Headmaster's Weekly Address


Some facts and figures as we come to the end of Summer Sport. St Kevin’s offered 18 sports options in secondary years. There are 140 teams and squads in Athletics, Cycling, Diving, Golf, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts. 101 staff are coaches or managers, and, 21 old boys are employed, as are 11 external coaches. Most of our sport is played in the APS on Saturdays. There are, of course, all the teams and staff involved in Junior APS on Wednesday afternoons, but I will leave that for another story!

We are very fortunate that the APS is such a strong association. We are even more fortunate that our Sports Office at Heyington, led by Dean of Sport, Mr Travers, and Assistant Dean, Mr O’Brien, manage to conduct all our fixture timetables and with the support of Mr Hargreaves and our TICs, do outstanding work each and every week.

Summer Sports and TICs: 
Mr Brosie McCann
Mr Ian Korac
Mr Mark Langan
Mr Nick Baff
Mr Peter Mitchell
Ms Elizabeth Howard
Mr Colin Macfarlane
Mrs Elizabeth Halpin
Mrs Nadia Cullen
Martial Arts
Mr Terry Arai
Mr Paul O’Brien
Touch Football
Mr Matt Senior
Mr Chris Dash
Table Tennis
Mr Alan Moeller
Mr Jim O’Dea
Mr Andrew Butcher
Mr Tom Courtney
Lawn Bowls
Mr Jim Ross

Monday evening, many of us enjoyed the Swimming and Diving APS Premiership at MSAC. Our Divers were victorious, securing the trophy for the fourth consecutive year, since Diving has been a separate competition. Our team was so well coached by our TIC, Ms Elizabeth Howard and Mr Luke Hayes. Our skipper spoke eloquently, generously and humbly in his acceptance speech. Well done Jordan Thien! Our Swimming Team, led so ably by David Schlicht, finished second, a mere 9 points behind Caulfield Grammar. Thanks to TIC Mr Andrew Butcher and Head Coach, Mr Gene Jackson and all their team for an excellent season. Our supporters in the stands were beacons of sensible, vociferous support, good manners and sportsmanlike behaviour.

Staying on the sporting theme, may I encourage students and parents to find the time to individually thank their coach/manager this season? A quiet, private and sincere appreciation makes such a difference and is, of course, simply good manners.

Speaking to Assembly, I highlighted some of the reasons we play sport at SKC. Exercise is good for us. Relationships among boys, parents and staff are enhanced and developed at sport. I am a better teacher of History and Religious Education if I know boys beyond the classroom. I also firmly believe sport is better when the coach understands the rhythm and demands of our school year. Sport does develop character as we train, play, win and lose. St Kevin’s sport also ensures our sense of identity and our community tone are enhanced. Enjoy the last round of summer secondary APS sport! The Russells will spend this Saturday alongside the rowing course at Nagambie.

Years 10 and 11 and many colleagues head out on Outdoor Education Programs next Monday. The Year 10 lads enjoy the challenge of an ‘SKC Camino’, while the Year 11 Program has boys participating in a wide range of activities, including kayaking, climbing, cycling, scuba diving, surf lifesaving, bushwalking and trekking in Nepal. Boys have been reminded that all College rules and behaviour obligations apply on camp. Indeed, it is probably even more important that good sense, following instructions and supportive behaviours feature when away on camp.

Congratulations to all involved in the Zimele Walkathon last Sunday! In the busy SKC calendar, it was heartening to know that this fine cause still attracts good support. Particular thanks to Mrs Kate Noonan for her leadership of the Walkathon Committee.

Work has commenced on the extension to the Chapel of St Kevin. We hope to be celebrating Eucharist in our refurbished Chapel in the first Friday of Term III.

Keep our Year 12 cohort in your thoughts and prayers as next week they enter the first full week of SACs and Trial Examinations.

Excellence Award 
Year 11   Nicholas Reynolds  2017 Melbourne Theatre Company Ambassador 

Headmaster’s Study Awards
Year 11
James Lyons
First solo flight
  Product Design & Technology
Benedict O’Leary
    Oscar Sinni

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's College will acknowledge that for many members of the school family, the College is their primary faith community
(from the Mission Statement)