Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents

I share some stunning news! James Maccarrone (SKC 13), Dux and Deputy Captain of the College, has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. James was an excellent student and leader, and continued to be generous to St Kevin’s beyond school as Academic Tutor, Leadership Camp mentor and Debating Coach. The College shares his family’s well-placed pride in his remarkable university academic record, his community work and many exceptional personal traits that resulted in the award of the Victorian Rhodes Scholarship.

In the press release, Professor Carolyn Evans, Honorary Secretary of the Victorian Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee, said: ‘James impressed the panel with his exceptional academic results and his capacity to combine excellence in his course with leadership and community engagement. He was an articulate and thoughtful candidate with a strong set of insights into current affairs and a deep commitment to public service in the interests of the wider community. We are delighted to welcome James into the Rhodes community.’

Last Saturday, I ventured out to watch the 1st XI and 2nd XI Cricket teams. By afternoon’s end, I had on every layer of clothing I could rustle up out of the car! ‘The thwack of leather on willow’ had not heralded the traditional cricket weather. Both teams managed strong wins in their trial games.

Uniforms across the College change to summer options after the Cup weekend. Preparatory to Year 9 are required to be in summer uniform, including SKC hat. Years 10-12 may now wear shorts and long socks or stay in their formal uniforms – no mix and match.

May I also mention that across the school, from Cup Weekend until the end of Term I, all boys on ovals during recess and lunch are required to have an approved SKC hat or cap.

Do enjoy the long weekend!

Headmaster's Study Awards

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    Nathan Pahljina 

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Proclaim the message of the Beatitudes that true happiness comes from serving and making others happy.
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