Headmaster's Weekly Address



I trust all enjoyed the time together across our long weekend.  The lawnmower man finally responded to Kate’s polite requests to act and I fired up the noisy beast to tidy our patches of weeds and grass, rather inaccurately referred to as lawn.  As is so often the case, action produces further action and by day’s end, a degree of satisfaction with a task completed and the pleasant impact of those tasks on the look of ‘Chez Russell’.  I think sometimes study can be a little like my prevarication regarding the lawns and garden.  Simply start.  Once commenced, the likelihood is that most of us will continue until the task at hand is completed and although we may not wish to admit it, will feel a degree of satisfaction and appropriate inner pride at a job well done.  Boys, at whatever stage your revision program is at, either push on or even simply get going!

On the Feast of All Souls Day, we celebrated Eucharist for Old Collegians and members of Staff who have died in the past year.  It is naturally a poignant and emotional Mass.  The Old Collegians Association hosts the Mass, and the supper which follows, in a very generous, hospitable and caring manner.  My thanks to the President of SKOCA, Mr Nick Di Pietrantonio and his Committee Members for all they did last night.  Father Dom Murphy was our celebrant and with the music and voices of Dr Barclay, Dr McGee and some senior boys, it was a very prayerful time.

One of the traditions of this Mass is that a candle is lit in memory of the Old Collegian or Staff Member, ideally by a relative of the person we are remembering.  There were many present whose family stories are woven intricately into our history across generations.  Others whose time at St Kevin’s was relatively brief were equally remembered.  Those on the list published below, ranged from the, until very recently, senior old collegian, Leo Murphy (101 years, SKC 1933) to our College Deputy Captain of 2005, Lachlan Rhodes (29 years).  Please keep all these people and their families in your prayers this week.
Leo John Murphy SKC 1933
Frederick Gordon Ogle SKC 1935
Kevin Joseph Noonan SKC 1938
Br Brian Roderick Doyle cfc SKC 1947
Peter Bernard Tenni SKC 1947
Keith James Lodge SKC 1948
Gordon Joseph Milne SKC 1948
John Maurice Buckley SKC 1950
Allan James Nicoll SKC 1951
Rodney Lancelot Simpson SKC 1951
John Francis Robertson SKC 1953
John Bernard Perillo SKC 1971
Peter Gerard Power SKC 1976
Anthony Frederick Doble SKC 1978
Daniel Lael Gough SKC 1998
Lachlan William Rhodes SKC 2005
Co-curricular Appointments:
Alan Zhang
  Deputy Captain
Sam Wilson
Table Tennis
Gilbert Battistella


Stephen F Russell



St Kevin's will promote within the community a genuine love of learning and foster academic excellence and achievement.
(From the Mission Statement)