Senior School Newsletter

  21 September 2017, Volume 68 No. 28

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From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Assembly at Heyington allowed us the opportunity to recognise many boys for academic effort, sporting achievement and social justice commitment. Primus inter pares was the presentation to Hugh Flanagan of Year 12 Kearney with an Edmund Rice Award. An Edmund Rice Award recognises a member of the St Kevin’s community who gives highly commendable service to others in the spirit of Edmund Rice. Hugh’s House Head, Mr Segal, wrote in his recommendation to the Leadership Team …

Hugh started attending Friday Night School at St Ignatius in Year 11 and has been there every week through Year 11 and Year 12. All Kearney boys in Years 11 and 12 are expected to attend St Ignatius three times over the course of the year but Hugh took it upon himself to attend every week. He is paired with the same young student each week and has built a meaningful and supportive relationship with this student. Hugh’s service to others, in terms of the power of liberating education, sets a great example to the rest of the community. Hugh does not have a position of leadership at the College nor has he ever sought praise or recognition for his commitment. He is one of the most humble young men to grace Kearney House.

Subsequently, Aidan Trinh, Year 12 Rahill and Matthew Griggs, Year 10 Kenny, were announced as the recipients of Australian Defence Force, Long Tan Awards. These awards commenced in 2006 and seek to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader community, as well as those who display strong values such as doing one’s best, respect for others and ‘mateship’, characteristics that are integral to Australian society. Over 2200 schools participate in these awards, which are an initiative of the Australian government, in concert with the Australian Defence Force, to encourage senior students – tomorrow’s leaders – to actively participate in the life of their schools and local communities

Congratulations were extended to all involved in the Year 8 play, Jungle Book. Directed by Ms Christie with Mrs Power as Assistant Director, the adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling Mowgli stories was great fun. Connor Heath as Mowgli, Dominic Morelli as Shere Khan and Benedict McGirr as King Monkey were first rate. It was a very large cast which gave me great joy. Our thanks are extended to the Korowa girls for their partnership. In this last week of Term in the Vaucluse Hall at Waterford, our Year 9 boys in partnership with Genazzano have performed Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. My thanks to Miss Sarah Glenister as Director and her staff team that have given another large cast the opportunity to ‘tread the boards’ or work backstage. Lucas Dyt, John Burgess, Ben O’Donoghue, William Maligin, Anthony Wilks, Samuel Roach, William Cameron, Maxwell Tribe and Joshua Herington all had significant roles. This is the 10th of our 11 stage productions this year. Keep your eye out for the Year 7 play early next term.

The Mr Baff-inspired and led, 24 Hour Zimele Challenge, was a great success across the weekend and is proving to be an important part of St Kevin’s support for the Edmund Rice Foundation.

We have farewelled the China Tour and European History Tour and the last of our Year 8 camps are completed this week.

Boys in Years 7 – 12 remain in winter uniform until Cup Weekend. 

May I remind any family that may be moving or considering for any range of reasons, leaving St Kevin’s in 2018, to be in touch with my office before the start of next term. Enrolment conditions do require a term’s notice and I would like to offer any extra places that may result from student movement as soon as possible.

Enjoy the break!

St Kevin’s College/MITS Partnership

A family is sought to host in 2018 a lad from Mooroopna in country Victoria who is designated to attend SKC. Please call Mrs Ryan (9832 4967) to organise a conversation then interview with me as soon as possible.

Edmund Rice Award

  Year 12

Hugh Flanagan

Service to others through his commitment to Friday Night School, continuous weekly attendance through Years 11 and 12 

Excellence Award

  Year 10

Zhihan Jiang

For having successfully attained his A.Mus.A in violin, having begun to play the violin only in Year 7

Headmaster’s Study Awards

  Year 12 French Patrick Gigacz
Hugh Vuillier
David Wang
  Year 11 French Lucas Allori
Simon Cosgrave
Francis Nguyen
Anthony Salib
Mitchell Turner
  Year 10 Australian History Thomas Gilbert
Leonardo Grossi
William Penfold
Samuel Posterino
William Thorn
French Andres Bartlett
Nicholas Collins
Charles Cullen
Oscar Lane

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Value our Catholic heritage, its foundations and view of the world.
(from the Mission Statement)

Faith and Mission

Healing and Hope

Late on Wednesday afternoon, a group gathered in the Pavilion at St Kevin’s for a ritual of healing and hope led by the Headmaster, Mr Russell. The purpose was to express an apology on behalf of St Kevin’s College to victims of sexual abuse both within our community and within all schools conducted by the Christian Brothers in Australia. It was a moment of truth.

Ms Canny noted: ‘Our EREA National Apology took place at Pentecost this year. In the same way, at the vernal equinox, the beginning of Spring, surrounded by signs of regeneration and growth, we gather as the Edmund Rice community of St Kevin’s College. We are prompted by our own call to support new growth, to proclaim a message of regret, lament and contrition – to say that we are sorry.

‘In his Pentecost Homily in 2016, Pope Francis stated: “The Spirit is given to us by God and leads us back to God. The entire work of salvation is one of “re-generation”. In Canberra, representatives of EREA gathered in brokenness to express hope for the future, where not a single life remains abandoned, where every life, however broken, is lifted up.
‘On June 1 2017, Edmund Rice Education Australia acknowledged and apologised for the suffering of victims and survivors of sexual abuse by Christian Brothers, clergy and lay staff in our schools – abuse that has been reported and abuse that remains hidden. Because our schools are places where this abuse has occurred, it is right that we join together in solidarity with one another to take this action.

‘On that day, we were in the privileged presence of survivors of abuse. It is our hope that the apology we delivered demonstrated that we have listened – that we sought to understand their pain, and that the essence of their views, thoughts and feelings were captured in our words, actions and symbols. It was our hope that an important step was taken in addressing a longstanding omission and healing pain which is unfathomable. On that day, we embarked on a long journey to re-establish trust: trust that can only be truly earned through action.’

As part of our ritual, we blessed the seedling of an olive that will be planted near the gate of the school at Heyington. This seedling will grow to become a large tree. We chose an olive because olive trees are rich in symbolism. Olive trees take their time. There are two of them in the grounds at Waterford, the largest I have seen in Australia. They must have been planted soon after the sisters arrived to start a school on that site. We have all seen pictures of olive trees in Europe that are over 1,000 years old; their trunks are gnarled and misshapen, even as their young leaves remain tender and soft. They show their wounds but also extraordinary capacity for growth. The seedling we blessed will stand out among the natives around it. It will outlast us all and carry an important story well into the future. It will be planted near our gate, the place through which we welcome so many different people. It is also the gate through which our students go out into the world. It is a special place, and this tree will be a permanent reminder that a painful part of our history belongs at the very gate of our community, our most open place. It will be marked with a special plaque:

The Olive also has a special place in our history. Olive oil has always been used for rituals of healing and hope. The olive is used many times in scripture. Psalm 132 says that when people find peace ‘it is like oil upon the head’. Psalm 127 says that children are like ‘shoots of an olive’ around our table. Psalm 51 compares every person to a slow growing olive tree.

Most of all, in the story of Noah and the ark, which belongs to a time before history, a dove is sent out as the waters finally subside. Eventually the dove returns with an olive branch in its mouth. This is a powerful symbol that the time of pain and loss is passing. The human family will start again, with greater wisdom and compassion. It will not return to its old ways. The Lord puts a rainbow in the sky as a sign of a new way of living, a new partnership for life. If we live in the right way, there will never need to be such destruction again. The tree was blessed with water from an ancient source, the Yarra River.

Mrs Alice Power read a powerful poem by the thirteenth century Persian poet, Jellaludin Rumi, called The Guest House:

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honourably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

Fullness of Life

  • Kenny students with Mr Junkovic assisted with the preparation and serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome.
  • Year 12 VCE Study Program continued with Café Academus and Weekday Workshops.
  • China Tour departed accompanied by Ms Zhang and Mr Luo.
  • Years 8G, H and I went on Camp to the Grampians.
  • Lockdown Drill was conducted at Heyington.
  • Students participated in Victorian Schools Chess Tournament.
  • McCarthy students with Ms Burns assisted with the serving of dinner at St Peter and Paul’s in South Melbourne.
  • Glendalough celebrated Grandparents’ Day.
  • Music Association AGM took place.
  • Staff Learning Workshops on WriteOnLine were held.
  • Year 9 Genazzano/St Kevin’s Play “Much Ado About Nothing” was performed over three nights.
  • Year 10 students viewed “Julius Caesar”.
  • Vitae Refugee Group raised money to sponsor a refugee.
  • Water Polo Presentation Afternoon took place.
  • Fathers’ Association Dinner was held.
  • Year 10 Dancing Class Social was enjoyed with Loreto Toorak and Sacre Coeur. 
  • Cusack students and Ms Hill assisted at the Breakfast and Sports Program at Trinity Primary School in Richmond.
  • Glendalough Sports Photographs were taken. 
  • Year 11 students participated in the Fit to Drive Program.
  • Year 7 students were Immunised.
  • Year 10 students continued Community Service for Semester 2.
  • Year 12 students completed 3 days of SACs and Practice Examinations.
  • Year 7 Spelling Bee was conducted.
  • Year 9 Collaboration Program was conducted.
  • Year 10 had a guest speaker from Headspace.
  • Ceremony of Recognition and Apology took place at Heyington.
  • Year 7 Religious Education Course Writing was completed.
  • Vaughan House fundraiser was conducted at Glendalough.
  • Football Association AGM was held.
  • Friends of Art met.
  • European History Tour departed.
  • Year 10 Art excursion went to “A Life in Print” by Jim Dine.
  • Friday morning Mass was celebrated in Chapel of St Kevin.
  • End of Term Mass was held at Glendalough.
  • Term 3 concluded.
  • Rahill students and Mr Hill assisted at the Fitzroy Reading Program for Refugees.
  • Glendalough Staff and Year 6 students departed for Djarindjin Lombadina.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Peter Mulqueeny Year 7
For helping a fellow Year 7 student who required support and assistance.

Michael Arendtsz
Year 8
For his enthusiasm and participation in all aspects of College life.

Morris Dumaresq
Year 9
For his exceptional support to the Year 9 Debating Team.

James Rowbottom
For his exceptional help in organising the Year 11 Social.

Xavier Reimers
For his exceptional help in organising the Year 11 Social.

Murray Fahey
For his exceptional help in organising the Year 11 Social.

Benjamin Foster
For his exceptional help in organising the Year 11 Social.

Sam Lindeman
For his exceptional help in organising the Year 11 Social.

Akira Abe
For his exceptional help in organising the Year 11 Social.

Calendar Dates

September / October
Friday 22
Year 8G, 8H, 8I Camp ends

  Year 12 Practice Examinations 
  Term 3 ends    
Saturday 23
Term 3 Holidays
Sunday 24
Term 3 Holidays

  Year 6 Djarindjin Lombadina Exchange ends    
Monday 25
Term 3 Holidays

Tuesday 26
Term 3 Holidays

Wednesday 27 
Term 3 Holidays

 Thursday 28 Term 3 Holidays    
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  China Tour returns    
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 Thursday 5 Term 3 Holidays    
 Friday 6 Term 3 Holidays    
  Cathedral Choir Tour begins    
 Saturday 7 Term 3 Holidays    
 Sunday 8 Term 3 Holidays    
 Monday 9 Term 4 begins    
  Year 12 Practice Examinations    
  Mental Health Week    

Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.  

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example, search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to by 5pm on Monday. 

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Amateur Athletics Club Trivia and Fundraising Night

Please come along to the St Kevin's College Amateur Athletics Club Trivia and Fundraising Night. The evening will include a silent auction, trivia and games for all. Please BYO food and drinks. 

When:   Thursday 28 September
Where:   Boyd Egan Hall, Glendalough
Time 7pm - 10.30pm
Cost:   $10 Student and $20 Adult donation at the door
Dress:   Your footy colours

For more information please contact Mr Tristan Mioni (
Mr Tristan Mioni
St Kevin's College Amateur Athletics Club

Second Hand Uniform Shop  

The Second Hand Uniform Shop will be open during the first week back in Term 4. 

When:   Tuesday 10 October  
Where Waterford Campus, please enter via Darlington Pde, Richmond
Time 11am - 1pm 

As Winter Sport has finished we would love any donations of Sports Uniforms that no longer fit.  We are low in Athletics Gear so if you have any spare items to donate it would be much appreciated.  All House Polo Tops are $5.
Ms Sylvia Shaw
Second Hand Uniform Shop

Mothers' Association


The St Kevin’s Mother’s Association are very excited to introduce our new Trybooking Merchandise link which will give you the opportunity to order the available SKC Merchandise by simply clicking onto the link and ordering your items online.

Please click the link to view:

The orders will then be delivered to your nominated campus (Heyington, Waterford or Glendalough campus) and can be collected by your sons or yourself. Orders will be ready for collection usually on the 1st Friday of the Month, unless there are school holidays or school closure days.

These dates are the collection dates for the remainder of the 2017 year:

  • Friday 13th October
  • Friday 3rd November 
  • Friday 1st December
For any further details please contact Ann James  ( 

Ms Maria Dasopatis & Ms Carole Putna
St Kevin's Mothers' Association

Year 7 - 12 Class Rep “2017 Thank You” & “2018 Welcome” Celebration Evening

The SKMA would like to invite the Year 7 – 12 Class Reps of 2017 and all interested potential 2018 Class Reps to an informal information evening of celebration, with nibbles and drinks.

When:   Wednesday 25th October 2017 
Where:   Pavilion, St Kevin’s College 
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm 
RSVP: for catering purposes

This evening will be an opportunity for the SKMA to thank this year’s class reps, as well as an opportunity to welcome anyone who would be interested and would like further information about becoming a 2018 class rep.

The 2018 SKC Centenary year promises to be a special and historic year and we welcome all who would like to help within the SKMA.

If you cannot make this evening and are interested in becoming a 2018 class rep or would like further information or the class rep information handbook, please contact Jacqui Burke
Mrs Jacqui Burke
St Kevin's Mothers' Association

Year Level Parents' Events

Year 12 

Mother & Son Mass & Brunch

 When: Sunday 15 October
 Where: Mass in the Chapel of St Kevin, followed by brunch in the KC Smith Hall
 Time: 9am
 Cost $32pp
 RSVP: No later than 4.00pm, Thursday October 5
 Dress: Mothers – smart casual, Boys – full College uniform

Mothers and sons will be seated together – follow the prompt on the Trybooking website for additional seating requirements.

Please note, a photographer will capture mums & sons upon arrival to St Kevin’s Chapel, with photographs to be displayed and purchased during/after brunch. Cash will be the preferred method for purchase at $5.00 per photo. No EFTPOS facilities will be available.

Boys are encouraged to attend with their mother or another significant person (father, sister or aunt) in their life. Seating is limited so unfortunately we cannot extend the invitation beyond one significant person per boy.

Should you have any queries, please contact Jane Briggs on 0411 106 644 or Caroline Leng on 0412 894 211.

Year 8

Coffee Morning #2

 When: Friday 27 October
 Where: Jardin Tan, Birdwood Ave, Royal Botanical Gardens
 Time: 9am - 10.30am
 RSVP: Monday 23 October to

For any queries, please contact Melissa Waters on 0423 825 400 or via, Carolina D’Amico on 0419 896 288 or via, Felicity Scheffers on 0411 128 638 or via

End of Year Christmas Cocktail Party

When Saturday 25 November
Where: The Glenferrie Hotel, 324 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
  Further details to follow in next term's newsletter.

Fathers' Association

October Meeting

When: Monday 16 October
Where Clovelly Room, Glendalough Campus
Time 6.30pm
RSVP on Facebook
All Fathers and Mentors welcome.

Facebook Group

Keep up to date on all the happenings in the SKC Fathers’ Association via our Facebook Group.  This is a closed group only available to SKC parents and guardians. To view the invite you must be a member of the SKC Fathers’ Association Facebook Group.

Thank you to the Panel Members at the SKCFA dinner on Monday 19 September

“Technology, Sport and Education – a balanced mix for growing boys”

Technology: Richard Murray (Chief Executive Officer - JB Hi-Fi)

Sport: Tom Salom (Editorial Business Manager – Newscorp Australia)

Education: Bill Doherty (St Kevin’s College - Deputy Headmaster)

Mr Simon Janes
St Kevin's College Fathers' Association

St Kevin's Bicycles for Humanity Project

The St Kevin's Parents Justice & Spirituality Group and the St Kevin's Cycling Club are collecting your old bikes and with Bicycles for Humanity sending them to Africa.

Bicycles for Humanity is a volunteer group focused on alleviating poverty by offering sustainable transport - in the form of a bike. They pack used bikes into containers and ship them to the developing world (to date Namibia in Africa and Madagascar). In the developing world a bike is life changing allowing access to health care, education, economic opportunity and wider community. Sustainable transport is a big lever in breaking the poverty cycle - a bike means you can travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load - this alone is enough to provide a change in circumstance that is profound and lasting but there's more to this project than just that. 

We are collecting your used bikes (any type except small children's bikes) every day for a week. at St Kevin's tennis courts beginning Monday 16 October (8am - 9am and 3pm - 4pm).

The 40 ft shipping containers that are sent become a bike workshop - providing employment, skills, training, business opportunities and economic development for the community in which it's placed. St Kevin's parent Vincent Arthur has kindly donated the local transporting of the container however we would also like some donations towards the purchase of the container (~$2,500).

If you would like more information or like to make a financial contribution please contact Matthew Bufardeci on 0402 723 069 or There is more information on Bicycles for Humanity at

Otherwise please look deep into your sheds and dig out that bike you are not using any more.
 Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith


The Adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

Tickets are now on sale for the Year 7 Play The Adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

Hailed as one of the best short stories of all time, The Adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a charming and amusing tale of bravery in the face of danger.

The play’s Indian storyteller will spark the audience’s imagination to see the jungle and its creatures as he weaves the magical tale and the actors interpret the roles of cobras, monkeys, wolves, a crocodile, a camel, an elephant and the wily mongoose, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. 
A British family in old India is in jeopardy from marauding cobras in league with Shere Khan, the arrogant tiger. Only Rikki can save them, and he does so in a surprising way. 
A large cast of students from St Kevin’s and Sacré Coeur have joined forces to present this enchanting play, which is suitable for all ages. 

Bookings are now open.

  Year 7 SKC/Sacré Cœur Play: The Adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Director: Gillian Gilchrist
When: 17, 18, 19 October 2017
Where: Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus
Time: 7pm 
Cost: Adult $20; Concession $13 

Mr Simon Parris
TIC Productions


Please click here to view this week's Sports Fixture. 

Please click here to view last week's Sports Results.
 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport


Thank you!

Thank you to all of the families that attended Concert Soloists at MLC last Saturday night. It was wonderful to be able to share this special event with so many.

 Remaining Term III Music Dates

Wednesday 4 October
VCE Recitals 
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 October
Cathedral Choir Tour

Term IV Music Dates

Tuesday 10 October Solo Competition Finals 7.45pm MMC
Sunday 15 October Mother and Son Mass and Breakfast 9.00am
Monday 16 October Glendalough Music Awards Night 7.00 pm BE
Thursday 19 October Glendalough Music photos
Friday 20 October Years 7-12 Music Awards Dinner 7.00pm SH
Saturday 21 October Glendalough First Eucharist 10.00am St Ignatius 
Tuesday 24 October Year 12 Final Eucharist 6.00pm
Saturday 28 October  Music Association Bunnings BBQ
Monday 30 October Guitar Concert 7.30pm MMC
Tuesday 31 October Percussion Concert 7.30pm MMC
Wednesday 1 November Glendalough Music Orientation Evening 6.00pm BE
Monday 13 - Thursday 16 November VSMF Beginner Bands Deakin Edge
Thursday 16 November Glendalough Spring Ensemble Concert 7.00pm BE
Saturday 28 November Music Association Bunnings BBQ (Hawthorn)
Tuesday 5 December Glendalough Carols 7.00 SH
Wednesday 6 December Glendalough Instrument Try-out Day 11-3 MMC
Thursday 7 December Year 6 Mass 6.00pm St Ignatius
Sunday 10 December Yrs 7-8 and Yrs 10-11 Presentation Ceremonies MTH
Monday 11 December Year 9 Presentation Evening 7.45pm SH

Music Office – C305

Mrs Andrea McDonald (Music Administrator) can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess, at Lunchtime or after school.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music


This week six of our Year 10 students with aspirations in the business field have had the wonderful privilege of working at Orange & Green, a logistics and supply chain management product label company, through the MindShop Excellence Program. This program aims to fast track the development of young minds through a one week employer hosted work experience program aimed at fostering skills such as team work and self-confidence. Acting as company ‘executives’ for the week, the students were given an issue by Orange & Green, and, using powerful problem solving tools, they worked on solutions with guidance from a MindShop Excellence Facilitator. This real world experience has been invaluable for the group who are currently preparing for their solutions presentation to the managing director of the company on Friday afternoon. Thank you to one of our very generous parents for allowing our students to have this wonderful experience in his company.

It is very pleasing that there are many other Year 10 students who have taken the opportunity of the forthcoming holidays to spend one week at a Work Experience placement. We hope that the placements are rewarding experiences and provide valuable insights into the worlds of work into which the students are venturing. The benefit of this first-hand experience when discussing careers pathways cannot be overestimated. We will contact all students once during their time at the place of work to discuss how the placement is progressing.

Year 12 students who have not submitted their VTAC preferences have until Thursday 28 September at 5pm to do so without financial penalty. All such students have been contacted and reminded of this during the last week of term. Students who do not get this done prior to the end of this week may register and submit their preferences from home and see a Careers Practitioner early next term to discuss options. Students applying for Special Consideration (SEAS) are reminded that the deadline for submission of ALL documentation is Tuesday 10 October at 5pm. Students applying for Scholarships through VTAC are reminded the deadline for submission of ALL documentation is Friday 13 October.

Year 10 and 11 students are reminded that there are many programs to attend at the Universities during the holidays to familiarise yourself with their environments and programs.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:
  • Australian Apprenticeships
  • Looking for an Automotive Apprenticeship
  • Navitas College of Public Safety
  • ACUcom at the Australian Catholic University
  • Alternative Schoolies Program
  • Swinburne University Mathematics Bridging Program
  • Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership Diploma of Sport Development/Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • NAO Robot Coding Masterclass
  • Are You Applying for a Teacher Education Course for 2018?
  • La Trobe University Offers One-On-One Consultations
  • VCE Revision Lectures at Monash University
  • Deakin University News: Step On Campus; Bachelor of Business; Bachelor of Nutrition Science; Industry Based Placement; Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons); Bachelor of Computer Science; Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • RMIT News: No Diploma of Justice; Scholarships; Indigenous Access Program; Science in the City Laboratory Tour; Spring Science Lectures
Please see Career News for more details.
 Ms O’Sullivan, Mrs Pingiaro & Mrs White
Careers Department

Cathedral Choir 


No Choir
Sunday 1 October
Hobart Tour
Friday 6 - Sunday 8 October
Sunday 5 November
Carols & Social Function
Friday 15 December
2017 Finish
After 11.00 am Mass Monday 25 December
2018 Return
Sunday 28 January
2018 Wedding
Saturday 17 March (2.00pm)
2018 Easter Triduum
Thursday 29 March-Sunday 1 April
2018 No Choir
Sundays 8 April, 1 July, 8 July, 30 September
Dr Daryl Barclay
Director, Cathedral Choir
Head of Choral Music