Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents

Our first Heyington Assembly for the term, allowed me the rostrum to place academics front and centre for all our secondary students. The lads of Waterford heard from me the same message at Forum on Wednesday. I asked all, to model themselves on the focussed and sustained efforts of our Year 12 boys. Our VCE teachers, old collegians and the Leadership Team with Mr Jones at the forefront, have all ensured work and revision continues apace by our senior students.

All boys must ensure they take something from each and every class. There is little point doing hours of home study or extra classes, if you do not use every minute of class time well. Eating dessert and pushing aside the nutritious main course does not make a good diet. All boys need to prepare a balanced study diet, leading into their examinations – a time when they will show what they have learnt. The examination timetable commencement dates:

  • Year 12             1 November
  • Year 11             10 November
  • Year 10             24 November
  • Year  9              27 November
  • Year   8             27 November
  • Year  7              28 November

We wished our athletes well as Captain of Athletics, Phillip Borg, presented the team who will represent us at Lakeside Stadium this Saturday.

It was also our chance to recognise the W. Butler Oration Winners and the Music Soloist winners (all awarded Excellence Certificates):

 W Butler Public Speaking Competition

   First (overall)        Samuel Roach        Year 9 
 Senior Division   First  Patrick Gigacz      Year 12
 Intermediate Division       First  Thomas Gilbert  Year 10    
   First  Samuel Roach  Year 9
 Junior Division  First  Patrick Duncan  Year 7

 Music Solo Competition

   First (overall)        Zhihan Jiang       Year 10
 Senior Section                 First  Zhihan Jiang           
 Second  Joshua Park  Year 11    
   Third  Aloysius Chong  Year 11
 Third  Campbell Smart  Year 11
 Intermediate Section  First  Paul Lee  Year 9
   Second  Tak Heo  Year 7
   Third  Matthew Nguyen  Year 7
   Third  Stephen Su  Year 7

It is my delight to introduce our new Director of Students, Mr Francis McGuigan. 

Francis holds a Masters of Education in the field of Educational Leadership and a Bachelor of Education. He is currently completing his Doctorate in Literature. Francis is the Vice-Principal at Rome International School, Italy. He has held curriculum and pastoral leadership roles, teaches English, Economics and Religious Education. Previous schools in his career include Canberra Girls Grammar, Somerset College, Columba Catholic College and St Teresa’s Catholic College. Francis was educated in Christian Brothers schools in Ireland and Queensland. Extra-curricular involvement in Francis’ career ranges across Debating, Soccer, Rugby and Outward Bound leadership. Francis and his wife, Susan, will be moving to Melbourne in the New Year.

 Excellence Awards

 Year 10                   Long Tran                     L.Mus.A Diploma Piano       
 Zhihan Jiang     First Place, Piano Section, Hephzibah Menuhin Award   

 Headmaster's Study Awards   

 Year 11  Aviation  Nicholas Grossi
     James Lyons
     Nicholas Nodin

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Tell the story of St Kevin’s and nurture the spirit of Glendalough as inspiring great scholarship and a growing prayerfulness and sense of contemplation.
(from the Mission Statement)