Senior School Newsletter

  5 May 2016, Volume 67 No. 12

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Open Day saw many families tour Glendalough and Heyington. As always, our boys were the essence of the afternoon, guiding and conversing with our visitors. It was so pleasant to meet a number of Old Collegians, with sons by their side, some for the first time and others I had taught. Our Music staff were here in force to conduct our talented musicians. My sincere thanks to all the staff of Glendalough and those in leadership roles from Heyington and Waterford who were here to chat and run displays, particularly colleagues who had sport the day previously. It is a mark of the professionalism and generosity of our staff that they were so engaging and ebullient on Sunday. Finally, my thanks to our Mothers’ Associations for the hospitality they provided in Boyd Egan and Smith Halls. Your presence sent to those visiting, a strong message of community, commitment and service being key elements of our community.

While extending best wishes to all mothers for a special day on Sunday, I restate my invitation to mothers and sons to join us for Mass this Friday (8.10am in the Chapel of St Kevin) and afterward to be part of the blessing of our new Heyington quadrangle sculpture – Mary and Jesus: Mother and Son.

Last Friday evening, I was entertained by the St Catherine’s and St Kevin’s production of Sweet Charity. The young lady in the lead, Demi Markakis, was very talented. The lads who featured most prominently were Sam McCabe as Oscar Lindquist, Antony Sinni as Herman, Philip Borg as Vittorio Vidal and Charles Staindl as Daddy Brubeck. Well done to all the boys who took the opportunity to be involved! Hamlet features this week in the Ruby Tout with two of our VCE Theatre Studies classes each presenting an Act from one of Shakespeare’s classics. Tickets are available through the College website. Whilst I am in a ‘stage’ mood, may I promote our Years 7-9 Musical, High School Musical Jnr, a joint SKC/LMH production mid this month: 2.00pm Sunday 15 May, 7.00pm 17 – 19 May at Vaucluse Hall, Waterford Campus. Tickets are also available online via the College website.

We gathered as a full College to celebrate the Feast Day of Edmund Rice on Tuesday. Mass was celebrated by Fr Mathieson OFM Cap, on the courts in the Wilding Centre. Each section of the College completed the day with a celebration and activities. At Glendalough, a boy-directed mini fair raises funds for the Edmund Rice Foundation. Years 7 – 9 participated in a Walkathon with the funds earmarked for Africa via the Edmund Rice Foundation. Years 10 – 12 took the opportunity for Tutor Group outings. All six Houses ran House-specific fundraising for the Edmund Rice Foundation throughout the year. St Kevin’s takes the House monies, the Edmund Rice day Glendalough Fair monies, the Years 7 – 9 Walkathon funds and adds this to the funds from the Zimele Dinner and Zimele Walkathon to produce our overall contribution to the wonderful work in Africa under the banner of the Edmund Rice Foundation.

The Tutor Group outings fulfil a very different purpose. Be it sharing a meal or an activity, they are designed to build relationships between boys and with the Tutor. The day is of particular importance for the Year 10 boys as they complete their move into the senior Houses.

Public thanks are due to Mrs Power and all the Ministry Team, our musicians and choirs for the Mass. My admiration is extended to the Tutors for the range and diversity of the senior outings, to the Middle School and Waterford teams, guided by Mr Guinane, for the Walkathon, and Glendalough staff for coping with excited boys, lollies, drinks and high winds!

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

Our Headmaster, Mr Russell reminded the boys during Assembly on Monday that Mother’s Day was coming up and not to forget. He also encouraged the boys not to just scribble something on a card, but genuinely write to their mums. As I sat there, listening, I couldn’t help but ask myself "Had I done that?". Then I remembered that Ireland’s Mother’s Day was back in March so I was off the hook there. But then that sense of dread descended as I realised I had finally remembered that thing that was just out of reach in the back of my mind; I had not sent a birthday card. My mother’s birthday is 3 May and as it was 2 May, there was no hope of getting a card home to Ireland in time. So instead, I have taken Mr Russell’s sound advice and have decided to write something instead. My mother is the number one reader of all my recent writing in the Newsletter and, although I appreciate it’s a day late, Mum, I hope you like this.
Dear Mum,

Happy Birthday!

I am quite daunted about writing this letter as I do not know how to put everything I want to say into words. Or rather, I do not really believe words can fully express what I am trying to say. A big hug, a walk or probably the most fitting option, sitting watching a few episodes of the Gilmore Girls, would best get across what I need to. But here we are, opposite sides of the world and an annoying time difference apart that makes none of that possible, so we have this letter.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything. As I look back over the astonishing, and possibly embarrassing, twenty-six years I lived at home, to list everything would account to a novel. Thank you for always putting us first, to the extent that you always came in second, if not third, after Dad. We never went without but you did. I think back and remember fondly the Irish Dancing costume you hand embroidered or the Musto jacket or the summer craft projects you would buy us at the start of our summer holidays. Of course there was, and is, so much more. Thank you for the parcels of ‘Irish joy’, full of all those goodies we miss from home.
Thank you for your work ethic. You and Dad, through your constant work, have installed these values in me. I had such great examples growing up and I get to reap so many benefits from your influence. Thank you for instilling a love of reading in me. Although we do not exactly have the same taste in books, seeing you constantly with a book, as you sped-read through almost anything you could get your hands on, has left a lasting impression of the importance of reading with me.
Thank you for the walks, Masses, lunches and almost constant coffees. No trip away from home, ever, was complete until we had a coffee somewhere. For all the time you gave me. I know you are always there to listen.

Thank you for putting us through University and supporting me when I went back to study while working full time. Thank you for getting me into University in the first place. I will always remember the day you filled out my University-choice form and I was insistent I did not need it as my first option was sewn up; well that turned out not to be the case. I cannot fathom how different my life would be if you had not put down the course you did. You know me so well, better than I did at the time and here I am now and cannot imagine being happier doing any other kind of job.

Last, for now, but certainly not least, thank you for always being my biggest fan. It is hard not to believe in yourself when you have someone, like you, that has such an outstanding belief in you. My unwarranted poise comes directly from this notion that you believe I can do anything. You have always supported anything I have taken to doing, thank you.

Lots of love,

Mrs Alice Power
Acting Dean of Faith and Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Kenny students with Mr Courtney assisted with the serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome.
  • Students from 7G, 7H and 7I went on Camp with their Tutors.
  • Year 6 SKC/Korowa/ Sacre Coeur/ Loreto Exchange was held.
  • Careers Guest Speaker was from International College of Hotel Management.
  • Soccer Association held a meeting.
  • Year 11 VCD students went on excursion to Top Arts.
  • Year 3 Parent Sacrament of Reconciliation Evening was held.
  • McCarthy students and Mr Cosgriff assisted at St Peter and Paul Parish dinner for the homeless.
  • Year 10 Engineers at Work Seminar took place.
  • Edmund Rice Day was celebrated with a whole school Mass and a range of activities, including a fete at Glendalough, Walkathon for Years 7-9 and Tutor Group Outings for senior students.
  • Parent Enrichment Program featured a guest speaker from Jesuit Social Services presenting on Young People and Social Justice.
  • Swimming Program continued for Glendalough students.
  • VCE Theatre Studies Play Hamlet was performed over 3 nights.
  • EREA Board Members meeting was hosted at the College.
  • Friends of Art met.
  • Students participated in University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition.
  • House Rowing competition took place.
  • Year 11 students viewed Macbeth.
  • Year 10 students completed Community Service.
  • Cusack students and Mr Langan and Mr Waller assisted with tutoring at the Refugee Centre in St Albans.
  • Years 5 and 6 Father and Son Cooking Masterclass took place.
  • Students attended Holocaust Day Commemoration.
  • Year 10-12 Music students went to the Opera, The Pearl Fishers.
  • Friday morning Eucharist was celebrated in the Chapel of St Kevin, followed by the Blessing of the Mother and Son Sculpture.
  • Mother’s Day Stall was held at Glendalough.
  • Ms Emma Ryan-Weber, Associate Professor for Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne , addressed the Year 12 cohort.
  • Students participated in the Victorian Golf Championship.
  • Kearney boys and Ms Maple participated in the St Ignatius Refugee Tutoring Program in Richmond.
  • Students from Purton with Mr Mioni assisted with the community police program PACSEL.
  • Rahill students with Mr Tsinidis assisted at the Fitzroy Reading Program.
  • Music students departed for the Big Bands Generations in Jazz Competition in Mt Gambier.
  • Staff completed Professional Development in VCAA Examination Procedure and at Yarra Careers meeting.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Felix Borger
Year 7
For his willingness to give of his time to assist with College Open Day preparations.

Benjamin Griffin
Year 8
For demonstrating great initiative and helpfulness.

Montgomery Herbert-Morgan
Year 9
For his honesty in handing in a lost wallet.

Anton Surace-Mifsud
For his ongoing commitment to the support of students and staff in the College.

William Green
For his strength of character in supporting a younger St Kevin’s student in public.

Nicholas Gauci
For excellent participation and enthusiasm at the College’s Open Day last Sunday.
Luke Perry
For his generosity of spirit on College Open Day.
Oscar Manning

For his endeavours to promote a sense of belonging within his Tutor Group.
James Davis
For consistently and quietly upholding the values of the College.

Calendar Dates

Friday 6
Year 8 Parent Function
Glendalough Mother’s Day Stall
Big Bands Generations in Jazz
Year 7G, 7H, 7I Camp ends


Saturday 7
APS Sport
Big Bands Generations in Jazz


Sunday 8
Mother’s Day
Big Bands Generations in Jazz


Monday 9
Year 9 Outprac
Golden Jubilarians' Assembly
Junior Science Conference

2.30 - 5.30pm

Tuesday 10
Years 3,5,7,9 NAPLAN Testing
Basketball Cross Age Tournament
SKOCA meeting
Kearney Family Trivia Night



Wednesday 11
Staff Conference
Years 3,5,7,9 NAPLAN Testing
DAV Debating Round 3
House Cross Country
Foundation AGM
Combined Associations meeting



Thursday 12
Year 12 SAC Day - no classes
Years 3,5,7,9 NAPLAN Testing
Art Show Setup – Fathers’ Association


 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.

Full Article or Flyer: for inclusion on website (to be linked from the short article in the newsletter) to be sent in a separate Word document.


Middle School Science Conference 2016

All Parents of Years 7 & 8 students are warmly invited to the 3rd Annual SKC Middle School Science Conference on Monday 9 May. The conference will run from 2:30 to 5:30pm in the Smith Hall. It will be a celebration of the best Science Talent Search Projects for this year; where the theme surrounds ‘Drones, Droids and Robots’.

PhD science and engineering students from Swinburne and Monash University will also be setting up some hands-on displays to highlight the exciting challenges and opportunities available through a career in science.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. We hope to see you there!
 Mr Adam Bylsma
Faculty Head of Science
Mr Chris Dunn
Assistant Head of Science

Rowing Association AGM

7.00pm, Monday 9 May, Brandon Room

All interested Rowing parents are invited to attend.

We are seeking interested parents, from all Year levels, whose sons row and who would be interested in nominating for a position on the Committee.

Please contact Kaz Bartaksa (Secretary) on
 Mr Tom Courtney
TIC Rowing

Basketball Cross Age Tournament

The Basketball Association invites all St Kevin's Basketballers to this special event on Tuesday 10 May, from 3.30 to 5.30pm. It will be a great opportunity to play an afternoon of basketball with boys from Year 7 to 12 and enjoy the complimentary sausage sizzle to finish. 

 Ms Maria Kaplanis
Secretary, Basketball Association


High School Musical Jr

Tickets are now on sale for the Years 7 - 9 SKC/Loreto Musical High School Musical Jr.

The musical is based on the 2006 smash-hit movie, High School Musical. The show follows the relationship between basketball star Troy and academic whiz Gabriella. Despite their differences, the pair bonds over their shared love of singing. Other quirky characters include competitive theatrical brother and sister Ryan and Sharpay, as well as Martha, who loves hip-hop, and Zeke, who loves baking.

The large cast of almost 70 students from St Kevin’s and Loreto has been working together since the beginning of the year on the singing, dancing and acting to bringing this entertaining story to life. The cast portrays the various factions that are found in American high schools – jocks, cheerleaders, thespians and brainiacs. The catchy score includes hits “Get’cha Head in the Game” and “We’re All in This Together.”

Performances for High School Musical Jr will be held at St Kevin’s Waterford campus in Richmond. The show is suitable for all ages.

Bookings are now open.

Years 7 - 9 SKC/Loreto Musical: High School Musical Jr
2.00pm Sunday 15 and 7.00pm Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 May
Adults $25; Concession $16
Vaucluse Hall, St Kevin’s College Waterford Campus
 Mr Simon Parris
TIC Productions

46th Annual St Kevin's College Art Show Catalogue

  Families and Friends of St Kevin's College are invited to

St Kevin’s College 46th Art Show

St Kevin’s Art Show is a professional Art Show; an exhibition and sale of artwork by leading Australian artists.

Opening Night
7.00pm, Friday 20 May
KC Smith Hall

Tickets $40.00 per person
RSVP Wednesday 18 May

General Viewing and Art Cafe Hours

Connect with us

Saturday 21 May
10.00am - 6.00pm

Sunday 22 May
10.00am - 4.00pm

Monday 23 May
9.00am - 3.00pm


Artists' Evening

Monday 23 May
7.00pm - 9.00pm

Volunteers Needed

The success of the Art Show relies on the help of the many volunteers who generously offer their time to assist with various tasks. These include during the preparation phase (from 13 to 19 May), during the Art Show itself (21 to 23 May), on Artists night (23 May) and collection/pack up day (24 May).

Please click here to view a list of the times and dates that we require volunteers for, and the general duties that the volunteers will be responsible for. If you are unable to assist during the times listed in the document, please contact us to discuss a time. We appreciate any spare time you can offer.

If you are able to assist, or for further information, please contact Viv Cameron at

St Kevin's and Sacre Coeur Tennis Day

We invite you and your friends to join us for the annual St Kevin's & Sacre Coeur Tennis Day and Luncheon on Monday 16 May at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. The profits from the tennis day will be donated to the Will Murray fund.

Bookings can be made at

Only Trybooking entries will be accepted. Entries close 5.00pm, Thursday 12 May.

Should you have any queries, please contact Karen Clydesdale on 0402 975 964 or 

Year Level Parents' Events

Year 10

All Year 10 parents are warmly invited to attend a cocktail party in May, to mix with old and new friends from the year level.

Friday 27 May
The Emerald Hotel
415 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
From 7.30pm
$27 per person (includes lovely finger food & a complimentary drink upon arrival)
Wednesday 25 May by 8.00pm 

Please note, RSVP dates will be strictly enforced.  Thank you for your understanding.
For further information, please contact Franca Tellefson on 0414 569 027 or Maria Dasopatis on 0411 154 293

Year 11

Parent Cocktail Party

All Year 11 parents are encouraged to attend our first (and only) cocktail party for Year 11 parents this year.
Friday 13 May
The Amora Hotel
649 Bridge Rd, Richmond (parking available on site for $6)
7.00 - 10.00pm
$32 per person (includes lovely finger food & a complimentary drink upon arrival)
Wednesday 11 May by 8.00pm
Please note, RSVP dates will be strictly enforced.  Thank you for your understanding.   
For more information please contact Caroline Leng on 0412 894 211 or Jane Briggs on 0411 106 644  

Year 12

Year 12 Cocktail Party

To celebrate our final year together, all Year 12 parents are invited to attend the Year 12 Parents' Cocktail Party. 

Saturday 28 May
$28.50 per person (includes sumptuous finger food; BYO beverages; glassware to be supplied) 
At the home of Ben and Sally Crowe
36 Vincent Street, Glen Iris

This year will be a very busy year for Year 12 parents, please find attached a list of important dates for 2016.

St Kevin's Old Collegians' Association

All past students of St Kevin's are invited to attend the:

St Kevin's Old Collegians' Assocations'
70th Annual Dinner

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, Glenferrie Road, Kooyong
Friday 3 June 2016 at 7.00pm for 7.30pm


Please find attached an invitation.

An email invitation has been forwarded to all Old Collegians. As we may not have up-to-date email addresses for everyone, we ask that you please pass this message onto any Old Collegians you may know.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Culliver, Executive Officer, SKOCA at or 9832 4974.

Class of 2015, First Year Reunion

The Class of 2015 is invited to attend their first year reunion, at 5.30pm, Tuesday, 17 May in the Pavilion. A reminder that the 2015 College Annual will be available for collection on the night.

Please email by Tuesday 10 May to RSVP.
 Mr Kevin Culliver OAM
Executive Officer, SKOCA

Combined Parents' Association Cocktail Party

The St Kevin’s Mothers’ Association, along with the Glendalough Mothers’ Association and the St Kevin’s Fathers’ Association would like you to join us for our annual Combined Associations’ Cocktail Party!

Friday 29 July 
The Terrace
Gate A, Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra
7:00pm - 10:00pm
$80.00 per person (includes sumptuous canapes & beverages)
Cash bar from 10:00pm to 11:30pm
Raffle drawn at 8:15pm - DJ to begin at 8:45pm
3.00pm, Friday 22 July - via
(unless sold out prior)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Contact Details: Molly Birch - 0407 849 762
Molly Birch, Rachael McGarry,
Claire Whitbread, Jerome Adams and Bruce Duncan

 Combined Parents' Association

St Kevin’s Mothers’ Association

Open Day Update

The Smith Hall took on the attributes of My Kitchen Rules this past Sunday. With one hour to go, the enthusiasm and positiveness of our lovely ladies of SKC left no stone unturned. The first round of recruits under the guidance of Ms Jacinta Chute (Year 11), were able to orchestrate and execute the cutting of chicken, egg and ham & cheese sandwiches (with 15 loaves of bread) and 200 scones (with jam & cream), plus an assortment of biscuits – all pattered by the 1:00pm start. Not to mention preparing coffee and tea. A resourceful Mrs Liz Burrill crept into the Cricket Cupboard to ensure we had enough platters and aprons to accommodate all.

Many thanks to the following ladies and sincere apologies if anyone has not been mentioned - there were a number of SKC Mothers on the day assisting as their sons were performing. Thank you for your help:
Jacinta Chute, Ciel Neenan, Liz Burrell, Angela Cannon, Kate McIntosh, Yvonne Briggs, Susan Lynch, Donna Hayes, Ann James, Viv Cameron, Ann Beadell, Kate Tonge, Tina Hogarth, Jacqueline Dinan, Dominique Rogers, Jo Thomas, Heidi Fry, Lenore Neath, Kate Rice & Jo Sudano

Many thanks to these lovely ladies of SKC for your contribution and attention to detail this past Sunday. Our visitors felt extremely welcomed and the efforts which you displayed were so appreciated for the afternoon tea presented in Smith Hall.

April Luncheon

Many thanks for those who were able to attend the SKMA Mothers’ Day luncheon. A lovely afternoon was had by all. We would like to once again congratulate the prize winners for the day:

Door Prize for first one to book

  • Hanna Salloum – St Kevin’s Umbrella
Raffle Winners:
  • 1st Prize - Carole Putna - Crown Package
  • 2nd Prize - Melissa Palamara – Piper Champagne & Facial
  • 3rd Prize - Jacqui Toohey - Afternoon Tea for four at The Terrace
Silent Auction successful bidders:
  • Friends of Art Opening Night tickets for two - Fiona Quayle
  • Madame Flavour Tea Hamper - Nicoletta Larobina
  • SKC Combined Associations' Cocktail Party tickets for two - Amanda Connolly
  • Sage Candle Hamper - Sylvia Bailt
  • Disney Luggage - Bridget Kostehile
  • Etihad Stadium Package - Bridget Kostehile
Well done and congratulations once again. Also, many thanks to the SKMA Committee for sourcing so many great prizes and of course everyone’s help on the day.

 Mrs Molly Birch
President, St Kevin's Mothers' Association


The VCE and Careers Expo 2016, this coming Thursday through Sunday, offers a wonderful opportunity for students and parents to gather a large amount of information about pathway options following Year 12, from a variety of different tertiary providers and other organisations. This Expo provides a wonderful entrée to our own SKC Careers Evening which, this year, will involve panels of speakers who will share their pathway stories together with representatives from Tertiary Institutions who will provide course information details. There are still a few free tickets available from the Careers Department for this event, which students may collect from Mrs White.

Next week we have two information sessions for students for which our generous Old Boys are returning. Monday lunch time we are fortunate to have a 2015 Year 12 graduate returning to share his first few months of experience of life in the Defence Force in general and ADFA in particular. Wednesday after school we have our UMAT Information Session for Year 12 students who are aiming for undergraduate Medicine.

Another of our 2015 Year 12 graduates is taking time to come to this session to share his UMAT tips and his experience of commencing Medicine at Monash University this year.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:
  • Monash University Scholars Program
  • La Trobe University Hallmark Program
  • Bond University Interstate Law Experience Day
  • VCE Winter School 2016
  • Law at Swinburne University
  • Law Week 2016
  • News from Australian National University (ANU): Degrees for High Achievers Road Show in Melbourne; Changes to the Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
  • Design Futures Careers Expo
  • The Academy of Design has moved
  • National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) 2017
  • Students Discover the world with World Education Program (WEP) Australia
  • Courses in Architecture, Building and Construction
Please see the Careers News for more details.
 Mrs O’Sullivan, Ms Nelson & Mrs White
The Careers Department


National Stage Band Championships, Mt Gambier

This weekend all four of our Big Bands will participate in the National Stage Band Championships during Generations in Jazz at Mt Gambier. After strong performances at last week’s Jazz Concert, I am confident that they will represent themselves and the College well.

Remaining Term II Music Dates

Friday 6 - Sunday 8 May
Generations in Jazz
Sunday 15 - Thursday 19 May
Year 7-9 Musical
Monday 16 May
VCE Recital
Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May
Art Show Performances
Saturday 21 May
Music Association Fundraiser Bunnings BBQ
Thursday 26 - Saturday 28 May
Glendalough Music Camp
Tuesday 7 June
Music Tour Information Evening
Wednesday 8 June
Glendalough Winter Ensembles Concert
Tuesday 14 June
Piano Concert and Percussion Concert
Wednesday 15 June
Guitar Concert
Sunday 26 June - Sunday 10 July
Europe Music Tour

A full list of the important Music dates for the year is provided here.

Music Office – C305

Mrs Beth Little can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Cathedral Choir

Generations in Jazz

A number of Choristers will be attending Generations in Jazz in Mt Gambier this weekend. As this is a major school activity and Mr Werner has provided me with a list of those involved, it will not be necessary for individual Choristers to apply for leave from their duties this Sunday. However, those tenors, basses and altos involved in the tour should still attend their rehearsal this evening.

Monthly Award

Congratulations to Matthew Attard (Year 7) and Francis Nguyen (Year 10) on winning the Junior and Senior Excellentiam in Choro Awards for the month of April.

NAPLAN Testing

As I outlined in the April Choir Newsletter distributed by email last Friday, Trebles will attend rehearsals as per normal next week. Should timetabling require it, they will be released in time to participate in the scheduled NAPLAN testing.  
  Matthew Attard
Francis Nguyen
 Dr Daryl Barclay
Head of Choral Music
Director, St Patrick's Cathedral Choir



Co-curricular Sports

Please click here to view this weekend's APS Sports Fixture and last weekend's Sports Results.

 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

Swap Shop

The next Swap Shop will be held on Thursday 16 June from 1.00 - 4.00 pm. The Swap Shop is situated at Waterford Campus, 20 Darlington Parade, Richmond.

For information about how Swap Shop works and to sell school uniform items please click here.

Please contact me on if you require any further information.

Mrs Samantha Beven
Convenor, Swap Shop