Headmaster's Weekly Address


The Eucharist is at the centre of our faith. The grace that flows from this sacrament certainly enriches my life and the wonderful sense of community that celebrating Mass produces, is a gift to be treasured. In the last week, there have been four remarkable Eucharistic celebrations.

Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral was uplifting in so many ways. Old boy Priest, Fr Michael Dyer, preached with such poignancy as he told his family’s story of their migration to Australia. What a wonderful contribution his parents, brothers and sister have made to our country! The music, choral prayers, and, our boys reverence and participation, made me a very proud Headmaster. The following morning, I shared Mass with the men of Kearney and Years 7B and 8B before school. Sunday saw the Chapel of St Kevin overflowing with Years 7 and 8 families, joyously enhancing the argument for the Chapel extension. I was privileged to be at St Peter’s Toorak for the Early Learning Centre, Opening of Year Mass on Sunday morning. Our College Captain and two other senior leaders, both of whom have journeyed through ELC to Year 12, helped us send the message to the families and boys of the ELC, that they are part of the St Kevin’s family.

The Awards Assembly on Monday at Heyington was splendid. College Captain of 2007, Christopher Gatto, was eloquent, direct and thoughtful, as he reflected on the true qualities of a leader. The 2017 College Captain, Matthew Lynch, was inclusive and inspirational in his address. It was a delight for me to fall deep into the shadow of these Kevinians in my few words. So many of us enjoyed catching up with the men and families of last year, as we honoured the academically successful members of the VCE Class of 2016. Our senior student leaders received their badges, knowing that they have the responsibility to enhance the culture and values of SKC.

As interviews conclude for the Year 7 Class of 2019 and Year 5 2018 interviews commence, it is important that all current students understand that they are privileged to be students at St Kevin’s. It is a sad reality that many fine boys from first-rate homes are not successful in gaining a place here. The expectation that young men who do have a place, by their attitude and behaviour, in and out of the classroom, at school, and on weekends, uphold our values and principles is an absolute. I regularly ask the question, ’When are you a St Kevin’s boy?’ The answer is, wearing the uniform (at school or when travelling), playing sport, at the shops, playing for your local club and out socially. Failure to uphold the good name and reputation of our College could result in forfeiture of a student’s place.

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's College develop a culture where relationships promote positive behaviour and improved academic outcomes, through fair process, restorative practice and Relationship-Centred Education
(from the Mission Statement)