Headmaster's Weekly Address


St Ignatius Church and their generous Priests and parish, nourishes and supports so many in our community. In recent times, I have celebrated our son’s wedding, Year 12 Valedictory Mass, and Year 4 First Communion in that beautiful space. Our faith sustains us in celebration and joyful times and in times of sorrow. On Tuesday, the Requiem Mass for Lachlan Rhodes (Deputy College Captain 2005) was celebrated atop Richmond Hill. The support, both practical and emotional, offered to Lachlan’s family was SKC at its best. Men and families from the Class of 2005 and 2009 (Patrick Rhodes’ year) were there in numbers. It was good that we were able to support the Rhodes family.

All of our facilities have multiple uses beyond their key function – boy teaching, learning and co-curricular spaces. The Boyd Egan Hall is certainly one such space. This year I have attended, Glendalough Assemblies, watched drama and music classes, listened to student musical performances, applauded student sport, been mesmerised by student art as the hall was used for its key purpose. Evening performances and dinners have also featured in this useful space.

Let me talk of three recent uses. A few Saturdays back, Edmund Rice Camps ran their annual Trivia Night in Boyd Egan. This great group have now, for years, provided holiday experiences for individuals and families, whose circumstances do not let them have time away from home. Young men and women, a good number of whom are Old Collegians, staff these camps and raise the monies to run them. We support financially through a distribution of part of our fundraising portfolio and support in kind by making our facilities available.

Kate and I hosted a very different group at lunch in Boyd Egan recently. Retired Heads of Independent Schools (AHISA), annually gather. We offered to host the luncheon for three years and our final one was a happy occasion last week. The educational wisdom gathered was rather astounding if not a little intimidating! Our own Headmaster Emeritus, Brother Wilding, was present. The event reminded me how important it is to recognise and appreciate our elders and those who have worked so hard to establish the conditions and atmosphere which we enjoy in non-government schools today.

On Monday evening of this week, we held the final Foundation function for 2016 in Boyd Egan. Members of the Foundation and past Parent Association leaders were our principal invitees. It was very much in keeping with the ethos of the luncheon as SKC recognised and thanked those who had done much to create the sense of community we enjoy today. It was also an opportunity for me to highlight the purely philanthropic nature of our St Kevin’s Foundation and to invite those who have the capacity, to assist other families to be part of SKC who might not be financially able to consider an education at St Kevin’s for their sons. This opportunity exists through Foundation membership or donation, be it large or small, to help our Foundation reach out to more families.

Examinations dominate the landscape and minds of our secondary students. Continue to keep them in your prayers.

Co-curricular Appointments:
Kyle Didone
Captain Liam Devine


Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's College will create academic and co-curricular programs which are engaging and meet the specific needs of boys’ education
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