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 30 October 2014, Volume 65 No. 31

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

At St Ignatius Richmond, our Year 4 boys celebrated their First Communion last Saturday. Fr Ferruccio Romanin SJ was the celebrant and our boys shone in every way on this joyous day. Their participation in Mass, their singing, their respectful but evident happiness made it such a pleasure to share this time with families and the whole Glendalough staff. Mr Lake and Ms Mitchener prepared the lads well and Ms Friend, Ms Lee and Mr Campbell ensured the musical and choral accompaniment was of St Kevin’s regular high standard.

The Russell family on Sunday joined many current and past members of our community on the Zimele Walkathon. Zimele will continue to have an SKC core and focus even with our ever-energetic McCarthy House Head joining Dr Davies’ staff next year. The continuity of our funding the wonderful work in Africa via the Edmund Rice Foundation is important and plans are in place to ensure 2015 is another strong year of Zimele energy.

Although a few experienced their first vagaries of Melbourne trains, we welcomed on Monday, all boys who will start at the College next year from Year 2 – Year 7. They looked a fine bunch to this observer! Keep our Year 12 in your prayers as VCE commenced with English on Wednesday.

Summer uniform regulations apply from next Wednesday. From Preparatory to Year 9, all boys will be required to be in summer uniform. Years 10-12 may choose whether they wear shorts or long trousers.

Enjoy the Cup weekend.

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

Past parents are invited to join me for evening drinks
6.00pm – 7.30pm
Monday 10 November 2014
Boyd Egan Hall (Glendalough Campus)
(dress code : Lounge Suit)

RSVP to Ms Melinda Cannington or 9832 4912

St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission


Last weekend, fifty of our boys celebrated their First Communion at St Ignatius, Richmond. The celebrant, Fr Ferruccio Romanin, mentioned that he reached the same milestone in a small village in northern Italy in 1936. Fr Ferruccio’s family was among those who first established Lygon St as an area with an Italian flavour, years before the precinct became trendy. On his second day in Australia in 1938, he walked out onto the street in Carlton and saw a loaf of bread lying on the footpath. He couldn’t believe it. Such a thing was unthinkable in the hungry village he had just left behind.
He knew then that Australia was an outrageously blessed country. It took years for him to realise how such blessings can also be clouds which make the warmth of God harder to feel. In the Eucharist, God meets us in our hunger and need. Our culture does all in its power to disguise and even lie about the reality of that hunger and that need.

Last week, Mr John Mount addressed the class of 2014. Mr Mount has been teaching at St Kevin’s for a mere 34 years. In that time, he has undertaken many different roles and has made six trips to Africa with Zimele. His words to Year 12 were unforgettable. This is part of what he said:

Your capacity to love emerges as your greatest challenge in life and the main aim of the wholistic education St Kevin’s has offered each one of you. I think it was the brilliant English poet, William Blake, who once said, ‘We are put on this earth for a little space that we may learn to bear the beams of love.’ Our greatest challenge, according to Blake, the challenge we all face here on this earth, is to learn how to love, to learn how to be more open to the beams of love that come our way from the world around us. And this is not easy. It may demand a response we are not prepared to make, it may be inconvenient, it may be uncomfortable, it may cost us something. And it’s often difficult to love when there’s not a lot of love at home, or if we’ve been hurt or damaged when we’ve actually taken the risk and opened ourselves to important people in our lives. In some cases our egos, our pride, peer group pressure close us off from others; the walls go up, the masks go on, and we keep everyone, even family and friends, at a comfortable distance.

May I also suggest that we need to develop not only a love of other people, but very much a love of the truth. This love of the truth must be a key focus in all education. Albert Einstein once said - and I think the poster still is displayed on one of our walls in the science department, that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’. What did he mean? I think he meant that we must learn to exercise our imaginations because it is only by doing so that we are likely to explore new possibilities and to uncover new truths about ourselves and the world around us. And may I also be bold enough to suggest that if we do indeed manage to develop this capacity to love the truth, it will almost certainly lead us to God, as God is trut
h and God is love. All this explains why a genuine education should be so much easier in a Catholic school, because our essential focus in Catholic education should be to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with God, who is the source of all love, and all truth.

Now my final suggestion for you, boys, is this: make going to Mass a regular part of your weekly routine. The late Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said that young people don’t go to Mass these days because they don’t get anything out of it. He points out, rightly I think, that they don’t get anything out of it because they don’t bring a knowledge and appreciation of the Mass to it, much like a young person who doesn’t like opera because he doesn’t bring a knowledge of classical music to it. Our capacity to love lies at the heart of why we are here on this planet, and the Mass offers us the perfect way to develop this gift. When we go to Mass, we bring ourselves to the Lord, we offer ourselves as we are, with all our imperfections, fears, and anxieties, and at the consecration we die, not physically of course, but spiritually, psychologically- we die to our own egos, our selfish concerns for our own welfare, our jealousies, our resentments, everything that is acting as a barrier to our capacity to love God and our fellow humans. We completely empty ourselves and allow God’s grace, those beams of love I was mentioning earlier, to transform us. And the transformation is completed at Holy Communion when, having died to our imperfections, we are born anew. This is what the Mass is: This is why my prayer for all of you in year 12 is to cherish your Catholic heritage, to rightly celebrate your years at St Kevin’s and to learn to more deeply and fully immerse yourselves in what the church has to offer you in the years ahead.

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith & Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Mr Nott accompanied Kenny students in assisting with serving breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Years 1-7 2015 Orientation Day took place.
  • Guitar Concert was performed.
  • Rowing Officials Course was conducted.
  • Years 7/8 Science Talent Search students excursion took place.
  • Mr Cosgriff accompanied McCarthy students who assisted at the community service “Good Grub”.
  • Glendalough Music Orientation Evening was held.
  • Year 10 Community Service continued.
  • Percussion Concert took place.
  • Glendalough Swimming Program continued for Years 3 and 5 students.
  • Mr Davenport attended the APS Delegates meeting.
  • VCE Examinations commenced.
  • Year 11 students were addressed by the Headmaster on leadership and then voted for 2015 Student Leadership positions.
  • Curriculum Committee met.
  • Year 8 students went on Science excursion to the University of Melbourne.
  • Year 9 Social was held.
  • Prep Orientation Morning was conducted.
  • Staff eLearning breakfast took place.
  • Mr Parris accompanied Kearney boys to assist with tutoring at St Ignatius Refugee Program in Richmond.
  • Purton students and Ms Glenister participated in the community group PACSEL.
  • Ms Wallace and Rahill students participated in the Fitzroy Tutoring Program.
  • Staff completed professional development at VCAA and in Emerging Essentials, The Process of Change in School Libraries and Holmesglen Careers.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Nicholas Fergus 
Year 7
For his ongoing commitment to the cultural and sporting aspects of College life.

Harrison Birch 
Year 8

For his honesty in handing in money that he found in the yard.

Mitchell Hallam
Year 9
For volunteering to assist an understaffed Waterford canteen.

Samuel Birrell

For his renewed focus and application to his studies.

 Jonathan Chan

  For outstanding commitment to St Ignatius' Friday Night School program.

Jack Fennessy
For excellent participation at his weekly Community Service placement.

Patrick Donnelly
For outstanding contribution
To Good Grub ministry.

De Luca

 For displaying academic leadership, tutoring younger students Japanese.

Dominic Guastalegname

For consistent and dedicated commitment to his studies.

Calendar Dates

Friday 31
VCE Examinations
Prep Orientation Morning

9.00 - 10.30am

Saturday 1
Long Weekend

Sunday 2
Long Weekend
Monday 3
Mid-term Holiday
VCE Examinations


Tuesday 4
Melbourne Cup Holiday

Wednesday 5
VCE Examinations
Prep 2015 Parent Information Evening
Annual Remembrance Eucharist
Boyd Egan Hall
Chapel of St Kevin
Thursday 6
VCE Examinations
Year 3A and 3B Camp begins

Friday 7
VCE Examinations
Year 11 Examinations
Year 3A and 3B Camp ends
Glendalough Mothers' Association Meeting


Boyd Egan Hall
Saturday 8
APS Summer Sport Fixtures - (click here)

 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

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Semester Two Examinations 

With the Examinations fast-approaching, the boys from Years 7 to 11 need to be on top of their revision. To this end, all boys will have received Revision Sheets from their teachers or Heads of Faculty and Heads of Department, letting them know what sections of the second semester courses they should be studying. These Revision Sheets will be delivered either via the SKC Portal or in hard copy: in some cases, both mediums will be available to the boys.

For boys in Years 7, 8 and 9, the Homework Club continues to run after school, twice weekly, where there is supervision from staff, some current students from Year 11 and high-achieving Old Boys. For boys in Years 10 and 11, the Senior Library remains open until 6.00pm each weeknight, where Old Boys and academic staff are available to offer assistance in all manner of subject areas.

In almost all instances, past examination papers for Years 7 to 11 subjects are available for the boys to access on the Portal or in hard copy form from their teachers. Boys who are in Years 10 and 11 would certainly benefit from preparing for their Semester Two Examinations by sitting for at least one past paper. In this way, they will be able to ascertain where their strengths and weaknesses lie in responding to the various sections of the paper, with a view to focusing their revision program, then, on their weaknesses. For boys in Years 7 to 9, the sitting of past papers can be a most useful tool – for the very same reason as for the older students – however, to revise the course content is the more crucial part of good preparation. Certainly, younger boys should take the time to practise exam-style questions in their subject areas: doing so will ensure that they know what kinds of questions they can expect; and, again, they will be able to ascertain any deficient areas in their knowledge. At all Year Levels, the boys should be guided by their classroom teachers. Our academic staff are always happy to assist the boys in their pursuits; so, they should all feel very welcome to contact their teachers if they need extra help or support during this time of the year.

It is one of the great hallmarks of St Kevin’s that boys take responsibility for their own learning and revision: it is very usual that boys make the time to stay behind after school and to work in classrooms with one another on various subjects. One or two boys might decide to take the lead in teaching material from a particular subject to a small group of students. A group of, say, a dozen boys might choose to work together on maths or science problems. Such methods are wonderful ways of sharing and retaining knowledge, and give some students greater confidence going into their examinations. There is, of course, room for boys to work individually on their own studies. The school will remain open until 6 o’clock each weeknight; after this time, however, boys are asked to make their way home. The school will not be open beyond 6.00pm.

On the SKC Portal, Years 10 and 11 students will notice an Examination section to which they will be able to refer. This section will provide students with information regarding times and venues for all examinations. Updates and other reminders will also be available on this section of the Portal.

All boys from Years 7 to 11 are reminded that Examinations are a compulsory and important feature of the assessment program at St Kevin’s. Where boys put in the effort, in a sustained way, they will realise the benefits of their industry. It is the case that all students should be offering more time to their studies at this time of the year, often sacrificing social occasions and even some sporting fixtures to ensure their time is used effectively and productively in the necessary preparation for achieving optimum results.

Success in the examinations does not come with good luck; success comes with hard and consistent work. It is always with some heightened excitement – and a touch of not unhealthy anxiety – that the vast majority of boys approach their end-of-semester examinations. At all times, though, they should be approached with a view to demonstrating knowledge, understanding and application of subject matter to unseen questions, knowing, too, that our St Kevin’s examinations go a long way to preparing the boys for success in their VCE in Year 12.

Mr Gary Jones
Director of Studies

2015 Production Auditions 

Remaining auditions for the following 2015 productions:

Year 10 SKC/Sacré Coeur Play: Wednesday 5 November, Thursday 6 November at lunchtime at Vaucluse Hall, Waterford. This play will be performed at Heyington in week 6 of Term 1, 2015.

Year 11 and 12 St Catherine’s/SKC Play: Friday 31 October after school at St Catherine’s. This play will be performed at St Catherine’s in week 4 of Term 2, 2015.

Year 10 and 12 Korowa Musical: Thursday 30 October after school at Ruby Tout Theatre, Heyington. This play will be performed at Heyington in week 6 of Term 2, 2015.

Students can collect a handout with more information about auditions from Reception at Heyington or Waterford.

Mr Simon Parris
TIC SKC Productions

Old Collegians' Association


APS Past Students Golf Day - SKOCA Team

The St Kevin’s Old Collegians’ APS Past Students’ Golf Day has a wonderful history, and is currently lead by Kevin Halpin (SKC ’70). There are 300 golfers from the 11 APS schools who play and we need 16 players as a minimum to fill a team.  We had a full complement last year and won the competition. As many of the younger players from last year are taking exams during this year’s Golf Day, we need others to maintain our ‘winning charge’.


Friday 14 November 2014
Royal Melbourne Golf Club
Cheltenham Road, Black Rock

Registration: 7.30am for morning tee off or 12.30pm for afternoon tee off

Shot Gun starts at 8.00am and 1.00pm

Entrance fee is $140 per morning player and $180 per afternoon player (cost covers all events, green fees and lunch). A light lunch will be provided in the club house from 11.00am to 2.30pm. The afternoon players receive substantial finger food after their round.

RMGC members are eligible for a reimbursement from the Club for Green Fees.

Entries close Wednesday 5 November 2014
All players are encouraged to pay online at
Golf Link Numbers must be entered which attributes your registered handicap.
50% discount for Under 25s (Must register for this discount at the Old Collegians’ office).
Under 25s Contact: Mr Kevin Culliver SKOCA (,
31 Moonga Road, Toorak 3142.

Other Golf Events 2014

St Kevin’s Old Boys Community Golf Day (for the broader St Kevin’s Old Boys affiliated player fraternity)
Spring Valley Golf Club
Date: Friday 12 December (12.30pm start)
Cost: $85.00 per person or $50 (Class of 2009 – 2013)
Must book through TryBooking
Contact Don Martin (SKC ’62) Tel: 9859 9922 or

Annual Remembrance Eucharist

Each November the Old Collegians conducts a Eucharist to celebrate the lives of all deceased Kevinians and pays special tribute to the Kevinians who have passed away this last twelve months.

This years Eucharist is on Wednesday 5 November at 7.30pm in the Chapel of St Kevin, Moonga Road Toorak (Heyington Campus) where all family and friends of deceased Old Collegians are most welcome to attend.

Dates for 2014

The Old Collegians' 2014 event dates have been updated on the SKC Website. Please take the time to diarise any relevant dates and further details will be forwarded to you closer to the time.  If you have moved or changed your email address recently please contact us so we can update our records and keep in touch with you. Thank you.

Please contact Kevin Culliver (Executive Officer SKOCA)

Mr Kevin Culliver
Executive Officer SKOCA


Careers News

It is pleasing to see a number of Year 11 students booking Careers Appointments to discuss subject selection. Those who are strong academically are reminded of the opportunity to enrol in a University Extension subject. In the past, students have taken University Maths (offered at St Kevin’s), Accounting (either at the University of Melbourne or Monash), and Biology to name a few. Deakin, Swinburne, La Trobe and RMIT all offer Extension Subjects also. Please go to the SKC Careers VCE Extension Studies - (click here), or the University websites for relevant information then come up to the Careers Department to discuss. Applications must be submitted to Mr Jones, Director of Studies.

We have also been busy with some past students who have chosen to return to the College to seek advice about changing courses/pathways. It is wonderful to have this ongoing contact with these young men who we can advise about their options and the process of application. More than this, though, we can learn from them about what they have and have not enjoyed, first-hand experience of Universities and TAFEs, campuses, support and the general tertiary landscape. This proves beneficial for discussions with current students, strengthening our knowledge and helping us to counsel wisely.

Year 12 students may have noticed that the Change of Preference area in their VTAC user accounts has now closed. This will remain closed until November 24 when the VCE examinations have concluded. Students are advised not to think about their preferences during the examination period.

Year 12 students are also reminded that there is an Interview Skills Workshop being held on Thursday November 20 from 10am till 11:30am. Any students who may have an interview as selection criteria for courses on their preference list, or who are intending on applying for part time jobs are encouraged to attend. Registration is essential, either in person at the Careers Department or via email to Mrs White.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

  • Work Experience at The Herald Sun
  • Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium Work Experience for 2015
  • Scholarships at William Angliss Institute
  • ACU Law Scholarships
  • University of Canberra’s New Bachelor of Film Production
  • Federation University Bachelor of Education (P – 6)
  • SAE Open Day
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics at La Trobe University
  • University Pathway Diplomas Through The Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Defence Force Recruiting Information Sessions
Please see Careers News for more details.
 Ms O'Sullivan, Mrs Runciman & Mrs White
The Careers Department

Outdoor Education

All St Kevin's parents are encouraged to visit the new Outdoor Education website on the College Portal. It will become your information hub for all Outdoor Education information. Please ask your son to direct you to the website and show you around. Please email Cameron Barry for any further enquiries.

Mr Cameron Barry 
Head of Outdoor Education


Co-curricular Spring Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes.

Please click here to view last weekend's APS Sport Results

Please click here for this weekend's APS Sport Fixtures


Matthew Lynch - U16 800m  Mitchell Burgess - U16 100m Hurdles 
The 2014 school Athletics season has come to a close in the past week with the 109th Annual APS Combined Athletics Carnival and the Junior APS Athletics Carnival.

The 109th APS Carnival had been won by a gutsy and brave outfit and against the odds. It was the seventh win in nine years and the fourth in succession. Every win has been a special win but I think that this 2014 victory must be considered our best.

Saturday 18 October we not only celebrated our Premiership but farewelled our Year 12 athletes who had served the College and the sport so well. Several are leaving with APS records, many as APS Champions, and all as APS Premiership members. We thank Michael Romanin, Henry Smith, Kevin Pang, Macgregor Matthews, Lachlan Merrett, Oscar Henderson, Joshua Taylor, Anthony Ioannidis, Thomas Montgomerie, Kieran Ayres, Jack Gallagher, and D’Arcy Kennedy for their service to SKC Athletics.

Please (click here) to download the full report.

Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport


Senior Music News

Orchestra Performance

The Symphony Orchestra will be performing for new boys entering the College at Grade 5 in 2015 at the Glendalough Music Orientation Evening next week. Please follow the link provided (click here) to a copy of the letter outlining details of this performance.

Presentation Ceremony Performances

The Senior Choir and Senior Concert Band will both perform at the Presentation Ceremony in Hamer Hall on Sunday 7 December. Extra rehearsals will be held in preparation for these important performances:

  • Senior Choir Wednesday 3 December 10.00am - 11.15am C308
  • Senior Concert Band Saturday 6 December 10.00am - 11.00am Victor McMahon Music Centre

Music Calendar

Thursday 30 October Glendalough Music Orientation Evening

Thursday 13 November Glendalough Spring Ensemble Concert 

Monday 1 December Glendalough Carols

Thursday 4 December Year 6 Farewell Mass

Sunday 7 December Presentation Evening Years 7, 8, 10 and 11           

Music Office - C305

The Music Office C305, can be contacted by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at

Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.

Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Family Fun Day  



Family Fun Day
Sunday 16 November
10.00am to 4.00pm


Start bidding now!

We are proud to announce that online bidding for our Family Fun Day Silent Auction has started at - (click here).

The online catalogue will be updated with new items until Friday 14 November, so make sure you log on regularly to check. More than 100 items will be available for sale, ranging from wonderful holidays, beautiful homewares, unique artworks, exciting party packages, accommodation, entertainment for all ages, dinners out and much more!

Online bidding will conclude on Family Fun Day - Sunday 16 November at 3.15pm.

To BID, you must have an account ... This is simply done by selecting the 'Login' option on the menu from the Silent Auction Home Page and click on the 'Create Account' button.

The email address you use to create your account must be valid and active, so regular updates of the auction’s progress on item you have bid on, will be sent.

Any bid placed constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. These can be found on the Family Fun Day Silent Auction web page.

Our online silent auction site is a similar format to eBay. You can follow the auction’s progress from any mobile device (ie. iPad, mobile phone, laptop, computer) anywhere at any time!

You can help to support the Family Fun Day Silent Auction by forwarding the link and inviting your families and friends to also participate. Everyone is welcome! Happy Bidding!

Any further enquiries, please contact our Silent Auction Co-ordinators:

Dai Sim 0417 683 528
Clara Mazzeo 0409 352 288

RAFFLE - SKC College Fee Credit

There are two fantastic raffles that are available for this year’s Family Fun Day.

You will have received a raffle ticket for a credit from the 2015 SKC College Fees, as follows:

  • 1st prize wins a credit of $5,000
  • 2nd prize wins a credit of $3,000
  • 3rd prize wins a credit of $1,000

All SKC parents will have now received FIVE Major Raffle tickets for a chance to win ONE of the FOUR amazing prizes, listed below. Don’t miss out! To increase your chances of winning you can purchase additional College Fee and Major Raffle tickets at

Major Raffle Prizes

1st Prize

  $5,000 Prepaid Visa Gift Card
Kindly donated by Whitbread Insurance Brokers 

2nd Prize

  $2,000 3 Night Phillip Island Beach Front Family Holiday in a brand new, two story home. Package also includes a $300 dinner voucher and a family pass to Phillip Island’s Nature Parks)
Kindly donated by J.A.Cain First National Real Estate Camberwell 

 3rd Prize

  4 Superbox Tickets to Kylie Minogue’s “Kiss me once Tour” concert on 18th March (incl food & beverage) Valued at $1,600
Kindly donated by the McBurnie & Sutherland/Woolerton Family 

4th Prize

  Apple iPad Mini 32g Cellular Valued at $619
Kindly donated by JB Hi-Fi
There are a limited number of tickets so we ask you to kindly return all unwanted tickets ASAP.

All ticket stubs, including unsold tickets must be returned to your son’s homeroom no later than Friday 7 November 2014.

If you have any queries, please contact the FFD Raffle Co-ordinator, Mary Youssef on 0413 375 556 or email

Gold Sponsors

  • 3AW (Gilbert Family)
  • Nicholas O'Donoghue and Co (Schofield Family)
  • Geotech Group (Noonan Family)
  • Whitbread (Whitbread Family)
  • Guardian Medical (Brooks Family)
  • Basile Imports – Fine food and wine (Basile and Massarotti Families)
  • Mitchell Asset Management (Mitchell Family)
  • Jowett- Crociani Exclusive Art (Jowett Crociani Family)
  • Prime Choice Finance (Matruglio Family)
  • Jellis Craig (Abbott Family)
  • Nicholas O'Donohue and Co. (Schofield Family)

Silver Sponsors

  • Creation Homes (Lefoe Family)
  • Lau Family, Hall & Thompson Lawyers (Galimberti Family)
  • Eternal Weddings (Claydon Family)
  • McGarry Family
  • Bowker Family
  • Creations Face & Body Art Melbourne (Kylie Devic)
  • Body Imaging (Nankervis Family)
  • Patties Pies

Bronze Sponsors

  • Kanpai Japanese Restaurant
  • J.A. Cain Real Estate
  • McBurnie/Woolerton-Sutherland Families
  • Winnett Specialist Group (Winnett Family)
  • Camulglia Family
  • Hahn Family
  • McCann Family
  • Ring Family
  • Marcus B
  • Flight Center
  • Mini Party People
  • Bella Casa Bed Linen (Squires Family)
  • Complete Displays (Casey Family)
  • El Khoury Family
  • Coltivare - The Well, Camberwell (Angarano Family)

Friends of St Kevin's

Sheehan Family, Woodards (Hearn Family), Egons Cafe Bakery Toorak, Anju Restaurant (Choi Family), JB Hi- Fi, Gingerlilly (Anderson family), Choi Family, Able Tables (Bartel Family), McEwen Family, Cakepit (Pitt/Mijares Family), Zoe Chung, Peel Family, Feltrin Family, O'Donoghue Family, Tierney Family, Coventry books ( Hepburn Family), Kavanagh Family, Windeward Bound Sailing, Turner and Lane, The Good Guys Preston (Scarramuzino Family), Salts of the Earth Malvern, Yardmill Kitchen & Grocery, OPSM Pakenham (Charalambous Family), CG Interior Design (Gifford Family), Lowry Family, O'Callaghan Family, Masquerade Costumes (Curry Family), Randazzo Family, Phillips Family, Mazzeo Family, Scroggie Family, Shaw Family, Youssef Family, Bennetts Family, Sim Family, Aardvark Adventures, McKeon Family, Greg Gunn (KITA), Nguyen Family, House, Christina Toscano Everything Food, Yarra Golf Club, DEP Skin: Beauty Therapy Templestowe, St Cecilia's Tennis Club - Glen Iris, Hale 'O' Nails and Beauty, Re-Creation Malvern Gym, Channel 7, College of Sport and Exercise Science, Gidget Ricca Hair Studio, Beatty Ave Post Office & General Store, Rose Street Trading Co, Twiggywinkle, Aunt Maggie Malvern, Clip 'n' Climb Melbourne, Murphy Brothers Hawthorn, MCC Kew Family Membership, Stockland Tooronga Shopping Centre, Town and Country Gardens Nursery Malvern, Flipout Altona, Kip McGrath Education Centres, Telstra, EcoD Womens' Clothing, Scicluna's Real Food Merchants, Croutons Fine Foods Kooyong, West Elm, House of Orange

Please contact Clare Power on 0423 024 386 or Nellie Mitchell on 0413 800 788 if you are interested in joining this special list of SKC supporters.

Please (click here) to go to the SKC Family Fun Day website.


Combined Mothers' Association Mass and Dinner 

Save the Date

Tuesday 25 November

This year as an alternative to our lunch, we have decided to hold a Twilight Mass and Dinner for mothers to celebrate the end of year. Mass will be held at the Chapel of St Kevin, Heyington, and the dinner in Boyd Egan Hall.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new adventures awaiting the boys, particularly for those who are leaving Glendalough and Heyington.

Class Reps are encouraged to contact the mothers in your class to get some tables together. An invitation will be sent out in the next couple of weeks. 

Mrs Skye McEwan
President Glendalough Mothers' Association

Zimele Walkathon

Thank You 

The Zimele Board would like to congratulate everyone who made the Zimele Walkathon such a great success. On a beautiful morning over 670 participants walked in solidarity for our Education For Life ministry in Eldoret which empowers women and children with HIV to live a joyful life. It was wonderful to see the St Kevin’s and wider community come together as one for such an important occasion. Old Collegians, grandparents, current students from our three campuses, teachers, families and friends of Zimele walked through the beautiful tracks of Yarra Bend Park to help break the cycle of disadvantage for the most marginalised women and children in our world.

Special thanks to the Walkathon Committee made up of Bernie McMonagle , Bernadette Toohey, Mary Healy ,Marie Kirkham, Jolanta Baldasso, Carolina Cole; the Father’s Association led by Evan Raptis and his army of helping dads, the sponsorship of the Whitbread Foundation and the Senior Mothers Association, the musicians and the many volunteers who made the day such an enjoyable occasion.

We still have a few donations trickling in so will get a total of the funds raised to you all by the end of next week. We look forward to your participation in future Zimele events and particularly the 2015 Zimele Walkathon.

Peace be with you.

Mr Tom Purcell
Zimele Chairman

Parent Functions 

Year 7

Year 7 Parents End of Year Cocktail Party 
Thursday 20 November
Quaff Restaurant
436 Toorak Rd, Toorak  
$32 per person (incl. delicious finger food and welcome drink on arrival)
This is a ticketed event - NO CASH accepted on the evening.
Tickets are non-refundable.
 TryBooking - by Monday 17 November, 3.00pm
Further enquiries please contact Cindy McDonald 0410 539 040 or Trish McBurnie 0404 886 576

Year 8

Year 8 Coffee Morning Friday 7 November (final function for 2014)
Friday 7 November 
Giorgios Restaurant
1235 High Street, Armadale
9.30am - 11.00am
Please register your interest to Jenny Dahlstrom by Wednesday 5 November 
Jenny Dahlstrom - 0401 088 165

Year 9

Year 9 Morning Tea (final function for 2014)
Friday 7 November
Sissi & Co
1290 Malvern Road, Malvern
Jo Sudano - 0411 874 668
On behalf of the Year 9 Class Reps, we would like to extend an invitation to join us for our final coffee morning in memory of Mrs Maryanne Healy, mother of Chris Healy (Year 9), who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. In honour of the family’s wishes, a donation box for the National Breast Cancer Foundation will be at the morning tea.

Year 10

Year 10 Parents – Final Function – Save the Date
Friday 28 November
Home of Molly and Terry Birch
Annie O'Donoghue 0439 550 939 or
Gillian Goller, 0409 144 331
  Further details to follow in next Senior Newsletter

Year 11

Year 11 Coffee Morning - End of Year Parent Function
Saturday 15 November
The Melville Family Home
45 Hortense Street, Glen Iris
10.00am - 12.00noon

Further enquiries please contact Bronwyn Melville - 0425 701 329.

Class Rep Volunteers 2015!

We Need You!

Attention: Parents currently in Years 7 - 11

The Senior Mothers’ Association is presently looking for parents with son(s) in Years 7 - 11 to volunteer as Class Representatives for 2015 academic school year for year levels 8 to 12. This would entail working collectively with two or three (maximum) Class Representatives per year level to support the College in arranging year level functions. Functions range from arranging morning teas, lunches and/or dinners, to the coordination of the evening year level function with the Leadership Team, along with supporting the Parent Associations’ functions which are held throughout the school year (Opening Mass & Luncheon, Father’s Association Dinner Dance, Mothers' Winter/Autumn Luncheon and End of Year Mothers' Mass and Dining function).

If you are keen to get involved and happy to support the SKC community, please email your expression of interest of Class Rep, no later than Friday, November 21st, 2014, indicating which year level, along with your details to Jenny Cluning (SMA Secretary) or call Jenny with any queries on 0404 894 309.

Senior Mothers' Association

Swap Shop 

Term 4 

The Swap Shop will be open this term on the following days:

Thursday 11 Dec and Fri 12 Dec, 1.00pm to 5.00pm at the Waterford Campus, Darlington Parade, Richmond.

This is the busiest sale of the year and we hope that the increased opening hours will take some of the pressure of families wishing to purchase uniforms.

If any parents wish to volunteer to help with the Swap Shop then I would love to hear from you, please email or text me your details and I will add you to my mailing list.

We are always looking for uniform items to sell, so if any families have uniforms that they no longer require then please sent them to us. Please click on the following page to see all the requirements - (click here)

Please contact Christine Quirk if you require any further information - 0403 338 765.

Mrs Christine Quirk
Swap Shop Co-ordinator

SKC Merchandise

St Kevin's Towel Orders

At just $50 each these towels are embroidered with your son's name and in theory, will never be lost! Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Delivery will be to the College to your son's classroom.

Please click here for the link to TryBooking to order.
Further enquiries please contact Mrs Ann James - SKC Merchandising. 

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