Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents

Student Leadership for 2018 is absorbing much of my time and thoughts. Each appointment to Captaincy or Deputy Captaincy, in an activity or sport, is only made after discussions with the Teacher-in-Charge, the Senior Coach and a review by the College Leadership Team of a lad’s academic and behaviour record. The final stage is an interview in my office, when we discuss the student’s understanding of his responsibilities as a publically-appointed College leader. It is certainly not a popularity contest or the appointment of the most skilful player or performer.

The positions of Prefect and Officer receive even deeper consideration and we have developed an intensive and thorough sequence of seeking opinions and making sure-footed decisions. It began two weeks past when the 2017 senior students addressed Year 11, articulating their understanding of SKC leadership, after a year in office. Boys then met in House Groups to reflect on what they had heard. The day after, I spoke of my expectations of those who lead at St Kevin’s, and the Year 11 cohort gave me their opinion as to which of their peers the College should consider.

I then met individually with the six House Heads and with the College Leadership Team to create a list of 70+ boys whose SKC curriculum vitae would be presented at a Staff Meeting so that my colleagues could give me their views on each of the students. After that Staff Meeting, I will meet once more with the Dean of Senior School, House Heads and Leadership Team to invite 50 lads to the Leadership Camp.

The camp sees senior staff, past captains and the 2018 group spend time dissecting the styles of leadership prior to the camp attendees giving me their views on who among them should lead. Further discussion with staff occurs and, only then, is a decision taken on appointments.

It is also important to reflect that, in reality, each Year 12 leads within his vertical Tutor Group and can lead further on House Committee or the Student Voice Committee. Leadership is also given by senior boys in all our six Social Justice Partnerships. Many would be aware of our Outdoor Activities Program Leadership Course conducted in Year 10, which is subsequently put into practice in Year 11. The Vitae groups in Year 10 provide further opportunities, as does the Year 10 Junior APS Sports Coaching option.

In Years 7 – 9, we have greatly expanded the range and turnover of leadership roles and, this year, the Glendalough student leadership positions have increased in number and scope. We are most determined to present many boys with opportunities to learn about effective leadership and to put it into practice.

Year 12 VCE examinations have commenced well. Do keep our boys in your prayers.


Headmaster Study Awards

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Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Affirm the school’s religious rituals, liturgies and celebrations as significant events in the nurturing of faith of both the community and individuals.

 (From the Mission Statement)