Headmaster's Weekly Address



There has been much to celebrate in the last week. I joined our Year 4 boys, their parents and many of their extended families, and, all my Glendalough colleagues for the boys’ First Eucharist last Saturday. Our lads had been obviously well prepared and were reverent and joyous. Mass was a great way to start my day.

In the afternoon along with our secondary boys and staff, I supported our Athletics Team at Lakeside Stadium. Our team was excellent on the track and in the field and our supporters vociferous, well-behaved and so sportsmanlike. Alas, we fell but 1.5 points shy of another Premiership. The team and those in the stands showed graciousness in the way they recognised the victors, Melbourne Grammar. Indeed, our attitude was recognised by comments on the day and subsequent emails to me, praising our athletes and supporters on their behaviour and attitude. Congratulations to TIC, Mr McCann and all our coaches, and to Captain of Athletics, Conor Fry.

Earlier this week we farewelled the Class of 2016. House Breakfasts on Monday were the opportunity to vale each student in the closeness and familiarity of his House. Tuesday, every student crossed the stage in Smith Hall, receiving his Graduation Certificate. Sam Crowe (Year 10), Mr Davenport (Purton House Head) and I spoke of the Year Level, prior to Tom Arvanitis replying on behalf of his cohort. Staff and boys enjoyed a light lunch together before a final liturgy in the Ruby Tout.

Our Valedictory Mass at St Ignatius that evening was so very poignant, moving and genuinely uplifting. The music, congregational and choir singing, specifically crafted prayers and reflections, combined with the inherent beauty of the sacrament to enrich each of us who were privileged to be present.

Dinner followed where the Master of Ceremonies, Tom Bailey (Deputy College Captain), capably and maturely directed the night where Alexander Neenan (College Captain) proposed an eloquent toast to the College to which I responded. It was then my chance to propose a toast to the parents to which Mrs Anne McDonald (Lachlan P Year 12, Tim 2011, Richard 2013) responded in a heartfelt, at times humourous and well-crafted speech. It was a very happy occasion.

I look forward to welcoming new boys from Years 1 – 7 next Monday for Orientation Day. The circle of life continues.

Stephen F Russell



 St Kevin's College is committed to the creation and maintenance of a child safe school environment. The care, safety and welfare of students are embedded in policies and procedures which ensure a commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse.