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 11 February 2016, Volume 67 No. 2

Regular Notices

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From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Mr William Doherty snr, father of Mr Bill Doherty, Deputy Headmaster, Father-in-Law of Mrs Terina Doherty and Grandfather of Conor (Year 5) and Bella (Year 3 LMH)

At Monday’s Heyington Assembly, Officers were presented to the College and received their badges. It was fitting that so many parents of the Officers were able to join us. These young men have been through a rigorous education concerning leadership at St Kevin’s and have had time to reflect before writing to me, acknowledging their understanding of the responsibilities of an SKC leader, and their willingness to privately and publically uphold the values of the College. All our boys must understand that leadership is first and foremost about service and the other, rather than self and recognition or privilege.

It was with sadness that I told the boys of the death of Mr William Doherty Senior, father of our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Bill Doherty. My wife, Kate, travelled to Brisbane to attend the funeral to represent our community and the Russell family. Please keep the Doherty family in your prayers in the days ahead.

With Ash Wednesday on 10 February, I took the opportunity to remind the boys of our ecclesiastical traditions regarding Lent and that the preparation for Easter involving prayer, fasting and alms-giving is centuries old. Through Tutor Group prayer, voluntary attendance at Friday morning before-school Mass and private prayer, boys can achieve the first objective. The concept of ‘giving something up for Lent’ in addition to the two formal days of adult fasting – Ash Wednesday and Good Friday – is worthy of all boys’ consideration. A food forgone, activity decreased, device left silent is a way to bring focus to this time in our Church year. Involvement in Project Compassion here at school is certainly one way to fulfil alms giving. Ash Wednesday Liturgies were celebrated across the College.

Thank you to the Mothers’ and Fathers’ Associations members who helped us host new parents to the College last Friday evening. The night was a great success as connections old were rediscovered and new ones made. The senior boys present, answered so many questions and confirmed, by their behaviour and maturity, the decision taken by these families to become part of St Kevin’s.

I had taken the decision that my summertime reading would not feature this year unless I had multiple requests. Amazingly, there have been requests, and so, I briefly write of the baker’s dozen books that filled my time and imagination across the break. Do find an accomplished review by a fine and incisive writer such as our own Mr Michael McGirr for erudite comment, but I dutifully provide these brief notes, hoping my tastes and comments don’t alarm anyone regarding my capacity to be Headmaster!

The White Road by Edmund de Waal was another tale of self-discovery told in the context of the search for porcelain, ancient and modern. The collector in me made this an appealing read. Alison Weir’s The Lost Tudor Princess, centred on the life and times of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, granddaughter of Henry VII and niece to Henry VIII. Sixteenth century family feuds were rarely without early death and execution. Margaret was a resilient lady who lived into old age. Tudor history buffs will enjoy this read. Dictator by Robert Harris revolves around the final fifteen years of Cicero’s life. A sharp mind without a sharp gladius rarely won an argument it seems in Ancient Rome. Cicero’s wit and political agility is a feature of this novel.

Set principally in a polio hospice in Western Australia decades ago, The Golden Age by Joan London possesses that unusual aspect of being both a celebration of life and a record of unavoidable sadness. I am still processing its impact on me. Clive James’ Latest Reading is his attempt, as his allotted time on earth diminishes, to list and discuss those writings that he treasurers and those he feels he must read. His voracious reading appetite and a tinge of hoarding syndrome make his task most elusive. The language is at times complex and I needed to read this short book in stages. Poems That Make Grown Men Cry, edited by Anthony and Ben Holden was a surprisingly good read. Men as diverse as Robert Bly, Hugh Bonneville, Melvyn Bragg and a host more, introduce the poem that does IT for them and the poem follows. I suspect a few verses will find their way into some SKC speeches and written head-magisterial musings this year.

Footnotes from History by Giles Milton is a romp through supposedly accurate and verifiable quirky incidents across the years. A light read for a bit of fun is my assessment. The Secret Cord by Geraldine Brooks was far more sombre and possessed the detail and vivid descriptions of her last few books as she told the story of the biblical hero and king – David of Israel.

The philosophical musings of Daniel Klein in his Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life They Change It, was thought-provoking and probably best enjoyed by mere males of advancing years – my demographic. I did not agree with much of what Daniel wrote; however, it did make me consider and reflect on an array of universal themes. Your mind engaged was a clear need reading George Megalogenis’ Australia’s Second Chance. If you want an historic and economic argument to support immigration and open borders, this will provide plenty of supportive evidence.

I scampered through one of the back shelves in the garage, in Sarah Winman’s, When God was a Rabbit. The 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner by Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See, is a novel worth considering. My final holiday read was a biography I first read nearly ten years ago, The Monk Cardinal, by Anthony Howard. It is the story of Basil Hume, 1923 – 1999, Catholic Primate of England. Howard the author describes himself as a ‘wistful agnostic’ and hence, in my view, brings an outsider’s accuracy rather than hagiography to this fascinating story of a remarkable Priest. I enjoyed it even more on the second read.

Educational articles and reports will fill most of my reading time until Easter when, no doubt, I will find a comfortable nook to put my nose into another book.

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell
St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

Beginnings and endings

In the school calendar, February always leads one to consider not only the new year that is beginning but also the previous year that has just ended. It is a time of hope and speculation but also one of deep reflection. This is perfectly symbolised on our St Kevin’s crest in the symbolic use of Alpha and Omega.

Last week, all of Year 12 and a number of teachers, headed off to Newman College for our annual retreat. What a great beginning to their final year! Mr Coyne spoke to the boys before they embarked about the importance of “travelling together” over this day and a half and the boys certainly heeded his words. The energy and anticipation of the group was electric when we gathered as a full cohort. This was best displayed in the magnificent renditions of the ‘College Song’ and ‘Power of Your Love’, enhanced by the acoustics of the Newman dining hall.

The most tangible excitement was experienced in two sessions in particular; when the boys received their time capsules and when they reflected on their hopes, dreams and ideals for their futures. The time capsules, which the boys completed when they were in Year 8, provided food for thought: not only on how much they’ve grown since 2012 (in one case, not so much, as one boy was fascinated by the fact his hand size had not changed), or on how their opinions regarding menial things, like T.V. shows or music, have altered but also how their thoughts on more important things, like
friends and family, have not. The reflections on their futures is always a personal favourite. The hope and animation that fills the room during this time is not matched by many other experiences. The bittersweet feelings on the reality of leaving the familiar environs of St Kevin’s soon make way for elaborate floor-plans for the ideal family home or bachelor pad at 40 or the poignant self-penned sendoff that will be read at their retirement at 60. All of this is complemented so beautifully by the open sharing of some of our great staff members about their journey since leaving high school and an insight into the many different and complex roads that lead us all to St Kevin’s.

This week also saw the commencement of our Year 7 retreat program. This retreat comes right at the very beginning of the boys’ time at the Senior School. They spend a day in the Pavilion, away from the main area of the school; a great place to experience this day as it is a place steeped in the history of St Kevin’s with its walls adorned with crests of fellow EREA and APS schools and Premiership winning teams from throughout the ages. The boys spend the day getting to know each other, and their tutor, better through sharing, games, activities and reflections. At this point Year 12 seems so far away.

Finally, we celebrated the start of Lent with our Ash Wednesday liturgy. The ashes that the College wore are the remnants of our old campground Silver Creek and an affecting reminder of the fragility of life and the grief that accompanies it. A reminder of our mortality, of the dust from which God made us and that to dust we shall return.

While Lent can be seen as a remembrance of the coming of the end of Jesus’ time amongst us, it also clearly exists as part of the starting point of our faith journey as a Christian congregation, as many catechumens prepare for baptism on Easter Saturday. Similarly, while the Year 12s are beginning their final year with us in body, their lives as Old Collegians, with all the lifelong ties to the College that entails, will also be starting soon. As one door closes…

 Remember you are dust and from dust you shall return Gen 3:19
Mrs Alice Power
Acting Dean of Faith and Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Ms Sheridan and Kenny students assisted with the serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Officers’ Investiture took place.
  • McCarthy students with Ms Phelan assisted in serving dinner at St Peter and Paul’s Parish in South Melbourne.
  • “Safer Internet Day” was acknowledged at the College.
  • Foundation Meeting took place.
  • House Information Evenings were held for senior students.
  • Year 7A and 7B were on Retreat.
  • Year 9 Outprac took place.
  • Ash Wednesday liturgies were conducted throughout the College.
  • Years 1 and 2 Glendalough students had swimming lessons.
  • Year 10 students with Religious Education teachers participated in the Place of Worship Excursion.
  • New students from Years 8, 10 and 11 enjoyed Morning-tea with the Headmaster.
  • Years 3 and 5 Parents enjoyed a social gathering.
  • Staff member Mr Paul Roberts spoke to the Year 12 cohort of his experiences working in a community in Cambodia.
  • Friday morning Eucharist was celebrated in the Chapel of St Kevin.
  • Year 10 Dancing Classes with LMH commenced.
  • Kearney boys and Mr Dunn participated in the St Ignatius Refugee Tutoring Program in Richmond.
  • Mr Penrose and Purton students assisted at the community group PACSEL in Richmond.
  • Rahill students with Mr Waller contributed to the Fitzroy Refugee Tutoring Program.
  • Rowing association held a function.
  • Staff completed professional development in the Leader as Coach Program.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Matthew Macdonald
Year 7
For his efforts reading at Friday's liturgy when asked at short notice.

Fergus Healy
Year 8
For volunteering his services to another team in APS Sport.

Francis Ng
Year 9
For assisting a staff member without prompting.

Michael Kennedy
For his generous support of a new student to the College.

Eamon Kilpatrick
For the determined way he has started his VCE.

Finley Tobin
For his excellent participation within Kenny House and for his surf lifesaving club.

Tewodros Brownlee
For his mature approach to the academic year.

Marcus Castellana

For invaluable assistance with the sale of pancakes to mark Shrove Tuesday.

Kerry Huang
For a committed and mature start to his Year 12 studies.

Calendar Dates

Friday 12
Year 10 Dancing Class
Year 3 Parent Function
7C Retreat
GMA meeting

8.00 - 10.00 am
8.45 am

Clovelly Room
Saturday 13
APS Sport
Rowing Association Parents' Function

7.30 pm
Monday 15
Formal Assembly - 2015 Awards, 2016 Investiture of Prefects
Year 7 Parent Information Evening

7.45 pm

Smith Hall

Tuesday 16
Year 5 Camp Information Briefing
Year 10 DAT Testing
7D Retreat
Glendalough Parent Information Evening
8.15 am
Period 1 - 5

7.00 pm
Boyd Egan Hall

Wednesday 17
Last day for changing Semester 1 subjects
Closing Date for Academic Scholarships
Finance and Property Committee meetings
7E Retreat
Year 8 Parent Information Evening

7.45 pm

Smith Hall
Thursday 18
Opening School Mass
Mothers’ Luncheon
10.45 am
12.00 pm
St Patrick's Cathedral
Park Hyatt
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

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Foundation Annual Dinner

 Please click here for more information.
BOOK NOW through the Trybooking site provided here.

Scholarships 2017

Applications Now Open

The College will be offering a number of Scholarships for 2017.

Academic and Instrumental Scholarships are available for entry into Year 7 in 2017. Choral Scholarships are available for entry into Year 5 in 2017.

Registration details can be located on the College website's Scholarships page.
 Mr David Hill

Waterford News

Waterford Outprac

On Tuesday 9 February all students and staff from Waterford went on the first of the year’s six Outprac excursions. There were thirty separate visits to fifteen different venues as far apart as the CERES Environment Park in Brunswick and the Victorian Institute of Sport in Albert Park.

Focusing on the question of how their venues encompassed the culture and history of Melbourne, the boys were guided through a vast range of activities and experiences. Whether it was baking at Brasserie Bread or visiting Victoria’s sporting cathedral at the MCG, students engaged enthusiastically in investigating everything their city has to offer.

 Mr Barry Power
Assistant Dean of Waterford

St Kevin's Mothers' Association

February Luncheon

Many thanks for the amazing support from those who have booked in sufficient time to secure their spot at the Mothers’ Luncheon on Thursday 18 February at the Park Hyatt.

This overwhelming response has resulted in a sold out situation and has presented a challenge or two for accommodating all seat allocation requests. Within the constraints of a maximum of 10 per table we have attempted to accommodate all specific seating requests, however, please realise due to the amazing numbers there will be a crossover of year levels on a number of tables.

We look forward to a wonderful day and so sincerely appreciate your continued support of SKC. We look forward to welcoming our new SKC Families and reacquainting with those from last year!

And, please remember, we all were once new to our school!
 Mrs Molly Birch
President, St Kevin's Mothers' Association

2016 Rowing Events

Parent and Rowing Coaches Drinks

Thank you to those who have booked for the Parents and Rowing Coaches Drinks on Saturday, 13 February. Please click here for to download a flyer providing further details. Please direct any enquiries to Gillian Goller on 0409 144 331.

Saturday 13 February
The home of Rob and Gillian Goller
7.30 pm

Rowing Presentation Evening - Monday 14 March

Smith Hall
6.00 pm sharp

For further details and bookings please click here.

Heads of the River (HOR) - Saturday 19 March

All Rowing parents, family and friends are invited to attend the HOR, Nagambie Lakes, Nagambie 

Saturday 19 March
Mitchell River, Nagambie
For further details and bookings please click here.

St Peter’s Early Learning Centre - 2016 Welcome Mass

All current, past and future families are invited to the St Peter’s Early Learning Centre Welcome Mass on Sunday 21 February 9.30am at St Peter’s Parish Church, 581 Toorak Rd, Toorak.

Please click here for an invitation.

The St Peter’s ELC 2016 Family Picnic follows the Mass at Ardrie Park, Ardrie Rd, Malvern East. The wet weather plan will be announced at the Mass if required. 

Please click here for further information.

St Kevin's College Music Association

Music Soiree

Parents and friends are invited to attend the St Kevin's College Music Association's annual Music Soiree; an evening of music and entertainment courtesy of the staff of the St Kevin's Music Department.

This is a great opportunity for parents and friends to meet the talented music staff of St Kevin's College. All proceeds from the evening and the raffle will go towards the purchase of an Acoustic Bass Guitar for the Guitar Ensembles.

Date: Monday 29 February
Boyd Egan Hall, Glendalough
7.45 pm
$30 per person

Drinks and finger food will be provided. Raffle tickets are available for purchase through the Trybooking site (3 for $10).

Please click here to download a flyer, providing further details and information on the fantastic raffle prizes up for grabs.

Please contact Beth Little on 9804 3045 or should you have any queries.

Year Level Parents' Events

Year 7

Parents' Evening - A great opportunity to kick off 2016 and celebrate the first year together for so many!

Saturday 5 March
Cnr High St & Glenferrie Road (enter via High st)
From 7.30 pm
$42 per person (sumptuous finger food and a complimentary beverage on arrival. Drinks at bar prices thereafter)
RSVP: by Thursday 3 March

Please note, RSVP dates will be strictly enforced.

For further queries, please contact:
  • Sophie Whelan -  0426 815 018
  • Sally Bare -  0408 880 399
  • Sally Grace - 0425 799 830
  • Anne Brown - 0410 545 193

Year 12

Parents' Evening - A fantastic opportunity to kick off 2016 and celebrate our final year together!

Friday 26 February 2016
Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
489 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong
Time: 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm
$40 per person (sumptuous finger food and one complimentary beverage on arrival. Drinks at bar prices thereafter)
RSVP: by Friday 19 February – 4:00 pm.
Please note, RSVP dates will be strictly enforced.

Parking: Parking for non KLTC members is available across Glenferrie Road at HE Smith Reserve. Please do not use the Vision Australia Car Park.

Further queries, please contact Gillian Goller (Lachie & James' mother) on 0409 144 331 or Molly Birch (Ian’s mother) on 0407 849 762
 Mrs Molly Birch
President, St Kevin's Mothers' Association


The opportunity to catch up with parents at the House Information evenings this week allowed me to reflect on the enormous task of keeping abreast of all the activities, opportunities and important dates which make up a St Kevin’s year. For Year 12 parents this is particularly important and has been emphasised in a recent email from the Careers Department. During my presentation I encouraged Year 12 parents to start the tertiary pathway conversation with their sons in terms of likening such research to “training” for an APS event later in the year. Completing the Year 12 Careers Survey, liking the SKC Careers Page and making a Careers Appointment in Term 1 are good ways to start positively.

Together with Year 12 parents, Years 10 and 11 parents also received an email with information about the Careers Department programs for their sons this week. First time Year 10 parents who would like to attend the Parents As Careers and Transition Support Program (PACTS) are reminded to register through Trybooking by clicking here. Year 10 parents are also reminded to note the important Aptitude and Vocational Testing date (Tuesday 16 February) for which we require ALL students present. Year 11 students new to the school are also offered the opportunity to take this aptitude test which provides us with useful input into the subject selection process for VCE. Year 11 parents are reminded they are always welcome to make appointments to discuss their options and pathway research. This term and early next term we will have the opportunity to spend time with Year 11 classes to provide students with the opportunity to write a resume and cover letter. During Headstart Week we will also spend time with each class to outline the importance of Year 12 subject selection and commencing 2017 positively to provide themselves with options.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

  • Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)
  • Avoid a Work Experience wreckage
  • Victoria University Science & Information Technology
  • ANU Tuckwell Scholarship
  • Bond University Medical Program update
  • Studying in the USA: US College Fair
Any students wanting to organise Work Experience for the forthcoming holidays are asked to come and see Ms O’Sullivan as soon as possible.

Please see the  Careers News for more details.

 Mrs O’Sullivan, Mrs Pingiaro & Mrs White
The Careers Department

Cathedral Choir

Choir Camp

This year’s Choir Camp will be held on Sunday 6 - Tuesday 8 March at Wombat Corner Camp in Emerald. A letter with full details is being mailed to parents today. I hope you will receive it shortly but if, by the middle of next week it has not arrived, please email me accordingly.
Dr Daryl Barclay
Director Cathedral Choir
Head of Choral Music



Welcome to Music in 2016


All ensembles for boys in Years 7 - 12 commenced rehearsals this week. Please see Weekly Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule here.

Instrumental/Vocal Lessons

All instrumental lessons have now commenced. If your son has any questions about his lesson time, he should enquire at the Music Office (see details below).

Term 1 Music Dates

Thursday 18 February
Opening School Mass 
Monday 29 February 
Music Association Soiree 
Saturday 5 March
Instrumental Music Scholarship Auditions
Sunday 6 - Tuesday 8 March
Cathedral Choir Camp
Wednesday 9 - 11 March
Rob McWilliams Scholar-in-Residence
Monday 21 - Wednesday 23 March
Year 7-9 Music Camp

A full list of the important Music dates for the year is provided here.

Music Office – C305

Mrs Beth Little can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music


Co-curricular Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes.

Please click here to view this weekends APS Sport Fixtures and last weeks APS Sports Results.

 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

Swap Shop

The next Swap Shop will be held on Thursday 17 March from 1.00 - 4.00 pm. The Swap Shop is situated at Waterford Campus, 20 Darlington Parade, Richmond.

For information about how Swap Shop works and to sell school uniform items please click here.

Please contact me on if you require any further information.
Mrs Samantha Beven
Convenor, Swap Shop
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