Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents,

No doubt neighbours, elder brothers, cousins and possibly even fathers of St Kevin’s boys in 1918 were fighting in the AIF in France or Palestine as the final walls of the red brick building, soon to become the first St Kevin’s College, were completed. The Central Powers emboldened and reinforced on the western Front due to the recent treaty with Lenin’s Bolshevik government in the east, prepared for their last great offensive in a risk-all strategy to break the deadlock of trench warfare, stretching across Europe from Switzerland to Belgium. 

The frightening initial success of the German offensive was to quickly be replaced by relief and even some hope of an Allied and Associated Powers ultimate victory, as a result of the success along sectors of the front such as Villers-Bretonneux. Australian troops, under General Monash, were key elements in the halting of the German advance and in the successful counter-attacks. On Assembly, we remembered this small section of the Australian military story and gave thanks for the sacrifices of our servicemen and servicewomen across our history. As is our custom, the College Captain read the Honour Roll of those St Kevin’s men who died in World War II. We remembered them in the tradition of the Last Post, Silence and Reveille. We prayed in gratitude for their sacrifice and the repose of their souls.

St Kevin’s College Roll of Honour

Desmond Barrett  James Power
Kevin Bendall
Basil David O’Donoghue
Christopher Kevin Bolger
Martin O’Dwyer
John Brosnan
Damien Parer
John Clifton
James Power
Kevin Costello
William Sheehan
Raymond Crotty
Alan Shelton
John Elwood
Joseph Smart
Owen Fordham
Brian Smith
Kevin Galvin
George Stevenson
Leo Horgan
Gregory Tankard
John Kenny
Thomas Tighe
Frederick Knight
John Turner
Peter Legge-Wilkinson
Edward Vaughan
Ward Liston
Dudley Whelan
Bryan McDonough
Desmond White
Maurice McGuire
Maurice White
William Woodbury

Co-curricular Appointments

Basketball  Captain Daniel Owies
Cross Country Captain William Lewis
Football Captain William Barron
Hockey Captain Alexander Oswald
Rugby Captain Sam Lindeman
Soccer Captain Miles Piner

Headmaster's Study Awards

Year 7  Digital Technologies Andrew Kokkinos
Joseph Mangan
Year 8 Digital Technologies Aidan Hawe
Year 11 Aviation James Appleyard
Joshua Brodrick
Charles Cullen
Thomas Pangrazio
Year 12 Aviation Bowen Perceval

Kind regards,

Stephen Russell