Senior School Newsletter

  15 February 2018, Volume 69 No. 2

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Our Parent Information Nights have been successfully completed with Years 7, 8 and Glendalough across the first three nights of this week. It was wonderful that so many parents were able to attend and I thank my many colleagues who made themselves available to meet with parents.

Last Saturday, I enjoyed visiting a wide range of our teams. I do admit I took particular pleasure spending some time at Tooronga. It really has added an extra dimension to our sporting program. One of the features of a St Kevin’s education is the opportunity every secondary boy has, to enjoy representing the College, playing with his mates, and, meeting and I trust getting to know our opponents principally on a Saturday. At the Senior House evenings, I emphasised that the College requires all boys to play summer and winter sport. Indeed, families committed to this experience for their son when they signed the Enrolment Form.

Last Monday at Heyington Assembly, I recognised all boys appointed to leadership roles across our summer sports and other co-curricular activities. Each leader has spent time with me ensuring he understands his increased responsibilities for his activity or sport and gave me a commitment to support all College activities and values.

We congratulate:

Badminton  Captain
Deputy Captain
Sam Wilson
Alan Zhang 
Cricket Captain
Deputy Captain
Jack Di Stefano
Luca Gambell

Cycling  Captain Thomas Bufardeci
Debating  Captain
Deputy Captain Debating
Deputy Captain Public Speaking
Patrick Tellefson
Vincentius Susilo
Nicholas Reynolds

Diving  Captain
Deputy Captain
Marc Jencik
Luke Shannan

Drama  Captain
Deputy Captain
Nicholas Reynolds
Andrew Willett

Futsal  Captain Christian Zubcic
Gymnastics  Captain Andrew Willett
Lawn Bowls  Captain
Deputy Captain
Cameron Gastin
Hugh Carroll

Martial Arts  Captain James Appleyard
Music Captain
Deputy Captains
Francis Nguyen
Joshua Park
Timothy O’Malley 
Sean Quinn

Rowing  Captain of Boats
Deputy Captain of Boats
William Cornwell
Christopher Johnson

St Vincent De Paul President
Christian Zubcic
Benjamin Foster

Squash  Captain William Elliott
Swimming  Captain
Deputy Captain
Michael Reid
Ryland Brian

Table Tennis  Captain Michael Athanasiadis
Tennis  Captain
Deputy Captain
Nelson Walker
Codey Gunn

Touch Rugby  Captain
Deputy Captain
Hugo Read
Darcy Peel

Volleyball  Captain
Deputy Captain
William Barron
Jordan McCorkell

Wednesday morning I spent at Waterford, participating in their Ash Wednesday Liturgy and Forum. I also had the chance to meet boys new to St Kevin’s this year. Mr Klupacs and his talented team have Waterford already humming. Outprac has occurred, social justice activities commenced and a Talent Quest is planned as part of the Student Celebrations, following our Centenary Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Indeed, across all campuses on Thursday afternoon, Student Centenary Celebrations are planned. Do ask your son how he enjoyed Mass and the celebrations when you see him tonight!

Excellence Award
William Penfold  For having been awarded a Premier’s Spirit of ANZAC Award
Headmaster’s Study Awards
Year 11 English James Appleyard
Christopher Perry
Year 10 Religious Education Timothy Beadell
Vincent Luc

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's College will acknowledge that for many members of the school family, the College is their primary faith community.
(from the Mission Statement)

Faith and Mission

Two Happy Coincidences

1. It’s a fine coincidence that St Kevin’s taught its first classes in 1918 on the same day that the British parliament voted to allow women the vote. In that case, it was just a beginning as initially the women had to be either over 30 or married or own property or fall into a few other narrow categories. So only about 40 per cent of women were included at first. But our beginnings were small as well. Nobody could have planned two such things happening at the same time and it’s doubtful that anybody involved in one knew about the other. But both events share a belief that everyone should have their voice. They both believe that all people should be active in forming the community of which they are part.

2. It’s another fine coincidence that Ash Wednesday this year fell on the same day as St Valentine’s Day. Guess which one received the most attention in the world at large? The Valentine’s Day edition of the Aldi catalogue provided the usual curious reading. It did offer fifty roses for $50, carefully explaining that this was $1 per rose. But inside there was a full range of security equipment on offer, including surveillance cameras for your home and various kinds of deadlocks and padlocks. It was the kind of stuff you’d need to catch somebody out, not invite them in. A fire and waterproof safety box was shown with a marriage certificate, passport and roll of cash inside. It carried a warning that seemed hardly necessary for a $60 box: ‘contents not included.’ Aldi was also offering fire extinguishers and fire blankets. This was the closest they got to Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day do, however, have a serious connection, exemplified by a man who rang morning radio from his hospital bed on Wednesday to say that, after forty years of marriage, his wife had just donated a kidney to him. He quipped that he was glad they were still compatible. Her generosity and his obvious gratitude embodied the kind of flesh and blood love we mark on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday speaks of a love that is not just for the good times but for all time. It is the day on which we begin the season of Lent and our journey towards the celebration of our great festival of love, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

There were reminders of the many aspects of real love during the week at St Kevin’s. On Tuesday, Mr Tim Krake, one of the Year 7 co-ordinators, shared some of his experiences with the 7D retreat. He told them to look for three qualities in a friend. The first is they should be kind and compassionate. The second is that they should be good listeners. And third, they should be genuine and authentic, as opposed to fake. He said that the person who made him think of these qualities more than anyone else was his wife, Marnie.

The previous Wednesday, as they prepared to embark upon their community service program, Year 10 heard from people who work with children and in aged care. They also heard from one of most senior former students, Kevin O’Connor, who was born in 1922 and finished at St Kevin’s in 1939. He soon found his way in the airforce where he served alongside a number of notable Kevinians, including Alan Shelton. His warmest words, however, were kept for his wife, Irene. ‘I met and won the heart of a nurse.’ The couple were married for almost 72 years until Irene passed away 2 years ago. Kevin said that he was glad that our current students would not have to face an ordeal like the war. But if they did, he believed that what they learnt at St Kevin’s, that is, ‘the Catholic way of living and how to work in and contribute to a team’ would ‘set them up much better than they realise.’

On Ash Wednesday, Tom Woods from Year 11 gave a superb piece of reflection to Years 7 and 8 during their liturgy. Here is part of what he said:

Every week on Friday afternoons, senior boys from Rahill house venture to Fitzroy, to take part in the Fitzroy Tutoring Program.

The program is run by a man named Matok, who organises everything from stationery to volunteers to a place to run the sessions. Week in, week out, he puts in much time and effort, without pay or recognition, to see this tutoring program operate, in this way exemplifying qualities that we, as Christians, are encouraged to adopt and develop throughout the season of Lent.

It is this idea of doing something extra, or giving up something, be it one’s time, or a particular luxury we enjoy, without the expectation of recognition or reward. This encapsulates what we are invited to do during this season of Lent.

Today, we have heard the words ‘Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return’, which reminds us of our humanity and our intrinsic duty to help those around us. In this way, we are encouraged to show compassion, empathy and sacrifice, remembering that we, as humans on earth, alongside our possessions, will perish one day, and that it is our actions and faith that will be remembered.

We are therefore invited, this Lent, to show the qualities demonstrated by Matok, and other members of our community. Often this season is associated with sacrifice, however, perhaps, it can also be a time of not so much giving something up, but of giving something back.
Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

Fullness of Life

  • Kenny students with Mr McGirr assisted with the preparation and serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome.
  • The Officer Investiture Assembly was held at Heyington.
  • McCarthy students with Mr Keenan assisted with the serving of dinner at St Peter and Paul’s in South Melbourne.
  • Swimming Trials were held for Years 3 - 6 students in the Wilding Centre.
  • Year 12 Geography students completed fieldwork in Camberwell. 
  • The Year 7 Parent Information Evening was held. 
  • Year 9 students had their first Outprac experience. 
  • The Year 12 Studio Art students attended a lecture at the NGV and then viewed the Triennial Exhibition.
  • The APS Delegates and Fixtures meetings were held. 
  • The Parent Information Evening was held for Glendalough.
  • The Soccer Association, Rowing Association and Friends of Cricket met. 
  • Year 7C and 7D had their Retreat. 
  • Ash Wednesday Liturgies were held at each campus.
  • Year 11 students were introduced to the One Step Beyond Outdoor Education Program. 
  • Year 10 students visited various Houses of Worship in Melbourne. 
  • VCE Theatre Studies students attended a Professional Theatre Performance at the Malthouse Theatre. 
  • The Year 8 Parent Information Evening was held. 
  • Cusack students and Mr Langan assisted with the Breakfast and Sports Program at Trinity Primary School in Richmond.
  • The Eucharist for the Opening of the Centenary School Year was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral.
  • A Student Centenary Celebration was held at each campus after the Opening School Mass. 
  • The Combined Mothers’ luncheon was held. 
  • A Learning Workshop “The Productive Classroom” was run for staff by Mr Jones. 
  • The Governance, Finance and Property Committees met. 
  • Mr Ben Crowe was the Year 12 Guest Speaker. 
  • Year 10 Dancing Class was held with Loreto Mandeville Hall. 
  • Purton students and Mr Ross assisted at the Police and Community Recreation Program in Richmond. 
  • Kearney students and Mr James assisted with the St Ignatius Tutoring Program in Richmond.
  • Rahill students and Mr and Mrs Wallace assisted with the Fitzroy Reading Program.
  • The Year 12 Parents held a function. 
  • The State Debating Trials were held at Heyington. 
  • Staff completed Professional Development in Developing Mathematical Understanding in the Primary School, Data Migration, Creating Supportive Teams, SATs in VCE Media Studies, Teaching Geography, Family Therapy, VCE Mathematics and VCE Visual Communication and Design
Mr Ted Guinane
Director of Administration


    Student Awards    

William Noonan
Year 7

For safely returning an expensive item of lost property to its rightful owner.

Jasper Burley
Year 8
For assisting a seriously injured classmate during the holidays.

Ned Crowe
Year 9
For his positive demeanour around the Waterford Campus.

Eddie Powell
For his responsible act in identifying lost property and bringing it to the attention of staff.

Nicholas Reynolds
For his outstanding support of a younger Kevinian during APS sport.

Alexander Phan
For his excellent approach to his academic studies.

Sanuel Roach
For his enthusiastic and committed start to the College year.

Scott Meagher
For his wonderful start in the Senior School, demonstrated through his studies and his co-curricular sport.

Patrick Grindon-Ekins
For demonstrating great sportsmanship and honesty in his Touch Football game on the weekend.
    Staff Award    
     Mr Aaron Lewicki
For support of the College ethos through his attendance at Edmund Rice camps over the holidays.

Calendar Dates


Friday 16
1st XI Cricket bye
1st /2nd XVIII NSW Championships
Last Day for changing Semester 1 subjects
Year 5 Parent Function
Year 10 Dancing Class

3:45-5:15 PM

Smith Hall
Saturday 17
APS Sport
1st /2nd XVIII NSW Championships
Year 12 Parent Function

Sunday 18
State Debating Trials    
Monday 19
Year 5A-5E Camp begins
Formal Assembly

Tuesday 20
Year 7E Retreat


Wednesday 21
Year 7F Retreat
Foundation Past Parent Committee Members Meeting
House Rowing


Thursday 22
Year 5A-5E Camp
Year 7G Retreat
Year 10 Careers Avenue Testing
Friends of Art Meeting

7:30-7:45 PM

Smith Hall
Brandon Room
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.

Full Article or Flyer: for inclusion on website (to be linked from the short article in the newsletter) to be sent in a separate Word document.


Years 7 and 8 Family Mass 

All our middle school families are most welcome to come to our Year 7 and 8 family mass which takes place at 9am on Sunday 18 February in the Chapel of St Kevin. It is a delightful occasion in which to share as we undertake a new year. Boys can wear casual clothes.
 Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

Zimele Community Walk

Save the Date

The annual Zimele community walk will take place on the morning on Sunday 18 March. There will be more details soon but please make a note of the date as it is a terrific event that makes a real difference to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged members of the Edmund Rice world in Africa. 
 Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

SKC Aquatic Club Annual Presentation Luncheon

The President and Committee of St Kevin’s Aquatics invite parents of swimmers and divers to the annual Presentation Luncheon to be held at 12 noon for 12.30pm in the Smith Hall on Saturday 17 March 2018.

Bookings and further information can be found through the trybooking link -
 Ms Gabi Sorge
Secretary, SKC Aquatic Club

St Kevin’s Sacré Cœur Annual Tennis Day

The St Kevin’s Sacré Cœur Annual Tennis Day will be held at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club on Monday 26 March.

To view the invitation, please click here.

  • Tennis & Luncheon - $90
  • Luncheon only - $65
  • Tennis only - $40 
  • Cardio Tennis & Lunch - $90
RSVP by 5pm Monday 19 March (sorry no late entries).

Booking via

For any enquiries, please contact:
  • Annie Saville St Kevin’s Co-ordinator on 0414 541 857
  • Meredith Kain Sacré Cœur Co-ordinator on 0416 133 138 

Foundation Annual Dinner 2018

The St Kevin’s College Foundation Annual Dinner will be held at Carousel, 22 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park on Tuesday 27 March. Please click here to view the invitation with more details and information about the Raffle Prizes.

The sole purpose of the Foundation is to provide funds for bursaries and scholarships to those who would not normally have the chance of a St Kevin’s College education. The Foundation looks forward to seeing as many as possible from the broad St Kevin’s community.

The Foundation’s aim is to provide financial support to the College, so that student diversity – socio-economic, demographic – is enhanced, and that families in need of assistance in order to attend the College are supported. As the Headmaster has stated on many occasions, the Foundation is not about ‘bricks and mortar’ nor improved, specialist academic, sporting or cultural equipment. Funds raised and Memberships monies are to assist families who may not have the capacity to send their son to St Kevin’s.

The community can assist in several ways:

  • attend the dinner, click here to purchase tickets (only available through Trybooking)
  • become a Member of the Foundation, click here to find out more
  • make a donation – click here to make a donation with your dinner or raffle ticket purchase. Should you wish to donate but not attend the dinner or buy a raffle ticket, please contact the Foundation Office on 03 9822 0911 (all donations $2 and more are tax deductible)
  • purchase a ticket in the raffle to be drawn on the night – click here to view the prize; click here to purchase tickets
For further information on the Foundation please click here. To view a FAQ for the dinner, please click here.


Ordering Student Photographs

Individual Student, Tutor Group and House Photographs were taken this week at both Heyington and Waterford. To place online orders for these photographs

1. Go to

2. Select School Photos then Portrait Packs

3. Enter the shoot key N9YBPTEM

4. Enter your order details and then click 'Cart' to pay 

Centenary Events 

Foundation Past Parents Function

The Foundation Past Parents Function RSVP has been extended!

If you would like to attend this event please book through trybooking at

To view the full invitation with full details, please click here.

Year Level Parent Events

Year 8

Year 8 parents are invited to the Year 8 Parent Welcome Function.

Please click here to view the invitation with further details.

Year 7

Please join the Year Level Parents for a fun Cocktail Evening to get to know each other as our boys embark on their high school journey.

Where  The Glenferrie Hotel
324 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
(Beer Garden /Function Room) 
When Saturday 24 February
Time 7.30 - 11.30pm 
Price $30 per person, includes scrumptious finger foods, Drinks @ bar prices
RSVP Monday 19 February by 4pm

Plan ahead, RSVP date will be STRICTLY enforced, no exceptions!

For any queries, please contact:

Year 9

Come along for a casual and fun catch up with fellow Year 9 Parents.

Where  Grace Park Hawthorn Club
6 Hilda Crescent
When  Saturday 3 March
Time  7 - 11.30pm
Price  $40.00 per person, includes finger food. Drinks @ bar prices.
RSVP  Monday 26 February

Please do not forget your SKC Name Tags

For any queries, please contact:
  • Tara Duffy: 0400 914 220
  • Lenore Neath: 0430 276 486
  • Simone Nguyen: 0427 435 868

Year 12

This Saturday night is the first official function for Year 12 Parents. Bookings are now closed. We are looking forward to a lovely evening to reconnect and launch the busy Centenary Year.

Year 12 Parent Events - Save The Dates!

Term 1   
Saturday 17 February  Parent Function, home of the Noonan Family, Hawthorn. 
Term 2   
Friday 27 April Morning Tea. Home of Terri Lourey, Glen Iris. From 9am.
Term 3  
Thursday 23 August Mum’s night out. Venue TBC.
Term 4   
Sunday 14 October  Mother/Son Mass and Breakfast. SKC.
Tuesday 23 October  Final Eucharist and Valedictory
Wednesday 31 October  Mother’s Brunch
Tuesday 11 December  School Formal

Please note that there are many additional school functions this year because of the Centenary Celebrations and many other opportunities to socialise including: SKC - Sacré Cœur Tennis Day, Mothers’ Day Luncheon and the Centenary Ball, so whilst our Year 12 calendar may look light, we are mindful to not over-do the get-together's.

Also please ignore the printed date for a Year 12 function on Sunday 21 October. It appears an error has been made in the calendar.


SKC Fathers’ Association

Another week of events for the SKCFA in the school community…..

Last Friday saw the SKCFA host the bar at the “New Parents Welcome Night” held at Smith Hall.

This is a great event, where new parents to the College get a first taste of the community atmosphere, with all Parent Associations helping on the night.

It also gave the fathers on the bar a chance to wear their new SKCFA polos!!


Many thanks to Simon Janes, Rajesh Singh, Barry Thatcher and Mick Brosnan helping on the night – great job!

Term 1 continues to be filled with many SCKFA events, so Dads/male mentors, take part where possible! Get in touch with us

Some of the Glendalough information night bar helpers - Rajesh Singh, Kim Joyner, Steve Burke, Mick Brosnan and Richard O’Callaghan. 

Upcoming SKCFA held/sponsored events are as follows:

Saturday 24 -
Sunday 25 February
Years 2 - 4 Father & Son Camp (kindly run by Richard O’Callaghan and Bruce Duncan from the SKCFA) - Please note: this event is now sold out.
Monday 5 March
SKCFA Monthly Meeting – 6pm – Brandon Room – all Dads/male mentors welcome to attend.
Thursday 8 March
Year 8 Father & Son evening – 7pm – assisted by the SKCFA.
Tuesday 13 March
Year 7A - 7E Mother & Son evening – 7pm – assisted by the SKCFA.
Thursday 15 March
Year 7F - 7I Mother & Son evening – 7pm – assisted by the SKCFA. 

SKC Fathers’ Association – Facebook Group

Keep up to date on all the happenings in the SKC Fathers’ Association via our Facebook Group
NOTE: This is a closed group only available to SKC parents and guardians.

The SKC Fathers' Association is a vibrant and energetic group of fathers/guardians, aiming to:

  • Foster a sense of community amongst the parents of St Kevin’s College; and
  • Contribute to the development of the boys’ relationship with their fathers/guardians through organised activities all year round.
Mr Simon Janes 
President, St Kevin's College Fathers' Association

St Kevin's Mother's Association

Year Level Function Dates - Term 1, 2018

Saturday 17 February Year 12 Parent Function
Friday 23 February  Year 8 Parent Function
Saturday 24 February  Year 7 Parent Function
Saturday 3 March  Year 9 Parent Function
Friday 16 March  Year 10 Parent Function
Saturday 17 March  Year 11 Parent Function

Mothers' Association Merchandise

To order St Kevin’s Mother’s Association merchandise online please click the link: The orders will then be delivered to your nominated campus (Heyington, Waterford or Glendalough campus) and can be collected by your sons or yourself. Any orders placed now will be delivered on Friday 2 March 2018. 

For any further details please contact Carole Putna or Maria Dasopatis via email

St Kevin's College Towel Orders

  A special direct link has been set up for St Kevin's Towel Orders. Please click the link: to order.

Towels are $50.00 each. 

 Mrs Rachael McGarry
President, St Kevin's College Mothers' Association

Table Tennis

Year 7's host first APS Table Tennis matches at Tooronga Sports Fields

St Kevin's Year 7 Table Tennis team had the honour of being the first team to play APS Table Tennis in the newly fitted out Nally Pavillion at the Tooronga Sports Fields. The Year 7 fixture against Haileybury College was followed by St Kevin's Year 8 Table Tennis team playing its round 1 match against Melbourne Grammar.

The new table tennis stadium is an excellent venue for training and match day fixtures, with high quality tables, nets, lighting and flooring. The store room secures training balls and other equipment as well as chairs and a table for the comfort of visitors on match days.

The Year 7 and 8 teams train at Tooronga on Tuesday afternoons, whilst the College's 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th's teams train there on Thursday afternoons.

St Kevin's Year 7 Table Tennis team in action against Haileybury College.

 Mr Alan Moeller
TIC Table Tennis


Rehearsals are well under way for the first three Productions in the 2018 season. Years 10 -12 students from St Kevin’s and Sacré Cœur have been rehearsing the Year 10 Play and the Year 11-12 Play since last year. Meanwhile, a select group of boys having been attending rehearsals at St Catherine’s for their biennial musical.

Here is the complete list of Productions for the year:

Year 10 SKC/Sacré Cœur Play: Tartuffe
Director: Ian Nott
7pm 13, 14, 15 March 2017 [Week 7, Term One]
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus

Years 11-12 SKC/Sacré Cœur Play: Pygmalion
Director: Edwina Christie
7pm 20, 22, 23 March 2018 [Week 8, Term One]
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus

Years 10-12 St Catherine’s/SKC Musical: Crazy for You
Director: James Brown, St Catherine’s
7pm 26, 27 April, 5pm 28 April 2018 [Week 2, Term Two]
St Catherine’s Hall, Dorothy Pizzey Centre, St Catherine’s, Toorak

VCE Theatre Studies Play: Charley’s Aunt
Director: Edwina Christie
7pm 1, 2, 3 May 2018 [Week 4, Term Two]
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus

Years 7-9 SKC/Loreto Musical: Honk! Jr
Director: Gillian Gilchrist
2pm 27 May, 7pm 28, 29, 30 May 2018 [Week 7, Term Two]
Vaucluse Hall, St Kevin’s College Waterford Campus

Years 10-12 SKC/Loreto Musical: Brigadoon
Director: Simon Parris
2pm 26 August, 7pm 29, 30, 31 August 2018 [Week 7, Term Three]
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus

Year 8 SKC/Korowa Play: The Princess King
Director: Gillian Gilchrist
7pm 11, 12, 13 September 2018 [Week 9, Term Three]
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus

Year 9 SKC/Genazzano Play: Henry V
Director: Sarah Glenister
7pm 18, 19, 20 September 2018 [Week 10, Term Three]
Vaucluse Hall, St Kevin’s College Waterford Campus

Year 7 SKC/Sacré Cœur Play: The Happy Prince
Director: Edwina Christie
7pm 16, 17, 18 October 2018 [Week 2, Term Four]

Ticket sales for each Production will be advertised in the Newsletter as the year progresses.

See you at the theatre.

 Mr Simon Parris
TIC Productions


Please click here to view this week's Sports Fixture.

Please click here to view last week's Sports Results.
 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport


Instrumental Lessons

All students learning their instruments at school should now know when their lessons have been scheduled. If they have any questions, please ask them to visit the Music Office (C305), where Mrs McDonald will be able to assist them. Students are reminded to have their ‘Green Sheet’ signed by their class teacher prior to the day of their lesson.

Ensemble Rehearsals

Ensemble rehearsals are also now underway. Please assist us by ensuring students arrive before the start time, so that they can set up their instruments and help prepare the room for the rehearsal.
Please find a link to the Ensemble Handbook here.
Please find a link to the Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule here.

European Music Tour 2019

I am pleased to announce that we are planning a European Music Tour in 2019. This tour will be open to students in Years 9-12 in 2019. An Information Evening is being held in the McMahon Music Centre on Tuesday, February 27th.
Please find a link to the Information Evening flyer here.

Term I Music Dates

Monday 19 February Formal Assembly
Tuesday 27 February  Europe Tour 2019 Information Evening 7.45 pm MMC
Monday 5 March  Music Association Meeting 7.45 pm C308
Sunday 11- Tuesday 13 March  Cathedral Choir Camp
Friday 16 March  Senior Brass at St Patrick’s Cathedral
Friday16 March  Glendalough ‘St Patrick’s Day’ performances
Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 March Year 7 - 9 Music Camp

Music Office – C305

Mrs Andrea McDonald (Music Administrator) can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess, at Lunchtime or after school.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music


Next week we commence our Year 10 Careers Program in earnest with the Aptitude and Vocational Testing of the whole cohort on Thursday 22 February. Results from all testing will be provided for parents and students at the Testing Feedback Evening on Thursday 19 April. Please put this date in your diaries as students will not be given the results without parents present to hear how to interpret the information provided.

This week we have commenced our Careers Classes with Year 12 students, introducing them to the tertiary application timeline, pathway planning and tools on the SKC Careers website – a valuable resource for both parents and students. It is pleasing to see many Year 12 students have booked Careers Appointments following these sessions. Please remind your Year 12 son to book an appointment if he has not done so as there will be limited appointments available for Year 12 students during Term 2 when our focus moves to the Year 10's.

Many Year 10 students have inquired about Work Experience. Parents are reminded that legally students must complete the safe@work multiple choice tests prior to being provided with the Work Experience Arrangement Form. Students wanting to undertake Work Experience in the Term 1 holidays should be completing these tests within the next two weeks to allow time to get the Work Experience Arrangement Forms signed by the Employer, Parents, Student and Headmaster prior to the end of term. Please contact Mrs Pingiaro (Mondays or Fridays) if you have queries relating to Work Experience. No forms for Term 1 holiday Work Experience placements will be accepted after Friday 16 March.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:
  • Interested In Becoming An Auctioneer?
  • Medicine at Monash University
  • Australian Defence Force GAP Year
  • Career as an Air Traffic Controller
  • News From The Australian National University (ANU): New Pathways To Study At ANU; Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bond University College
  • What Is An Entrepreneur?
  • Accounting Degrees

Please see Career News for more details.
 Ms O’Sullivan, Mrs Pingiaro & Mrs White
Careers Department

Cathedral Choir


Opening Mass – St Kevin’s & Trebles
morning Cathedral rehearsal
Thursday 15 February (8am)
Choir Camp
Sunday 11 - Tuesday 13 March
Wedding Saturday 17 March (2.00 pm)
Palm Sunday
Sunday 25 March
Easter Triduum
Monday 19 March - Sunday 1 April
No Choir
Sunday 8 April
Saturday 5 May (2pm)
Open Day Sunday 6 May
Recording Session 1
Wednesday 20 June
No Choir
Sunday 1 July
No Choir
Sunday 8 July
Recording Session 2
Thursday 19 July
Recording Session 3
Thursday 2 August
Choral & Vocal Concert
Tuesday 14 August
Recording Session 4
Wednesday 22 August
No Choir
Sunday 30 September
Carols Friday 14 December

 Dr Daryl Barclay
Head of Choral Music
Director, St Patrick's Cathedral Choir