Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents

It has been a time for remembrance at the College and in the broader community. You may have read elsewhere of the Remembrance Eucharist, celebrated by Fr Chris Middleton SJ, during which we prayed for Old Collegians and staff who had died in the last year. Please say a private prayer for each soul listed below, and their families.

Dominic John De Marco (SKC 1936)
Lawrence John Gall (SKC 1936)
Francis Joseph John Kissane (SKC 1936)
Fr Paul Bernard Gardiner OAM SJ (SKC 1938)                  
Fr Desmond Cameron (SKC 1939)
Richard (Dick) Charles O'Neil (SKC 1940)
Fr John Wade Spillane (SKC 1940)
John Aloysius Landy (SKC 1942)
Redmond Francis Nolan (SKC 1942)
Kenneth George Howell (SKC 1943)
Brian Thomas Dowling (SKC 1944)
Geoffrey Reginald Griffiths (SKC 1944)
John Michael O'Brien (SKC 1945)
Terence O'Mahony (SKC 1945)
Fr John Doenau sj (SKC 1946)
Desmond James McKenna OAM (SKC 1947)
Keith James Lodge (SKC 1948)
Burton (John) Joseph Filgate (SKC 1951)
Philip Joseph Ryan (SKC 1951)
John Francis O'Connor (SKC 1954)
William Thomas Maloney (SKC 1955)
Leo M Mooney (SKC 1959)
Kevin John Cosgriff (SKC 1961)
John Clement Halfhide (SKC 1962)
Geoffrey James Lancashire (SKC 1963)
Philip Murphy (SKC 1965)
Paul Michael Coleman (SKC 1966)
Peter Francis Williams (SKC 1968)
Paul Anthony Hickey (SKC 1970)
Bernard James Mulraney (SKC 1970)
Lindsay John Lowrey Collins (SKC 1971)            
Hugh Oswald Kiernan (SKC 1972)
Thomas Patrick Stewart (SKC 1972)
Thomas Portelli (SKC 1978)
Benjamin Scott (SKC 1997)
Lachlan William Rhodes (SKC 2005)
Nicholas Charles Oriander (SKC 2007)
Christopher John Straford (2008 - 2017)
Cheryl Patricia O'Dwyer (2003 - 2017)

On Saturday 11 November, I was impressed by the solemn and respectful manner Armistice Day was marked by students involved at the time, in APS Sport. World War One was far from a determined result 100 years ago and young Australians were sacrificing their lives in great numbers, principally on the Western Front in France. Many of those fighting were relatives of the young men preparing to start in a new school in Albert Street, East Melbourne in the following year.

It is also one hundred years since Lenin, in a seemingly against-the-odds coup, seized power for the Bolsheviks in Russia and consequently established the first communist state. The political balance of world affairs was permanently altered. In another Russell attempt to illustrate why the study of international history is so important for each generation, let me share some rather frightening figures that I read in an article entitled ‘Perhaps it’s a case of ‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’, in last weekend’s The Weekend Australian … The Russian revolutionaries and their later successors in China and elsewhere achieved a record of far more deaths than either world war. According to the London-based project to create a Museum of Communist Terror, 15-18 million people died in World War I; 40-80 million died in World War II; and 80-100 million died under communist regimes.

Let me finish on a much more pleasant and positive note by extending congratulations to the young men listed below, on their appointment to student leadership roles at SKC:

  Captain Deputy Captain
Badminton Sam Wilson Alan Zhang
Cricket Jack Di Stefano Luca Gambell
Cycling Tom Bufadeci  
Diving Mark Jencik Luke Shannan
Futsal Christian Zubcic  
Gymnastics Andrew Willett  
Martial Arts James Appleyard  
Swimming Michael Reid Ryland Brian
Table Tennis Michael Athanasiadis  
Tennis Nelson Walker Codey Gunn
Volleyball William Barron Jordan McCorkell

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Commit to reconciliation and actively promote interaction with indigenous Australians both in their communities and the St Kevin’s community

(From the Mission Statement)