Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents,

The final two Winter Sports Presentation Evenings were held in Smith Hall, Rugby on Friday and Football on Saturday. I am told, some 2,200 parents, boys, staff and families attended the six evenings. It is a real testament to the good health of our community that these events are so well supported and that they are conducted with precision, dignity and good humour.

Saturday, I also had the opportunity to join the Class of 1997 for their 20 year reunion. The College Captain of their year, Philip Baré, was the prime mover and more than 80 gathered from around Victoria and interstate to celebrate their time together at SKC and the positive influence our school had on their development.

Staff returned from last week’s Year 11 Christian Living Retreats, conducted alongside Sacré Coeur and Loreto Toorak, full of praise for the young people with whom they shared the retreat experience. It is genuinely uplifting to have staff spontaneously speak of the many positive attributes of young people.

Tuesday evening was the St Kevin’s version of the old Leyland Brothers and I know, I am dating myself badly by saying our boys did, ‘Travel All Over Australia’. Parents of Year 9 and Senior Staff were treated to wonderful presentations of each destination on the Year 9 RICE Program. The growth in boys, in knowledge of our country, character and awareness of others achieved in this program is exponential. My sincere thanks to all the Waterford staff who walked, sailed, kayaked, climbed and more alongside our boys. Appreciation also to Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Howard and our other Outdoor Education Specialist, Mr Cameron Williams, for their program design, preparation and participation. It should be noted that already, our Outdoor Education Team have completed the next stage of our OAP Leaders’ Program with more time in the great Australian bush and are currently away on Year 8 camps!

Co-curricular Appointments
Deputy Captain of Water Polo                                                    Mitchell Hallam

Headmaster’s Study Awards
 Year 12  Mathematics    David Wang
   Outstanding Award    
   University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition    
 Year 11  ACU Introduction to Accounting Distinction   Victor Deng
    Distinction  Michael Reid
    Distinction  Henry Renehan
    High Distinction  Hugh Carroll
    High Distinction  Samuel Cato
    High Distinction  William Nolan
    High Distinction  Vincentius Susilo
    High Distinction  Adam Taylor
   English  Simon Cosgrave
       Julian Farrar
       Nicholas Reynolds
 Year 10  Religious Education    Thomas Gilbert
       Hugh Pentland

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

 St Kevin's College will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement)