Headmaster's Weekly Address


Watching the cricket at home - Heyington not Chez Russell – last Saturday, I witnessed SKC examination preparation reach another pinnacle.  Our TIC of Cricket is the Teacher of VCE Politics.  Initially I noticed Mr Baff circling Oval No 1 and thought he was simply checking some equipment but recognised he was accompanied.  I wondered by whom.  It was one of his Year 12 class chatting academics as the game played out.  At the lunch break, I headed upstairs for the famous APS SKC luncheon, to discover a table set up al fresco.  We were not dining outside with our Carey guests but there was a group of Politics students around the table, studying together, and picking up last minute comments and tips from Mr Baff.  As I enjoyed lunch, it was with poorly hidden pride I explained to the folk at my table, Carey and SKC people, who the lads were, on the verandah and what they were doing.  I so hope all the efforts by my colleague and boys paid off handsomely in Monday’s Politics examination.  By the way, our cricketers did very well!

This Sunday is the Glendalough Family Fun Day, 10.00am – 4.00pm.  Whilst I expect boys in Years 7 – 10 will be studying, I am sure the rest of the family might enjoy some early Christmas shopping, fine food and good company in Lansell Road.

May I highlight again, the significance of end of year formalities and how important I believe it is that boys are present. 

7.00pm Tuesday 29 November
Prep – Year 6
Glendalough Carols
7.00pm Thursday 1 December
Year 6
Mass @ St Ingatius
3.00pm Sunday 4 December
Years 7 & 8
Presentation Ceremony @ MTHall
7.00pm Sunday 4 December
Years 10 & 11
Presentation Ceremony @ MTHall
7.45pm Monday 5 December
Year 9
Presentation Ceremon @ SHall


Stephen F Russell



St Kevin's College will recognise the issues that impact on Australian society, open our eyes to global issues and encourage active citizenship
(from the Mission Statement)