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 21 August 2014, Volume 65 No. 23

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From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Frustratingly, I am too often required to be in multiple locations. Lacking the technology of ‘Dr Who’ or the ‘Starship Enterprise’, it does mean occasionally I miss an SKC evening as I must attend another school-related event. My most recent lament in this area was missing the RICE Program presentations. Mr Doherty represented me willingly and with grace and authority. Do enjoy his reflection on the program and the night, which appears below.

Our magnificent sports presentation evenings have concluded with all six winter sports providing opportunity to celebrate character developed, skills learnt and community enhanced.

I wish also to thank formally the Friends of Art for the generous cheque given to me at the Results evening last week. To hear the reports of the sub-committees reinforced, once again, the hard work and complexity of this iconic event in our calendar. Congratulations to Ms Eleonora Sinni and her fellow committee members.

Science fortnight is drawing to a close and what a time of excitement and discovery! Mr Adam Bylsma and his team of teachers and laboratory assistants have had all campuses buzzing, exploding, racing, thinking and dropping; some brilliant in-house displays and competitions have had us all ‘scientist’ for a while.

RICE Presentation Evening Reflection

It is fair to say that a significant part of the inspiration for RICE, our landmark outdoor programme for Waterford boys, was drawn from the indomitable spirit of the great outdoor educator – Kurt Hahn, who observed the importance of impelling boys into experiences. He saw that the foremost task of education was to ensure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity; an undefeatable spirit; tenacity in pursuit; readiness for sensible self-denial; and above all, compassion. In this regard, he noted that "Expeditions can greatly contribute towards building strength of character. Joseph Conrad in Lord Jim tells us that it is necessary for a youth to experience events which 'reveal the inner worth of the man; the edge of his temper; the fibre of his stuff; the quality of his resistance; the secret truth of his pretences, not only to himself but others.'" In fact, he considered it less important to develop the innate strength in a boy than to make him overcome his innate weakness. 'Your disability is your opportunity,' he used to say to a boy who thought that certain standards were out of his reach. He was radiant when he succeeded in defeating a boy's defeatism, but not more radiant than the boy himself who had learned a great lesson. . . ."

And so, it is our hope that these wonderful RICE experiences are truly formative events in the life journeys of your young men. These expeditions see our boys and staff venture well beyond the comforts of Richmond to some of the most far-flung yet pristine environments our magnificent continent has to offer. As I noted on the night of Presentations that took place a little over a week after their return, these locations are not simply destinations. Rather, they are paths through a wilderness that can lead to the silent discovery of self, that great frontier of introspective learning and self-discovery. These journeys do not simply reveal character – they forge and foster it, they define it, they redefine it.

The Presentation Evening is a wonderful celebration of the adventure as much as the learning and reflection that has just taken place in the hearts and minds of our Waterford boys. Each pair of presenters, representing the nine destinations, delivered thoughtful reflections and perceptive observations on their experiences. Be these rich encounters with indigenous peoples from Ramingining, Barunga or Lilla communities, or close encounters with whales while kayaking off Hinchinbrook Island, rigging a tall ship off the Tasmanian coast or the rigging of the belay on the granite cliffs in Freycinet National Park, being in the cold climes of the Snowy Mountains, or the warmth of the red land at the heart of Australia along the Larapinta Trail, stories of depth, heart and humour were relayed by polished presenters and complemented by polished visuals.

The evening in Smith Hall gave a glimpse to the support crew of parents and staff as to the richness of the multitude of experiences; experiences, we remind ourselves, that we hope are truly formative events in the life journeys of your young men. We hope that what they have learnt, be this through information, observation or inner-revelation, can favourably colour their formation as a young Kevinian – a man in charge of self who is able to look beyond self. We hope that our maturing Year 9 boys might be emboldened by the experience that they enjoyed; that these experiences of Australia’s desolate and raw beauty, its power and majesty, its indigenous heart, its life-giving character, will positively direct their own compass and charge their heartfelt intent at the options that surround them and the potential and character that lies within them. May they hold on to these experiences for a lifetime.

A reminder to consider booking tickets for the cultural feast which sits upon the SKC table in the weeks ahead :

  South Pacific  Ruby Tout Theatre  2.00pm Sunday 24 August
7.45pm 27 – 29 August
  Macbeth   Vaucluse Hall   7.00pm 2 – 4 September 
  Combined Music Concert  Hamer Hall  7.30pm Monday 8 September 
  Mythologues  Ruby Tout  7.00pm 10 – 12 September 

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell


Remaining parents who received the SIF survey are reminded it needs to be completed by 12.00 midnight tomorrow.


Please click on the following link to book your tickets to the Combined School Concert
to be held Monday 8 September, Hamer Hall -

St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

Living scientists society

You know it’s Science Week when there’s a hand-made racing car at one end of the upper courtyard at Heyington and edible insects at the other. At lunchtime on Tuesday, the science staff were enticing passersby to try garlic and chilli crickets. To be honest, they don’t taste much different from cockroaches. For fussy palettes, plain crickets were also available.

It’s a shame that some people see science and religion as sibling rivals, both competing for attention at the expense of the other. Often enough, the scientists and religious people who like to pass judgement on each other seem to have similar personalities: dogmatic, narrow minded and lacking in both imagination and humour. Science and religion have much in common, not least the way they dare us to see life from fresh perspectives.

When Robin Williams died so sadly last week, my mind went back to his 1990 movie, Dead Poet’s Society. In that movie, set in the 1950s, a liberating teacher, John Keating, arrives at a stuffy boys’ school called Welton. The school is an anxiety factory and many of its students are driven by unrelenting expectations. Keating, a former student of the school, begins to open up possibilities of inner freedom. At one stage, he gets the students to stand on his desk, just to change their perspective and help see their familiar surroundings in a different light. As the story unfolds, Keating is unjustly scapegoated for a tragic death that results from the very pressure he is trying to relieve. Anyone who has scene the movie will recall the last seen of the boys standing defiantly on their desks. They have learnt something. I find that faith does the same thing for me, lifting me up to a broader and less obvious vision. Science offers exactly the same gift.

This week, Mr Chris Dunn, a science teacher and a member of our Faith and Mission team, reflects on the way science and faith run into each other like two great rivers. Here are his thoughts:

For some students upon leaving St Kevin’s, they may remember their science experience through the clichés of our discipline: lab coats and written reports; test tubes and textbooks; Bunsen burners and building water rockets. For me, science is about so much more, but I can narrow it down to one simple word – discovery. It is scientific discovery that gives us the opportunity to learn about our universe and its laws, but the very principle of science guarantees that no one can ever achieve this ultimate goal. The thirst for discovery comes from within, and this can be, and usually is, the fork in the road for many people, including our students - to discover or not to discover. The endless discovery of new phenomena, where initial theories used to explain them can be vague and just as easily superseded in a matter of months, is frustrating to some. For me it is the very aspect that draws me in – the idea that, bit by bit, the mysterious and the unknown can be uncovered through inquiry. The challenge is, the more you know, the more you realise there is out there.

To discover new knowledge, scientists must always be willing to challenge their previous assumptions. This is the bread and butter of science – testing hypotheses, and questioning the results. As a teacher, I endeavour to foster this critical frame of thinking in the classroom. In fact, I often say to my students before an experiment, “Stick your neck out, and if it gets cut off? Grow a better one”. Invariably, despite 25 boys conducting the same experiment, the hypotheses will vary, the results won’t necessarily align and alternative explanations will be reached. That’s the beauty of science, one problem can uncover many solutions, all of which can pose valid points and lead to new discoveries. It’s just a matter of being open-minded from the outset.

When I was asked to reflect on the similarities between science and Christianity, I realised the reasons for my attraction towards both were remarkably similar. As discovery has continued to inspire my scientific pursuits, discovery of life morals and guidelines through the Bible has inspired me to build and strengthen my faith. As with science, I am in awe of the knowledge and information within the field we cannot humanly learn and understand on our own, in the same way, Christianity has taught me there is always more to learn and new ways to approach old problems – you just need to be open-minded. In fact, like the open-mindedness I try to teach my students in the lab, I have found the same theory incredibly useful with my faith. I can be presented with new experiences that challenge, contradict and even change some of my preconceived religious and cultural beliefs. And finally for me, as a teacher who runs practical lessons everyday, I am drawn to the practical nature of both science and Christianity.

Since coming to the college in 2013, without a doubt the question I get asked most by my students is 'how?' How can a science teacher also believe in God? “Don’t they contradict each other, sir?” “Isn’t it a completely different way of thinking?” I stop and think carefully about what I can say in response to such loaded questions, but I’ve found time and time again, my answer to this is quite simple, “For me, they both complement each other. They’re both full of discovery and inspiration".

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith & Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Mr McGirr accompanied Kenny students in assisting with serving breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Year 6 SKC/ Rostrevor Exchange Program took place at Glendalough.
  • Science Week Part 2 was conducted with a range of activities across all campuses.
  • Academic Progress Interviews took place over two evenings.
  • Book Week was celebrated at Glendalough.
  • Year 12 VTAC Information Evenings were held.
  • Year 12 Theatre Studies students went to a Monologue Workshop at the Malthouse Theatre.
  • Staff attended an AHISA Presentation.
  • Leadership Team members attended CEO In-service.
  • Rowing Association held a meeting.
  • Speaker from Monash University addressed students on Actuarial Studies in the Careers department.
  • Mr Davenport attended APS Delegates meeting.
  • Year 7 students attended JSP Debating.
  • Staff, students and parents completed School Improvement Framework surveys.
  • Senior Concert Band performed at Federation Square.
  • Staff Conference was held at Glendalough.
  • Deputy Headmaster attended EREA Conference.
  • Year 10 Community Service continued.
  • Prefect and Officers sold pancakes to raise money for Anti-Cancer Council.
  • Rugby Presentation photograph was taken.
  • Year 10 Mechatronics Incursion took place.
  • Year 7 and 8 students attended a performance of 'South Pacific'.
  • Year 12 SKC/ Korowa Lunchtime Debate was held.
  • Year 12 students were addressed by Mr Michael Stephenson.
  • Year 10 Dancing classes continued for Semester 2.
  • Zimele Dinner was celebrated at the College.
  • Staff completed Professional Development on 'A Growth Mindset' and Indigenous Education.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Montgomery Herbert-Morgan 
Year 7
For committing to and meeting all requirements of College life.

 Harvey Daffern
Year 8

For his positive actions in supporting others in Year 8.

Aaron George
Year 9
For offering to assist staff with the upcoming Book Week.

Angus Salmon

For his outstanding enthusiasm shown towards the House Winter Sports Carnival.

Charlie Bergin

  For outstanding performance at the recent OAP Leader's Camp.

Riley Bolton
For outstanding contribution to all aspects of College life.

Jordan Uelese
For leadership and courage in
  his contributions to First 
XV Rugby.

Edward Knowles
For his contributions to liturgical celebrations within Purton House.

Jack Chapple

For demonstrating leadership and initiative in class by directing the learning of others.

Calendar Dates

Friday 22
Science Week
Year 10 Dancing Class

Smith Hall
Saturday 23
Athletics and Water Polo
Zimele Dinner

Smith Hall
Sunday 24
Senior Musical - 'South Pacific'
Ruby Tout Theatre
Monday 25
Year 8A, 8B and 8C Camp begins
Year 6 SKC/Sacre Coeur/Korowa/Loreto Exchange Program
Class of 2009 Reunion


Smith Hall Foyer

Tuesday 26
Year 8A, 8B and 8C Camp
Cultural Activities Photographs
Sacrament of First Eucharist Information Evening


Boyd Egan Hall
Wednesday 27
Year 8A, 8B and 8C Camp
Year 9 Outprac
Senior Musical  - 'South Pacific'


Ruby Tout Theatre
Thursday 28
Year 8A, 8B and 8C Camp
Senior Musical - 'South Pacific'


Ruby Tout Theatre
Friday 29
Staff Reflection Day - No Classes
Year 8A, 8B and 8C Camp ends
Senior Musical - 'South Pacific'


Ruby Tout Theatre
Saturday 30
Athletics and Water Polo
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

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Annual Zimele Dinner - Sold Out!

This Saturday 23 August

Saturday 23 August - This Saturday!
Smith Hall
7.00pm for 7.30pm
Further enquiries contact Cath (0438 900 565) or Sasha (0414 581 242) 

The Zimele Dinner is Sold Out! Our thanks to all those who booked and paid for tickets to the Dinner. Also to those who have sponsored, contributed and donated to Zimele this year. We look forward to welcoming you to Smith Hall this Saturday Night, to celebrate the good things we can do for our African friends.

There is another function on at the Pavilion – Parking will be a Challenge! We strongly encourage carpooling and catching the train to Heyington if at all possible.

Auction Items can be purchased with cash, cheque or credit card and beverages from the Bar cash or credit card only.

Here is a brief list of the major prizes offered for either 'live' or 'ballot' auction at this year's Zimele Dinner.

  • 2 tickets to 'Vance Joy' (the only 2014 Australian concert to be held at the Athenaeum Theatre)
  • Beautiful handcrafted table - generously made and donated by Brian Cosgriff (SKC Design Tech teacher). This table is on display in the foyer at the front office reception at Heyington.
  • Large African inspired Artwork painted on the night by guest artist Anthony Breslin
  • Fabulous Rebels rugby package for rugby enthusiasts!
  • Dinner for 10 in your own home - Evan Raptis (President SKC Fathers' Association)
  • 2014 framed and signed Geelong signed football jumper - provided by Geelong's star recruit James Toohey
If you have missed out on a ticket to the Dinner, please put the Walkathon in your calendar for Sunday 26 October (more details to follow in later newsletters). If you are unable to attend either of these events, we welcome your donation. Funds raised directly benefit the women and children at the Education for Life centre in Eldoret, Kenya, who live each day with HIV Aids.
Click here to download a copy of a letter outlining Zimele's two major fundraising projects for 2014.

We are actively seeking sponsorship from within and also outside of the SKC community. We have a big commitment to Angie Obutu and her team who run the Life Education Centre, Eldoret Kenya. If anyone is interested in sponsorship of Zimele in any way, please contact either Daniel Mount - or Jessica Kornacki - to discuss in more detail.

Zimele Foundation

St Kevin's College Drama Productions /Musicals

Sunday 24 August
Wednesday 27 - Friday 29 August 
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin's College, Heyington Campus
$25/Adult, $16/Concession
TryBooking -
Tickets are nearly SOLD OUT. To avoid disappointment please book online NOW!

This year’s Senior Musical is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic war-time musical 'South Pacific'. An evergreen classic, this beloved 1949 musical was seen in a lavish revival at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre last year.

Set on an island in the South Pacific region, the story centres on ensign Nellie Forbush who must overcome her inherent racism to be with Emile de Becque, the French plantation owner she loves. Well known songs from the show include 'Some Enchanted Evening', 'Happy Talk' and 'I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair'. Rousing choruses, colourful comedy and powerful drama characterise the show, which has a script based on James A. Michener’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel.

A cast of over 70 students has been working since May to bring the show to life. They are supported by many more students and staff as crew and orchestra.

'South Pacific' is a show for the whole family to enjoy. Tickets are on sale now, and are expected to sell at a fast rate.

Cast List - (click here)

Tuesday 2 - Thursday 4 September 
Vaucluse Hall, St Kevin’s College Waterford Campus, Richmond 
$16/ Adult
$11/ Concession 
TryBooking - (click here)
 St Kevin’s College & Genazzano FCJ College Year 9 Play - 'Macbeth', Book now!
'Macbeth' is one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and emotionally intense plays. It has shocked and fascinated audiences for around four hundred years.

'Macbeth' tells the story of a brave Scottish general named Macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the throne for himself. He is then forced to commit more and more murders to protect himself from suspicion. The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of arrogance, madness, and death.

Year 9 students from St Kevin’s and Genazzano have combined to present this timeless tragedy. Already Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy, the script for this presentation of 'Macbeth' has been expertly edited for performance and viewing by students. Tickets are now on sale - Book Now!

Mr Simon Parris (TIC)
SKC Productions

Old Collegians' Association


Noble (Education) Professions Reunion

During the lead up to the centenary in 2018, we are celebrating our past and developing a richer understanding of our heritage. Past students who have entered these professions hold a special place in this process.

Those Kevinian's from the Noble (Education) professions are invited to join the Headmaster for a cocktail party, to celebrate the achievements of St Kevin’s and those Kevinians in your vocation. Please contact Kevin Culliver from the Old Collegian's Office to advise if you are in one of these professions, so we can update your contact details to forward an invitation to you in due course.

Wednesday 10 September 
The Galleria, McCarthy Building
6.00pm - 8.00pm
Monday 8 September

Class of 2009 Five Year Reunion - This Monday!

Monday 25 August
Smith Hall Foyer
6.00pm - 8.00pm
Kevin Culliver by Wednesday 13 August 
Neat Casual
If you have not received an invitation during the last week, please email or phone the Old Collegians Office to update your current contact details. Kevin Culliver - or phone 9822 0911.

Dates for 2014

The Old Collegians' 2014 event dates have been updated on the SKC Website. Please take the time to diarise any relevant dates and further details will be forwarded to you closer to the time.  If you have moved or changed your email address recently please contact us so we can update our records and keep in touch with you. Thank you.

Recording of Occupations

During 2013 the Old Collegians' Association ran several cocktail evenings for specific occupation groups and we intend to do the same in 2014. The nights were a great success, with many a story and business network cemented in the common experience of being a Kevinian.

The St Kevin's Old Collegians' data base needs to have a record of the occupations so that invitations can be sent to the correct people. We are very keen for all Kevinians to nominate their occupation but specifically this year we would like to hear from all of those of the Noble Profession (education). 

Please contact Kevin Culliver (Executive Officer SKOCA)

Mr Kevin Culliver
Executive Officer SKOCA


Careers News

We were thrilled to see so many Year 12 parents and students at our VTAC Information Session on Monday evening, and look forward to meeting with another group tonight. We look forward to helping as many Year 12 students as possible with their tertiary preference applications in the final few weeks of term – remember to book online for appointments. Parents are very welcome to attend. For those unable to attend either the Parent Information Evening or the student sessions, the presentation has been uploaded to the SKC Careers website - (click here).

Sunday 24 August is the final opportunity to attend a metropolitan tertiary Open Day in Victoria. Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Deakin University & MIBT Burwood, La Trobe University, Victoria University (Footscray Park) and William Angliss Institute of TAFE all open their doors to students and their families, generally from 10am to 4pm. Please take advantage of this opportunity if you are interested in any courses at one or more of these institutions.

Year 10 students considering applying for a VET (Vocational Education and Training) subject in Year 11 are reminded that there is an additional application form to complete and hand in to Careers together with an online application. Once we have notice of your intention to do a VET subject, we will send you a letter with details of the compulsory Orientation Evening to attend in October. Year 11 VET students intending to continue with the VET 3/4 in Year 12 are reminded that they need to re-enrol on the IMVC Portal.

Any students wishing to do Work Experience in the forthcoming holidays must see Ms O’Sullivan prior to Friday 5 September to ensure the safe@work testing and paperwork can all be completed.

Please see for more details.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

  • US Ivy League Undergraduate Admissions Session
  • ADFA Open Day
  • So You Want To Teach In Victoria?
  • More Than One Career – Law Panel Discussion
  • Journalism Open Day
  • News From Monash University: Monash University Bachelor of Education (Honours) Information Nights; Monash Guarantee; Scholarships
  • News From Deakin University: Which Deakin University Campus Fits You? New Medical Imaging Degree; Environmental Sustainability; Deakin Scholarships
  • What Is MIBT?
  • Medical Radiations Career Open Day
  • RMIT Nuclear Medicine Laboratory Visits
  • Department Of Health Scholarships
  • Swinburne Advice Nights
  • News From Victoria University: Explore VU Information Series; Be You At VU
  • The University Of Otago – Quick Facts
  • Austin Health Occupational Therapy Information Evening
Please see Careers News for more details.
 Ms O'Sullivan, Mrs Runciman & Mrs White
The Careers Department

Outdoor Education

All St Kevin's parents are encouraged to visit the new Outdoor Education website on the College Portal. It will become your information hub for all Outdoor Education information. Please ask your son to direct you to the site and show you around. We are currently uploading all Year 10 'Camino' information. Year 7, 8, 9, and selected Year 11 information will follow shortly. I encourage you to email the department as the first line of communication as we are not in the office often enough to respond to your phone calls. Please email Cameron Barry
Mr Cameron Barry 
Head of Outdoor Education


Sport Changes for 2015

Changes for sport allocations for 2015 have now opened and any student wanting to change their sport allocation for either SUMMER and/or WINTER SPORTS in 2015 must make written application on the appropriate forms by Monday 1 September 2014. No late applications will be considered.

Forms are located on the Co-curricular/Sport page of the SKC website - (click here), from the Heyington or Waterford Receptions, the Heyington Sports Office (K218), Year 8 and Year 7 Level Co-ordinators and House Heads. All forms need to be submitted directly to  Heyington or Waterford Reception or to the Dean of Sport directly.

Any boys wishing to undertake Cycling (a new Summer Sport in 2015) must sign a separate form.

Any further enquiries regarding sports allocations should be directed to the College Dean of Sport, Mr Luke Travers.  

Co-curricular Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes.

Please click here to view APS Sport Current Results.

Please click here for this weekend's APS Sport Fixtures.

Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

Senior Debating 

Current Results & Fixtures 

Current Results and Fixtures have been updated.

Click here to view the Current Results.
Click here to view the Current Fixtures

Ms Kelly Gallivan
TIC SKC Debating

SKC Aquatic Club

Junior Encouragement Meet - Swimming & Diving

Saturday 30 August 
Wilding Centre Pool
8.00am - 10.30am
Event Entry Bookings:
TryBooking by Monday 25 August, 11.00pm
No late entries accepted
St Kevin's are lucky to be sharing this event with fellow girl schools Loreto, Genazzano FCJ, St Catherine's and MLC.

You may like to choose some merchandise to purchase prior to the Meet Day; please refer to the form provided as a reference - (click here). All event bookings and merchandise orders MUST be made through TryBooking online.

Please contact Swimming Meet Coordinator Michelle Pfeiffer - or Diving Meet Coordinator Elizabeth Howard - for all further enquiries. Please (click here) to download a copy of the SKAC Junior Swimming and Diving Meet Program.
Mrs Michelle Pfeiffer
SKAC Team Manager


Victorian School Music Festival - Concert Bands Success

The Intermediate Concert Band and Middle School Concert Band were both awarded a Gold Award last week at the Victorian School Music Festival. This week the Senior Concert Band was awarded the highest possible award, a Platinum Award for their performance on Tuesday night! This is only the second time that an ensemble from SKC has achieved a Platinum Award, so it was a great achievement.

Big Bands 1 and 4 also achieved Gold Awards for their performances earlier in the Festival, making this year’s event the most successful for St Kevin’s College so far. It is wonderful that all of our ensembles are performing at such a high standard. Congratulations to the staff and students involved in all of these ensembles. 

Solo Competition Entries Due this Week

Entry forms are now available for the Solo Competition. There are two sections: Intermediate (Years 7 - 9) and Senior (Years 10 -12), and all boys who either sing or learn a musical instrument, either in or out of school, are encouraged to enter.

Entry forms are available at the three campuses: Heyington Music Office (C305), McMahon Centre lower floor and the Waterford music classroom. Completed forms, along with music, need to be returned to the Heyington Music Office by August 22.

Combined School Concert - Monday 8 September

Information about this concert has been distributed at ensemble rehearsal. Click on this link for a copy of the letter which includes details regarding ticketing. Ticket sales are progressing well, with over 650 tickets sold so far. Book your seats soon if you haven’t already done so.

It is important that all of our musicians return the permission slip to the Music Office so that they can participate in the rehearsal and concert at Hamer Hall. Please check with your son that he has done this.

Term 3 Music Dates

Download a copy of the Term 3 Music Dates - (click here).

Music Office - C305

The Music Office C305, can be contacted by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at

Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.

Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Parent Functions

Year 12

Year 12 Parents' Morning Tea
Tuesday 2 September 
Home of Alison Weber
4 Woodstock Street, Canterbury
Friday 29 August
Parent Rep Contacts:
Further enquiries please contact Marianne Van Schoten on 0425 724 475, Katrina Prior on 0414 920 756 or Alison Weber on 0438 816 159

Year 11

Year 11 'Steak and Parma' Night (Whole Family Welcome!)
Tuesday 2 September 
The Prahran Hotel, 82 High Street, Prahran
$14 per person (pay on the night) - Includes Porterhouse steak or Parmagiana served with salad and chip. Beverages not included
Tuesday 26 August, 5.00pm or when capacity is reached. (Book now! Limited seats available)
Bookings & Enquiries
Forward family name & contact number to Karen Zylstra - or (m) 0417 001 842

Year 9

Year 9 Parents' Cocktail Evening
Friday 12 September
Fog Bar & Restaurant (Back Bar)
142 Greville Street, Prahran 
$35 per person (includes finger food and drink on arrival)
TryBooking - by Friday 5 September, 5.00pm

Any further enquiries please contact Caroline Leng – 0412 894 211 or Jane Briggs – 0411 106 644. To download a copy of the flyer for the fridge door - (click here).

Year 8

Year 8 Parents' Drinks Evening
Thursday 4 September 
Venue:   The Malvern Hotel, Glenferrie & Malvern Roads
$21.00 per person (delicious finger food and complimentary drink)
No cash accepted on the evening! Tickets are non-refundable. 
TryBooking - by Monday 1 September, 12.00pm
Any further enquiries please contact Jenny Dahlstrom 0401 088 165. To download a copy of the flyer for the fridge door - (click here).

SKC Past Mothers' Association

Annual Luncheon - Book Now!

St Kevin's Past Mothers' Association extends a warm invite to all past mothers to attend the annual Luncheon.

Thursday 11 September 
The Riversdale Golf Club
Cnr Huntingdale & High Street Roads, Mount Waverley
12.00 noon
$75.00 per person - (contact Marg Hawker for payment details)
Mrs Marg Hawker -

Download a copy of the flyer for the fridge door - (click here).

Mrs Marg Hawker - President
Past Mothers' Association

SKC Fathers' Association


St Kevin's College Fathers' Association Dinner
Years 7 & 8 Father/Male Mentor & Son Camp

Book Now

SKC Fathers' Association Dinner

Save the date: Monday 15 September.

Following on from our very successful dinner at the end of last term, with many thanks to Mark Burgess for speaking on the evening. We would like to invite all dads to join us again for what should be another great night, including a two course meal and drinks. These dinners are a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other St Kevin's dads.

We have also managed to secure another great guest speaker for the evening.

Stay tuned for more details and look forward to seeing you all there.

Years 7 & 8 Father/Male Mentor & Son Camp - Book Now!

St Kevin’s College Fathers’ Association is pleased to announce the Year 7 & 8 Father/Male Mentor and Son Camp to be held at a YMCA camp site in Victoria on Saturday 20 September and Sunday 21 September.

The Camp will be available to all students in Years 7 & 8 and their fathers or male mentors. Make sure you get your application in early, as places are limited. Download a copy of the Camp letter - (click here).

This is one of the programs run by the St Kevin’s College Fathers’ Association and is designed to encourage and foster relationships between students and their Fathers or Male Mentors. It is also an opportunity for Fathers/Male Mentors to get to know other Fathers and Male Mentors from the School. The Camp is facilitated by J2A - Journeys to Adulthood Ltd, a not-for-profit company dedicated to enhancing the relationships between sons and their fathers.

The YMCA Camp site offers a range of activities including canoeing, high ropes, vertical challenge, giant swing, low ropes, orienteering, a trivia night and lots more.

The accommodation at the Camp is provided for in cabins. You will need to bring your own pillows and sleeping bags/doonas/blankets, etc. All food and activities are included in the price.

There will be a car rally to get you to the camp. Fathers/Male Mentors will drive and their sons will be required to navigate their way to the camp as well as answer some questions along the way.

Further details about the Camp will be provided to you once your Application has been accepted, including what essential items to bring on the weekend.

Cost: $220.00 per adult and student pair. Extra students at $80.00 each. Numbers are limited. Make sure you book by Friday 12 September at the J2A website - (click here). Further enquiries to: Mark Caldwell (J2A) on 9830 7906 or Evan Raptis (President SKCFA) 0412 887 669.

Mr Evan Raptis - President
SKC Fathers' Association

SKC Old Boys' Football Club 

Friday 19 September - All Welcome

The St Kevin’s Old Boys' Football Club invites all members of the SKC school community to our annual Grand Final lunch.

To be held at Kooyong Tennis Club in the middle of AFL finals with Robert DiPierdomenico as our special guest speaker, it is a celebration of all things football (AFL & Amateur).

The SKOB community is very much about inclusion. It is particularly inclusive of the parents of prospective players. The club offers a great way to stay in touch with people you have come to know through the school.

Please have a look at the attached invitation. If you are in a business it is a fabulous networking event. If you simply want to get a group of friends together for a great lunch – it is always fun.

Guests can register and pay online - (click here).

Mr John Hart
TIC SKC Football

Family Fun Day 

Sunday 16 November, 10.00am - 4.00pm

The Glendalough Mothers Association are hosting our Family Fun Day (which occurs every second year) on the grounds of Glendalough.

The 2014 Family Fun Day promises to be a most exciting fair, with many rides, games, stall vendors, food, great entertainment, an online silent auction and sporting celebrity appearances. We anticipate good media coverage of the event and we extend a warm invitation to you to join our fundraising effort and enjoy the goodwill associated with being a part of our wonderful community.

If you would like to offer sponsorship or support our silent auction for this fantastic event, we would love to hear from you. All sponsors will be well advertised within and beyond the school community as major St Kevin’s College supporters. Please contact Rachael McGarry 0418 528 337 or


The families of Year 2A will be running a book stall during Family Fun Day.
We have already started collecting books for all ages including non-fiction, recipe, coffee table, picture books and novels but we need your help.

We would really appreciate it if you could scan your bookshelves for any books you have finished and ask the boys to look for any books they have finished with to donate to the stall. A box will be at Heyington reception throughout Term 3 for all donations.
Thank you in advance for your support, Gail Pitt or Jacquie Blackwell

For any further queries regarding Family Fun Day please contact Rachael McGarry, 2014 Family Fun Day Co-ordinator (m): 0418 528 337 or email:


SKC Merchandise

St Kevin's Towel Orders

At just $50 each these towels are embroidered with your son's name and in theory, will never be lost! Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Delivery will be to the College to your son's classroom.

Please click here for the link to TryBooking to order.
Further enquiries please contact Mrs Ann James - SKC Merchandising. 

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