Director of Glendalough, Mr James Daly, also attended the Student Forum of the Conference, which was held at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland with one of our Year 11 boys, Samuel Cato. I look forward to hearing about each of these people’s thoughts about the Conference and the learning experiences they enjoyed while participating in this annual, global event.

Under the direction of Mr Simon Harris, Dr Andrew Mathers, Mr Jamie Lawson and Mr Henrik Beasy, our Senior Concert Band and Big Band 1 toured Tasmania, performing at St Patrick's College, the Launceston Jazz Club, Scotch Oakburn College, Kingston High School, Clarence High School and with the Launceston Community Music Program Wind Orchestra.

The holidays proved an active time for Public Speaking. In the first week of the break, St Kevin’s played host for the third consecutive year to the Victorian State Rostrum Finals, which were successful for participants and audience members. Our thanks and congratulations to Mr Tom Lane and Rostrum for their organisation and facilitation of this event. Furthermore, it was a time when Samuel Roach, Thomas Fernando, Alexander Dowman, and Lucas Valente found they had been placed in the semi-finals for the DAV Junior Public Speaking Competition to be held early in Term III. Well done to all!

During the winter holidays, our rugby players toured Queensland with Messrs Culliver, Doherty, Crompton, Power and Whitehead. By all accounts, the tour was an excellent one and the boys were exemplary. The two composite teams won both matches, each of which were played against appropriately-graded sides from both St Joseph’s, Gregory Terrace and St Joseph’s Nudgee College. The generous hospitality extended by our two fellow EREA schools is greatly valued.

Our football players – primarily boys from the 1st and 2nd XVIII – also enjoyed some trial games over the break against a team from Western Australia and Brighton Grammar; and, our appreciation is offered to Messrs Hart, O’Brien, Rock and Guinane for their time spent with the footballers on these occasions and during their holiday training sessions.

In the first and second weeks of the break our 1st and some 2nd XI soccer players had a number of training sessions under the watchful eyes of Messrs Kennedy and Blee at our new facilities at Tooronga.

On the new fields at Tooronga, too, the 1st Hockey team trained on the Tuesday and Thursday of the last week of the holidays. Appreciation is extended to Mr Tom Burns for his time and expertise with our hockey players over the holiday period.

Cross-Country runners were less than idle over the holiday period. With the assistance of Messrs McCann and Fabris, boys from all age groups were active in their training and, on Saturday 15 July, the Jim O’Dea Shield was held at the Botanical Gardens.

During the second and third weeks of the recent holiday, I had the privilege of opening the school for our Year 12 students, facilitating the Study and Revision Program, which essentially sees the Year 12 boys running lectures and workshops for their friends and peers in a wide range of subject areas. With a strong focus on Unit 3 work, the boys turned out in their numbers: it is so rewarding when the College offers additional academic activities for our VCE students, to see them so inspired by one another, taking notes in the Agora and working collaboratively in the Albert Street Study Centre to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter they’ve all been covering during the first semester of this year. My heartfelt thanks go to all of those Year 12 fellows who were willing, when invited, to deliver lectures and workshops, and who prepared PowerPoint Presentations and other booklets and notes to the other boys in their subject cohorts. What remarkable and generous boys we have at St Kevin’s, who understand the need for everyone in the Year Level to achieve well! Some of our Year 12 teachers also assisted in delivering lectures to their subject cohorts; and, I am very appreciative of the time given by Madame Cullen, Ms Ritchie, Ms McCarthy, and Messrs Valladares, Korac and McKinnon to assist and supervise the boys.

With Semester One Reports having been made available to all families in the first days following the end of Term II, one hopes that all students have had the occasion to read the comments written, the results achieved and the strategies put forward for further improvement. It is always wise, I think, for students to have read their Reports by themselves, and then again with their families. Reports should have been re-visited by students in the final days of holiday period, with students looking carefully at where their energies need to be given for improved academic success in Semester Two. The academic staff put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring the best possible feedback is proffered to students and their families about the boys’ academic progress: the Semester One Reports, then, are important documents and ought to be digested, reflected and acted upon so that to cease from exploration, as Alfred, Lord Tennyson put it, is never an option for any life-long learner.

There is so much to love about being part of the St Kevin’s community. I think, as teachers, if we didn’t enjoy the company of young people and care about their holistic learning, we would pack it in. Coming to school each day – even every second day of the holidays – is an inspiring thing. One of the things I love about this place is the interaction the boys have with the staff. To see boys from Years 7 to 12 chatting with teachers in the Yard or on the Ovals at Recess and Lunch fills me with such gladness that the us versus them attitude – that many of us might have experienced when we were adolescents at school – is something not even known by students of today’s world. And, yet, there is still that wonderfully healthy respect that comes with any relationship between adult and young person. The general niceties of yesteryear continue to play out in our school. For the boys to greet their teachers genuinely each morning and afternoon…for the boys to stand when teachers arrive into a classroom…for the boys to say, Thank-you, Sir or Thank-you, Miss at the conclusion of a lesson…for the boys to pick up some rubbish – that wasn’t theirs – without hesitation when asked to do so…for the boys to accept consequences manfully when they have erred…all of these things make for such a hope-filled future. Rather than looking on such niceties as archaic or antiquated, we should look on them favourably: in our view, they will set our boys apart from others and make them the respectful, admired and community-minded men of a world beyond the College gates.

I offer all in our St Kevin’s community a fruitful and joyous start to the third term.

Mr Gary Jones
Director of Studies

St Kevin's College will develop a culture where relationships promote positive behaviour and improved academic outcomes, through fair process, restorative practice and Relationship-Centred Education.
(from the Mission Statement)

Foundation Business Breakfast

The St Kevin’s College Foundation invites all members of the St Kevin’s College community to join us for the St Kevin’s College Foundation Annual Business Breakfast.

This will feature a dynamic discussion led by CEO of The Reject Shop, Ross Sudano, and Directors of Sass Clothing, Sandy Cameron and Talitha Becker.

Please invite as many family, friends and colleagues to attend as you wish.


RACV CLUB, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Wednesday 16 August 2017, 7.00am for a 7.15am start.


$75 includes a plated hot breakfast, tea and coffee.

$1,000 for corporate tables including 10 tickets, table signage, room signage and podium mention.


Book online at by Wednesday 9 August.

By attending this event you are continuing your support for the work of the St Kevin’s College Foundation. Our purpose is to raise funds for the College Bursary Program so that boys from a variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds are given the opportunity to attend St Kevin’s and that families needing financial support may be assisted.

To download a larger version of this invitation, please click here.


Faith and Mission

Small worries

I was listening to a well-known radio station during the holidays when people were asked to ring in about mobile phones. This is hardly the most riveting subject under the sun but there wasn’t any sun that day and the traffic was slow. I imagined callers would be enthusiastic about the latest gadgets and all their features. There are still phones available now that you can speak into and someone far away will hear your voice and speak back. This feature doesn’t seem to get as much use as it once did. In my experience, no advance in telephone technology has improved the quality of conversation to be had on those gadgets but I was reluctant to call. As I say, I was in traffic. I didn’t want to risk a fine just to give strangers the benefit of my obsolete views.

Anyway, the first caller wanted to make a point about people sitting in restaurants and using their phones. She had recently been so incensed that she was at the point of speaking to the folk on the next table about their behaviour, but she was too busy calling her plumber. The next person was affronted by all the visitors to the Van Gogh exhibition who stood in front of the paintings taking pictures with their phones. She made the point that she did not do this. She only wanted to experience the works at first hand. The tone of her voice implied that she wouldn’t be at all surprised if poor Van Gogh had cut off his ear to avoid having to speak on the phone. The final caller had told a stranger in a public bathroom to make sure he wiped the surface of his phone because he had taken it to the bathroom with him and the caller had never seen anything so disgusting in his life which, if that is true, must be a pretty good life.

A couple of things struck me. Yes, all those users of their phone must have been annoying. But no, I could not see how the crimes being described could occasion the high level of outrage the callers were expressing. Yes, I actually think that each caller enjoyed getting angry because it allowed them to feel morally superior to some poor sod who did not use the correct phone etiquette. And yes, I think they should thank the poor sod for providing them with a pedestal from which they could pass judgement on their lesser beings. But no, I don’t think this is a great way to live. And yes, I think the world is becoming more judgemental about trivia and indifferent to the big issues. Yes, I suspect that the less grasp society has of the genuine nature of morality, the more moralistic it has become.

On Thursday evening, I had the great pleasure of launching two books which fly in the face of our moralising and self-righteous culture. Both are by Jesuit priests. One is The Meaning of it All by Fr Richard Leonard. The other is A Canopy of Stars: Some Reflections for the Journey by Fr Christopher Gleeson. Fr Chris spent over twenty years as the head of Xavier College and then Riverview, which is a large Catholic boys’ school in Sydney. They are both terrific books and if every person in the St Kevin’s Community were to absorb their contents and take them to heart, my job would be done and I could put up my feet and spend my life sending text messages.

Nevertheless, because Fr Chris Gleeson has spent so many years guiding large schools, I might underline some of the points he makes. Chris does quote from quite a number of interesting people so he can hardly complain if I quote from him as well as quoting from his quotes! Here are a few to ponder:

Professor Greg Dening writes: "A school confronts a never-to-be resolved contradiction. It must fulfil the expectancies of those is serves if it is to survive. It must change those expectancies if it is to be truly educational.’

I am reminded of writer Gore Vidal’s words when speaking about young people and their loss of literature. He remarked that they are quite unable to comprehend the doubleness of things, the unexpected paradox, the sense of yes-no without which there can be no true intelligence, no means, in fact, of examining life as opposed to letting it wash over one.

Not so long ago I read that a deprived child can be defined as ‘one whose parents have no expectations.’

Mother Teresa was once asked why she continued to work in the appalling conditions of Calcutta when she had not succeeded in changing them very much. Her profound answer was that it was much better to be faithful than to be successful. In our schools we are constantly asking our young people to strive for success, but are we doing enough to help them cope with failure, very often perceived failure.

Dr Jonathan Sacks, when speaking of the importance of religious education in schools, said ‘You defend a country by armies. You defend a civilisation by schools.’ In a time of social instability, children need more than ever a sense of ‘rootedness in a living tradition. We need to teach our children to hear the sound of eternity in the midst of change.’

W H Auden once wrote ‘To pray is to pay attention to something or someone other than oneself. Whenever you so concentrate your attention on a landscape, a poem, a geometrical problem, an idol or the true God that you completely forget your own ego and desires, you are praying.’

I believe that ‘finding God in all things’ is closely linked to all those experiences we have in life of being fully alive."

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

Fullness of Life

  • Work on the extension to the Chapel of St Kevin was concluded.
  • Kenny students with Mr Courtney assisted with the preparation and serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Brunswick.
  • GAP Tutors from the UK were welcomed to the College.
  • Year 9 students completed RICE preparation.
  • Preparations for the Glendalough Musical “Peter Pan” commenced.
  • The College welcomed an exchange student from Ratcliffe College in Leicester.
  • McCarthy students with Mrs Burns assisted with the serving of dinner at St Peter and Paul’s in South Melbourne.
  • Soccer Association met.
  • Basketball Association held a meeting.
  • Percussion Concert was performed.
  • Year 10 students were addressed by Mr Michael Green on the plight of asylum seekers.
  • Cusack students and Mr Harris assisted at the Breakfast and Sports Program at Trinity.
  • Heyington Staff meeting took place.
  • DAV Debating was hosted at the College.
  • Combined Association meeting was held. 
  • Drug expert Mr Paul Dillon addressed Years 10 to 12 students and the Parent Enrichment Program.
  • Careers Guest Speaker was from Monash Art and Design Department.
  • Football Association met.
  • Friday morning Mass was celebrated.
  • Dr Mark McGee addressed and played the piano for Year 12 students.
  • Year 10 Vitae Mental Health Group held a Barbecue.
  • Year 10 Dancing classes commenced with Sacre Coeur and Loreto.
  • Kearney students and Mr Segal assisted with tutoring of students at St Ignatius Refugee Program in Richmond.
  • Purton students and Ms Pelle assisted at the Police and Community Recreation Program in Richmond.
  • Rahill students and Mr Burns assisted at the Fitzroy Reading Program for Refugees.
  • APS Sport was conducted.
  • The Second Hand Uniform and Merchandise Stall was opened for parents.
  • Staff completed Professional Development at History Teachers Association.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Xavier Robinson
Year 7
For his positive attitude and willingness to assist his peers.

Timothy O’Halloran
Year 8
For his positive contribution to a SKC Football fixture played during the holiday break.

Oliver Prandolini
Year 9
For his extensive portfolio preparation and research for his RICE Camp destination.

Patrick Pettenon
For his ongoing care and concern for his peers.

Matthew Lynch
For his significant contribution to the Year Twelve Vacation Study Program.

William Darmody
For his excellent attitude and commitment to College life.

Liam O'Donnell
For achieving an exemplary Semester One Report.

James Trnacek
For upholding the College standards in helping a fellow student in need without prompting or hesitation.

Finn Hazel-Polkinghorne
For his excellent representation of the College during the Queensland Rugby Tour.

Calendar Dates


Friday 21
Year 9 RICE Program Preparation
Year 10 Dancing Class
Glendalough Uniform Shop


Smith Hall
Saturday 22
APS Sport

Sunday 23

Monday 24
Year 9 RICE Program Preparation
Year 8 JSP Debating
Rugby Association Meeting
Fathers' Association Meeting
Years 10-12 Cusack House Mass


Ruby Tout Theatre
Delaney Room
Brandon Room
Chapel & Brandon Room
Tuesday 25
Year 9 RICE Program
SKOCA meeting
Years 10-12 Rahill House Mass


Delaney Room
Chapel & Brandon Room

Wednesday 26
Year 9 RICE Program
Foundation Meeting
Years 10-12 Kenny House Mass


Brandon Room
Chapel & Brandon Room

Thursday 27
Year 9 RICE Program
Australian Mathematics Competition
Finance, Property and Governance Meetings
Years 10-12 McCarthy House Mass


Chapel & Brandon Room
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example, search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

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Combined Associations Cocktail Night 2017 



The St Kevin’s Mothers’ Association, Glendalough Mothers’ Association and Fathers’ Association have great pleasure inviting you to their Annual Cocktail Night.

Where: Mr Hobson
  9 Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne Station Pier.
When: Saturday 29 July
Time:  7.00pm - Midnight
Cost:  $100 per person
Bookings:  Via Trybooking:

For more information, please click here.


Have your own MCG Box for any normal round AFL game (valid 2017/18) with food & beverages for 12 people!

Kindly donated by Cricket Australia

For all MCG box enquires, please contact:
SALLY TUCKER | State Hospitality Sales Manager - VIC
Cricket Australia | 60 Jolimont St | Jolimont Victoria 3002
Direct: +61 3 9653 9936 | Fax: | Mobile: +61 437 049 468 |

Any event enquires please contact:

  • Rachael McGarry - SKMA on 0447 641 970 
  • Claire Whitbread - GMA on 0419 880 934
  • Molly Birch - Trybooking on 0407 849 762

Hockey Presentation Evening

The St Kevin's College Hockey Community invites all participants of the 2017 St Kevin's College Hockey Teams and their parents to the Hockey Presentation Evening. 

When: Wednesday 9 August
Where:  Smith Hall
Time:  7.00pm
Cost:  $30 per Adult - $25 per Student
RSVP:  4.00pm Thursday 3 August
Bookings:, Bookings open: Thursday 27 July

For more information, please click here to download the invitation.

Any enquires please contact:

  • Miss Charlotte Banks on 9832 4877 or email.
 Miss Charlotte Banks
TIC Hockey

Soccer Presentation Evening

St Kevin’s Soccer Association extends a warm invitation to all players, family and friends to attend the annual Soccer Presentation Evening. 

When: Saturday 12 August
Where:  Smith Hall
Time:  5.45pm for 6.00pm start
Cost:  $40 per person (Adult, Student or Sibling)
RSVP:  Friday 4 August

Please click here to download the flyer with further information.
  Mr Nick Hale
TIC Soccer

Basketball Presentation Evening 

When: Monday 14 August
Where:  Smith Hall
Time:  6.45pm for 7.00pm start
Cost: Adults $40 - Students $35 (inc professional photo) 
RSVP: Thursday 10 August 

The St Kevin’s Basketball Association is delighted with the success of this year’s season and we are looking forward to celebrating this at the Presentation Evening.

Always a wonderful event, this year a presentation will be provided by Mr Ned Coten, Chairman of Basketball Australia.

Book early as tickets will fly out the door. Bookings close on Thursday 10 August with no exceptions. As with all SKC functions, the cut off booking date is final. Adequate time has been given to ensure every Basketball family has the opportunity to book on time. Only ticket holders will be granted entry to this event.

Parents please bring pre-dinner drinks (including glasses) and snacks. Boys are to wear full winter uniform.

Please click here to download a flyer for the evening.
Ms Rina Di Pietrantonio
Secretary, Basketball Association

Football Presentation Evening 

The St Kevin's College Football Association invites Parents and Students to the 2017 Football Presentation Evening, a celebration of St Kevin's Football.

When: Saturday 19 August
Where:  Smith Hall
Time:  6.00pm
Cost:  Adult $39 - Student $28
RSVP:  11.00pm, Monday August 14 2017

Please click here to download the flyer with more information.
Mr John Hart
TIC Football

St Kevin's College Snowsports

Students are invited to represent St Kevin's College and compete in the Interschool Snowsports Championships to be held at Mount Buller from the Monday 21 to Sunday 27 August.
Competence in skiing or snowboarding is necessary, however racing experience is not.

For more information and to register your interest, please send your email to Simon Gaunt, Parent Manager - Snowsports at, to ensure you are included on the snowsports distribution list.

Information is also available on the school Snowsports Portal -

Registrations close Friday 28 July. 
 Mr Simon Williams
TIC Snowsports

Year Level Parents Events

Year 11

Ladies Dinner

When: Friday 25 August 2017
Where:  Greville Room, College Lawn Hotel, 36 Greville Street, Prahran
Time:  7.30pm
Cost:  $47.00 per person, includes 2 course meal
RSVP: Bookings will open soon

For any queries, please contact:

  • Lenore Neath on 0430 276 486
  • Franca Tellefson on 0414 569 027
  • Maria Dasopatis on 0411 154 293

Other Upcoming Year 11 Events

  • Saturday 28 October - Parent function - Location TBC (suggestions welcome)
  • Friday 17 November - Coffee morning - Hawthorn Common

Year 10

Parents Cocktail Party

When: Saturday 2 September
Where: Details to follow next week.

For any queries, please contact:

  • Jacqui Burke on 0421 757 360 

Fathers' Association

July Meeting

When: Monday 24 July at 6.30pm
Where:  Brandon Room
  Heyington Campus

All Fathers and Mentors welcome.

NOTE: To view the invite you must be a member of the SKC Fathers’ Association Facebook Group

Father & Son Dinner

Annual Year 11 Father & Son Dinner, featuring guest speaker Mr Tom Harkin of the ‘Man Up’ ABC TV Series.

When: Thursday 23 November, 7.00pm - 11.00pm
Where:  The Australian Club
  110 William St, Melbourne.

SKC Fathers’ Association – Facebook Group

Keep up to date on all the happenings in the SKC Fathers’ Association via our Facebook Group:

NOTE: This is a closed group only available to SKC parents and guardians.

Zimele Dinner

Tickets Now on Sale! 

  The 9th Annual Zimele Dinner will be hosted in the Smith Hall at St Kevin's College on Saturday 26 August 2017 from 6.30pm.

Click here for the invitation – print out and put it on your fridge!

Tickets now on sale at

  • Early Bird Tickets - $85 (ends Monday 31st July at midnight). 
  • Adult tickets - $95. 
  • Student tickets - $85 (must be full time secondary or university student).

Donations can be made through Trybooking if you are unable to attend.
BYO drinks, glassware will be supplied.
For further enquiries contact Jessica Mount at

Zimele works in partnership with the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia to support the men, women and children in Africa who suffer from poverty and HIV/AIDS. The word Zimele is from the Zulu language and means “to stand on your own two feet". 100% of funds raised on the night will go to The Education for Life Centre (Eldoret, Kenya) and The Star Support Group (Yambio, South Sudan).

The Zimele committee is seeking donations for the silent auction & raffle at the annual Zimele dinner. Last year the Silent Auction raised $20,000. If you are able to donate please email Marcella Meagher at before Monday 31 July, detailing what you are able to donate and she will contact you to arrange collection of the items. Popular items include holiday homes, vouchers for restaurants & shops, sports items / memorabilia, homewares etc. 

Any donation is gratefully received!

To find out more about Zimele please visit:

The Zimele 24 Hour Challenge

Registrations are now open for the Zimele 24 Hour Challenge, starting at 9.00am on Saturday 16 September.
Organise a team to complete as many laps as possible of the Heyington ovals in support of Zimele's projects. 12 Hour and 6 Hour options are also available.

To enter a team or for more information, contact Nick Baff at

Further details available through the Zimele Facebook page or the event website: 

Spring Ladies Luncheon

An invitation will be emailed to all parents on Friday 21 July and tickets will go on sale at that time.

For more information click here.

The Spring Ladies Luncheon Committee would like to thank the kind sponsorship and donations by retailers, companies and the College Community.

818 Dental, Basile Imports (Basile & Massarotti families), Catanach’s Jewellers, Husk, Mercedes Benz Toorak (Matenga family), OPSM Brighton & South Yarra (Charalambous family), Planinsek Art, Savi Communications (McGrath Family), Terzini family, Victoria Mercantile Lawyers (Heenatimulla family).

Dejcuba (Austin family), Eternal Weddings (Claydon Family), Luz Hernandez Stylist, Malua Racing, Melbourne Victory Football Club (Anastasiadis family), Rebecca Thompson, Sheehan family, Sosta Cucina (Santucci family), State of Escape, Taouk Hair (Taouk Family), Whitbread Insurance (Whitbread family).

Alouette, Daniel Hugh Manning Dermal Therapies, Christina Toscano Gifting, Formulite (Winnett family), Gingerlilly, House, New London Jeans, Miss Scarlett did it, Mouche (Choi family), Opiah Wines (Chamberlain family), RachyRed Concepts, Rose Hudson Millinery, Toscanos.

Friends of St Kevin’s College
Fresh Flower Man, The Greville Clinic, Riserva Wine Bar, Sage Candles (Camilla and Sarah Kaufman), Your Indulgence.

If you would like to sponsor or make a donation to this well attended event, please get in contact with Renée Fitzgerald or 0419 505 612.

Waterford News

It was with great excitement that the Year 9 Japanese students set off to Okami Japanese restaurant in Camberwell for dinner, late last term.

The students greeted the waiters in Japanese and proceeded to order their dishes from the menu. After a quick lesson on how to use chopsticks correctly and a few rules of Japanese etiquette, the dinner was underway.

The boys were able to order as many dishes as they liked from the menu and had a wonderful time trying Japanese favourites such as Miso soup, Sushi, Teriyaki chicken, and some more unusual dishes including octopus balls, seaweed salad and salted beans. We all finished with Green Tea ice-cream before thanking the staff for their hospitality in Japanese. The staff were very impressed with the boys’ manners and Japanese language skills and invited us all back for a return visit. 


 Mrs Helen Gastin
Waterford Japanese Teacher


Please click here to view this week's Sports Fixture. 
 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport


Following the successful tour to Tasmania by the Senior Concert Band and Big Band 1, rehearsals are now focused on four major concerts, highlighted in bold in the list below. Seven ensembles are also performing in the Victorian School Music Festival (VSMF) this term, so we have plenty to work towards!

Monday 24 July
Cusack House Mass
Tuesday 25 July
Rahill House Mass
Wednesday 26 July
Kenny House Mass
Thursday 27 July
McCarthy House Mass
Saturday 29 July
Glendalough Junior Ensembles Workshop 10.00am-4.00pm Glendalough
Saturday 29 July
Jazz Ensemble at Combined Associations Event
Sunday 30 July
Senior Brass to St Ignatius 150th Celebration (9.30am Mass)
Monday 31 July Music Association Meeting (7.45pm)
Tuesday 1 August
Visit by Clarence High School
Tuesday 1 August
Kearney House Mass
Wednesday 2 August
Purton House Mass
Tuesday 8 August
Choral and Vocal Concert 7.30pm SH
Wednesday 9 August
ICB to VSMF 4.30pm Hawthorn Arts Centre
Thursday 10 August Strings Concert 7.00pm SH
Tuesday 15 August
Bands Showcase 7.30pm SH
Thursday 17 August
GCB to VSMF, Geelong
Wednesday 23 August
Friday 25 August
BB2 (pm), BB3 (am), BB4 (am) to VSMF
Saturday 26 August
Zimele Dinner
Tuesday 29 August
MSCB to VSMF 1.30pm Hawthorn Arts Centre
Tuesday 29 August - Friday 1 September
Years 10-12 LMH Musical 7.00pm
Thursday 31 August
Senior Cultural Activities photos
Wednesday 6 - Thursday 7 September
Glendalough Musical 7.00pm National Theatre
Saturday 16 September
Concert Soloists 7.45pm MLC
Monday 18 September
Music Association AGM 7.45pm C308
Wednesday 4 October
VCE Recitals
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 October
Cathedral Choir Tour

Music Office – C305

Mrs Andrea McDonald (Music Administrator) can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess, at Lunchtime or after school.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music


Attendance at University and TAFE Open Days is really important. This is especially so if you plan to apply for a course which requires an interview, folio presentation or audition as part of the application process (Art and Design, Music and Drama courses for example). Put the dates of the Open Days you plan to attend in your diary. Open Days are not just for Year 12 students. Year 10 is a great time to start some visits. Reading about a course that interests you is good; visiting the institution offering the course is even better. Year 11 students will also benefit from walking around a different institution from one they may have visited in Year 10. The more research students undertake prior to Year 12, the easier the burden of information gathering and selection in Year 12. For those who would like to attend a “one stop shop”, the SKC Careers Expo is on Tuesday 1 August from 5pm to 7pm in the Smith Hall. Years 10 to 12 students and parents are encouraged to attend and speak with tertiary institutions, TAFEs and private providers about courses, GAP Years, interstate or overseas study and pathways into the Defence Force or US College. For those unable to attend on this night, the Spot Jobs Careers Expo is being held this coming weekend of 21 to 23 July for which we have some free tickets in the Careers Department.

The VTACmag 2017 provides Year 12 students with a one stop reference with regard to the process of applying for courses in Victoria. Each Year 12 student will receive a copy of this important publication, together with the ABC of Applying, within the next couple of weeks. Additional research will be necessary on the VTAC or tertiary websites to discover appropriate courses and to determine eligibility and further requirements. We will commence seeing Year 12 students for tertiary preference advice and application from Week 4 in earnest. Year 10 families who have not yet booked an appointment to discuss aptitude results and VCE subject selection are reminded to do so as soon as possible as interviews for Year 10s will close at the end of Week 3 this term. Year 10 parents who have not had an interview are asked to buy the Herald Sun Newspaper from Tuesday 18 July. The supplement which outlines tertiary requirements for all courses in Victoria in 2020 are available in this issue. Those who have had an interview have received this information in booklet form. Year 10 students are reminded of the importance of attending the Year 10 Transition Day on Thursday 10 August. Students will receive valuable advice about the VCE, VET programs and subject selection. This year we are once again fortunate to have Mr David Verdugo presenting his Shape Your Destiny Program to the students in the morning. The outcomes of this program are:

  • to remove student confusion & uncertainty about their future by aligning their passions, talents & ideals to a pathway best suited to them
  • to create a year level of students who are motivated to perform well at school because they have connected to a compelling future 
  • to set written & specific goals to give students focus & direction at school & beyond
  • to create a step-by-step plan of action, designed by the students, which will be the blueprint for their academic & career success
We hope all Year 10 students find the day stimulating and valuable.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:
  • Dates to Diaries in Term 3
  • Scholarships at Bond University
  • News From La Trobe University: Aspire Program at La Trobe; Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)
  • SpotJobs Melbourne Careers Expo 2017
  • Monash University Bachelor of Public Health Information Evening
  • Interested in a Careers in Sports Medicine?
  • APS Careers in Psychology Seminar
  • Hotel School Melbourne Global Career Hotel Experience
  • Deakin University AFL Game Day Competition
  • Paralegal Degrees Offered at Victorian Universities

Please see Career News for more details.
 Ms O’Sullivan, Mrs Runciman & Mrs White
Careers Department

Cathedral Choir

Return to Duties

Our Choristers returned to duties last Sunday after their mid-year recess and were in fine form after a refreshing break.

Medal Status

Congratulations to Lucca Mitsch of Year 6 was recently awarded Level One Medal Status for distinguishing himself as a particularly able and committed Chorister. 


Archbishop Hart’s Golden
Jubilee of Ordination
Sunday 23 July (11.00 am Mass)
Choral & Vocal Concert
Tuesday 8 August (7.30 pm)
Friday 9 September
No Choir
Sunday 1 October
Hobart Tour
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 October
Sunday 5 November
Carols & Social Function
Friday 15 December

  Dr Daryl Barclay
Head of Choral Music
Director, St Patrick's Cathedral Choir